Real Estate Management Software

A software that helps realtors to efficiently manage all their works in one place


It’s inevitable for any Real Estate Industry to work on a number of platforms for the efficient management of all their activities. But the system goes more complex in the long run and the importance of establishing a streamlined workflow becomes vital. Right from acquiring new clients to closing the deal, it’s imperative to adopt new technology in the process.

Smackcoders developed a customized Real Estate CRM Software for one of our U.S. clients. They came with an idea to create easy to use yet more efficient U.S based Real Estate CRM Software that helps them in managing all information such as property, vendor, buyer, and seller in one place. They also wanted us to offer social media integrations so that they handle all from a single place. And as a part of the approval process, they need e-sign integration to sign documents digitally.

What this application can do?

The main objective of this project was to make a software that simplifies and eases the internal process and get all the process run in a smooth manner without any disruption or delays and hence increase productivity. It offers:

Vendor management

This helps realtors to view, add, edit or delete any vendor information includes the vendor name, email, address and the property that are owned by them. From here, real estate agents can efficiently manage their complete vendor information in one unified place.


Automatically assign to realtors

Once the above process is done, it will be automatically assigned to the real estate agents(CRM users) to get a detailed analysis of the properties that are auto-populated. It occurs in two different steps, one to analyze the property’s virtual location like the property image, Google Map URL and more. The other is to analyze the physical location of the location.

Autopopulate property info

The Vendor Management module was designed in a way to automatically populate the property information, once the realtor added the vendor name. It checks some specific sites(list given by client) for the newly added vendor name, gets all the possible property list owned by that vendor and auto fills the information in CRM.


Property Management

With this, realtors can efficiently manage the complete property information(collected above) including the property images, Google Maps URL and more in a unified window.

E-Sign Documents

This ensures the simplest, secured and fastest approval process to close the deal. It lets both the buyers and sellers to digitally sign the legal documents, so any real estate agent can smoothly complete the process without any stalls.


Location-based property

The properties may be situated anywhere and one can assure that all those places are well known one. To stay out of this, we have added Google Maps and GIPS Maps support to instantly get directions to the property’s location in just a tap.

Social Media Integration

We have integrated almost all the most popular social media integrations like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This greatly helps realtors to manage all in one place.

Social Media Integration

Phone Integration

Built-in phone integration for realtors to get instantly touch with buyers or sellers. Lets to initiate calls or receive any incoming calls in a click right from the Real Estate CRM. We have also added an automatic call logging feature to log both incoming and outgoing for future reference.

Mobile responsive

At Smackcoders, we used to develop fully responsive, high-quality web applications. But this was a bit challenging as we had to offer the e-sign feature to all the users in spite of the screen size.


Ready to build your own Real Estate CRM?

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