DApps: The Next-Gen Solutions

Dapps or decentralized applications are applications that are built and run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer network as opposed to running on a single computer. The applications are decentralized and are not governed or controlled by a single authority. Dapps are open-source and distributed that letting anyone access the code once a developer releases the dapp in a blockchain. Dapps restructures the world of applications using the powerful technology blockchain. Dapps can be built for varied purposes like finance, social media, gaming, arts, collectibles, etc., Before you know about dapps, you must know what is blockchain and what are the basics.

How does a Dapp Work?

Dapps are public, open-source, and decentralized. It is free from the control of the central authority. On the other hand, conventional apps are controlled by a central authority and their code runs on centralized servers.

Similar to conventional or traditional apps, dapps also include frontend code and user interface(which can be written in any language) for making calls to the backend.

To access the decentralized application you must need cryptographic tokens. dapps use smart contracts for their app logic. A smart contract is a set of rules or programs stored on a blockchain that will execute, control, or document events and actions automatically in order with the terms of a contract or an agreement.

The dapps are non-changeable once it is deployed in the blockchain network. The dapps can be decentralized as they are controlled by smart contracts, not by an organization or individual.

Advantages of Dapps

Disadvantage of Dapps

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