Exploring ICO, IEO, & STO: The Future of Asset Management

The continued evolution of cryptocurrency enables the arising of new methods to support blockchain projects. These are fundraising for blockchain-related projects. Here we have cut down the ICO(Initial Coin Offering), IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) & STO(Security Token Offering) definitions and benefits for the industry.

Initial Coin Offering(ICO)

It is a type of crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies for crypto projects in its initial stage. For startups, it can be a source of capital. A person or company can raise funds for any project by selling their crypto tokens to an investor. ICOs gained popularity back in 2017. Investors can gain profits if the token value rises from the initial price.


  • Easy to initialize. Just need a white paper, a website, and a technical team to handle projects.
  • Suitable for startups and new investors as it has lower launch costs
  • Raising funds is simple
  • Fewer government interventions so it’s preferable for ICO companies
  • More liquidity in a short period
  • Full control of funds
  • Multiple fundraising programs


  • Likely to scam and fraud
  • Not good for long-term investments


IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is run on and supervised by Cryptocurrency Exchange. It is restricted to members of the exchange. They can only receive tokens. The company sells tokens directly to the exchange. They can then sell them to an individual. It makes it less complex for its users to invest in different crypto coins.


  • The participating exchange gets verified to ensure security
  • Investors send tokens directly to the exchange
  • They can transfer funds directly to accounts instead of sending them to smart contract
  • The platforms are trustworthy which prevents fraud


  • Difficult to configure the system
  • Fundraising cost high
  • Low liquidity level

What is Crypto IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising method in the cryptocurrency space that involves the sale of tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange. In an IEO crypto, a blockchain project partners with a cryptocurrency exchange to conduct the token sale directly on the exchange’s platform.

Key differences and benefits between IEO, and ICO

The crucial distinction lies in regulatory oversight; ICOs operate in an unregulated environment, whereas IEOs are subject to rigorous due diligence, including legal and financial compliance, conducted by the hosting exchange. This not only simplifies the purchasing process compared to ICOs but also instills a higher level of confidence regarding the legitimacy and security of the invested currency.

IEOs address issues present in ICOs, where unfair sales processes often favor large, accredited investors during private and pre-sale stages, leaving other participants at a disadvantage.

Beyond investor benefits, opting for an IEO yields advantages for the blockchain project itself. Attaining IEO status on a reputable exchange significantly enhances the project’s legitimacy. The additional security measures and thorough checks mitigate the apprehensions investors may have developed due to high-profile scams associated with ICOs.

Key Considerations of ICO and IEO

  • Security and Trust:
    • IEOs are often perceived as more secure due to the involvement of reputable exchanges in the token sale process. This adds an extra layer of trust and security for investors.
  • Speed and Convenience:
    • IEOs can be faster and more convenient for both projects and investors, as the exchange streamlines the token sale process.
  • Exchange Reputation:
    • The success and credibility of an IEO may be influenced by the reputation of the hosting exchange.

Both ICOs and IEOs have their advantages and challenges, and the choice between them depends on the goals, preferences, and circumstances of the issuing project. Investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence before participating in either type of token sale.


Security Token Offering is similar to the ICO, and it’s also called a tokenized IPO. It is a public sale of security tokens on a crypto exchange. STOs are more complex for fundraising and also it’s more difficult to implement than ICOs. On the blockchain, a security token represents the ownership details of the investment product.


  • Complies with the government and it’s a trusted investment tool
  • More secure
  • Good for long-term investment


  • High fundraising costs
  • Due to strict regulations, cross-border investment is challenging
  • Low liquidity

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ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and STO (Security Token Offering) are both fundraising mechanisms used by blockchain projects, but they differ significantly in their nature and regulatory implications. Here are the key differences between ICOs and STOs:

            Nature of Token In an ICO, tokens issued represent utility  and are often used as a form of access to a platform, service, or product within the blockchain ecosystem. They do not inherently grant ownership or rights in the company.STOs involve the issuance of security tokens. These tokens represent ownership in an underlying asset, equity in a company, or some form of financial rights, such as dividends or profit shares
       Regulatory Compliance ICOs have been known for their lack of  regulatory oversight, which has led to various legal and security issues. However, regulations are evolving, and some ICOs choose to comply with existing securities laws. STOs are designed to comply with securities regulations from the outset. This adherence to regulatory standards makes STOs a more secure option for investors, as they often come with greater legal scrutiny and investor protection.
                    Investor Rights ICO investors usually receive tokens with utility value but may not have traditional investor rights or ownership in the company


  STO investors are typically entitled to traditional securities rights, such as ownership shares, dividends, or voting rights, depending on the structure of the security token.


                     Market AccessICOs historically had global accessibility, allowing projects to attract a broad range of international investors. However, this lack of regulatory oversight raised concerns about investor protection. STOs often comply with regional securities regulations, which may restrict participation to accredited or qualified investors. This regulatory compliance can enhance investor protection but may limit global accessibility.
                    Token LiquidityTokens issued in ICOs can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, but liquidity depends on the project’s popularity and exchange listings.Security tokens issued in STOs are designed to be traded on compliant security token exchanges, providing a regulated and potentially more liquid market for these assets.
                         Use CasesICOs have been widely used by     blockchain projects to fund the   development of decentralized   applications (DApps), platforms, or   protocols within the crypto space.STOs are often utilized to tokenize traditional assets like real estate, company shares, or other securities. They aim to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the traditional financial markets.

In summary, while ICOs have been more associated with fundraising in the crypto space, STOs bring a greater level of regulatory compliance, investor protection, and the potential to tokenize a broader range of assets within the framework of traditional securities. The choice between an ICO and an STO depends on the specific goals, regulatory considerations, and nature of the project seeking funding.

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