Vtiger MailChimp Integration – Bring MailChimp campaign analytics inside your Vtiger CRM

September 12, 2017

Do you remember, when was the last time you went a day without checking your email inbox? Almost, it never happened or in some rare cases.


Even though with the rise of many overwhelming breakthrough of Social media, Search Engine Optimization, Business blogging and more, Email is still a widely used and successful way to communicate with the audience. And Email marketing is utilised by many business of all sizes across the globe.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Email Marketing Campaign for your business,

  • Simple and easy to track
  • Identifying better-qualified leads
  • Reduced marketing cost
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Comprehensive Return on Investment
  • Shorter sales cycle and more

A research by Email Marketing & Marketing Automation 2017, shows that Email Marketing occupies the first place with 53.6% rating among all the other marketing platforms.


Nowadays, all the email marketing campaigns are automated and there is no surprise that most of our mailbox is flooded with bunch of automated campaigns on any given day. And these email creates an yet another task during our commutes of work – marking them all as unread or unsubscribing altogether. However, a good campaign will definitely attract your customers and they not only read it, but click it, share it and recommend it to their friends.

Is it enough, to send an attractive campaign to customers? It’s just an initial process, after the campaign is send, you need to keep track of your campaigns success rate, identify your customers interest and involvements, efficient follow up, and then close sales. To make this happen, your salespeople need to revolve between your CRM and Email Marketing Tool. CRM for efficient follow-up of leads & sales pipeline and the Email Marketing Tool to track your campaign success rate and more.

Merging these two would help your salesperson to save more time and be more productive. That’s what exactly Vtiger MailChimp Integration does. It makes your work more easier and no longer need to juggle between your CRM and Email Marketing Tool MailChimp.

Track your Campaigns success rate

Vtiger MailChimp Integration brings in all your campaign information inside your Vtiger CRM. Now you can easily monitor and analyse your email marketing campaigns information to ensure your campaign success and to strengthen the impact on your campaign.

Identify your customers interest

With Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can efficiently keep track of your campaign open rates, clicks and more which helps in measuring your subscribers engagement with your campaign subject lines and content. So you can easily get to know your customers interest and involvements with your products.

Better Team Collaboration

Vtiger MailChimp Integration allows your sales team to get the complete visibility of all the marketing activities within the Vtiger CRM. By knowing all your customers information you sales reps can perform efficient Leads follow ups and close more deals.

Not tried yet? Grab your test drive now and share your experience with us at [email protected] or Please leave your comments below.