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Are you searching for a free and simple, yet functional WordPress themes to showcase your website? Selecting a theme for your WordPress website is similar to deciding which WordPress host to use. Choosing a theme can seem complicated and confusing because there are thousands of free themes for WordPress, making it hard for beginners to choose between different options. You must take time and consider your needs before you make a selection.

A wide range of free themes is available in the market — both on the official WordPress Theme Directory and other third-party sites. And this makes it difficult to narrow your preferences down to the very best. An excellent free theme selected must be reliable and easily customizable.​

Top 5 free multipurpose wordpress themes

Best 5 Multi-purpose WordPress Themes

We want to take the hassle off you when choosing a WordPress theme for your blog or website. Therefore, we have handpicked five best free WordPress blog themes that you can use on your site. These themes have been vouched for and assessed by people who are known as WordPress savvy. You can download these best free WordPress themes today.

If you’re starting your website or blog on a limited budget, a free WordPress theme is a great option to lower your cost. These themes are best to fit your needs, and they offer time-proven classics.

The Theme we are first going to look at is,​

1. Astra

The Astra theme is one of the best WordPress themes choice for the one who’s getting started with website and blog designs. Astra is fast and fully customizable, with a lot of flexibility in terms of color options and fonts. As a lightweight free WordPress theme, it is suitable for personal blogs, portfolios, business blogs, and even eCommerce websites. Astra works perfectly with all the page builders available in WordPress.​


Besides, Astra is SEO-friendly, and no coding is require. You can build your unique design via a set of simple customization options. These features are vital for guaranteeing an exceptional user experience feel of the site or blog. Not only you easily control the appearance, aesthetics, and functionality through the WordPress Customizer settings, but you can also import a complete starter site for free using the Astra Sites plugin. Doing this helps to get your website or blog up and running in minutes. If you are looking for a Multi-Purpose theme. Look no further! it’s the only theme you will ever need: – link

Key Features of Astra

Let’s see here the key features of Astra Theme.

If you want a free, lightweight theme that stands out at customization and functioning, Astra is a great choice.​

2. Hello Elementor

The second theme in the list is Hello Elementor. Elementor, the ever-popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin developed the lightweight WordPress theme Hello. You can download it from free of charge or right in the WordPress admin area of your plugin page.

Hello Theme offers responsive design with specifically designed few options, so Elementor handles all the design changes. The theme options is easily set up using Elementor drag and drop features in the live customizer. Hello Elementor’s minimal feature is designed to be a blank canvas for website or blog owners. Therefore, the minimal design of Hello implies it’s fast-loading, responsive, and supports all popular WordPress plugins.

Lighter than most themes, with almost no coding or following any scripts pattern, Hello Elementor provides a full-width background image and a slider on top followed by your content option. Hello Elementor gives your website a stunning look and customization.​


If you are looking for a fast and lightweight theme that loads your landing pages faster and improves conversions, then Hello Elementor is the answer. Check out Hello Elementor website to explore more about it: link

Key Features of Hello Elementor

Let’s see here the key features of Astra Theme.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP is another free theme that follows the exclusive principles of Astra in terms of lightweight. With amazing and innovative features, OceanWP is a theme that you can use to build into your dream website or blog. OceanWP is one of the most popular WordPress themes with some free demo sites that you can import if you don’t want to customize your design from scratch.

An added advantage is that it includes many features that you usually only see in premium themes. Create any website, including blogs, magazines, business websites, or eCommerce stores with the use of the OceanWP theme and get a responsive design that makes your website function beautifully across any device and provide the best possible experience for visitors.

This theme also comes with distinctive features that work well with WooCommerce, which help increase conversion. It lets you have a stunning looking site or blog with an intuitive, easy-to-use, and fully responsive design that fits all devices.​


The OceanWP theme is also compatible with the most popular page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, and SiteOrigin, etc. OceanWP is the perfect theme for your project. Are you looking for a Multi-Purpose theme? Look no further! Check the demos available to see that it’s one of the free themes you will ever need: link

Key Features of OceanWP

4. Neve


Neve Theme is a free WordPress blog theme works well for all types of websites and online store creation, including an excellent option for a personal blog. It provides a lightning-fast solution for creating just about any website you would like to build.

Neve Theme has a minimalist layout with beautiful colors based on your preference and typography. Expanding your site’s design is possible with easy customization – the layout, headers, footers – you name it. With Neve, you get a flexible and compatible theme with accessible pages builder plugins like the Elementor page builder, Divi page builder, and Beaver Builder. You can also change your site’s appearance as there are plenty of customization options at your disposal, all found within the native WordPress Customizer. Check out its demos available to see that it’s one of the free themes you will ever need: link

Moreover when you create a plugin, it’s essential to include a readme file with all the information to users need to install and use your plugin. And als the readme file should be in the correct format. Should have all the required information, which will help the WordPress Plugin Directory team to approve your plugin for inclusion in the directory.

Key Features of Neve Theme

5. Go by GoDaddy

The last theme we discuss in this article is Go. Go is a simple and powerful theme designed by GoDaddy. Designed with innovation, and as a Gutenberg-first, Go is focused on helping website designers create powerful, beautiful websites with ease. You can now build beautifully rich websites with WordPress using Go.​


As a brand-new WordPress theme, Go is compatible with the popular block editing plugin known as CoBlocks. GoDaddy also owns CoBlocks. With easy integration of Go theme with CoBlocks, designers can enjoy customizable, block-oriented page builder experience like never before, within a beautiful and fully functional WordPress theme.

Go theme is already proving to be making waves in WordPress circle with a record of over 7,000 active installs in just one week.​

Key Features of Go

Hope this article is helpful to you in choosing WordPress Theme for your website. If you have any queries please write to us on email. Check out our free WordPress Importer plugin to import & export all your content safely on your WordPress.​

Web Services, Developer API for Updating your WordPress Website

Developers are always greedy and they want to get the most out of any tool they use. But a vendor (again a developer) cannot get all the use cases resolved in a single tool. A good developer tool should allow its customers to extend it in multiple dimensions to get everything done.

Today we are happy to announce the availability of the Web Services and Developer API in our CSV Importer for WordPress. Yes, you can now update any data instantly from anywhere or any application or with any language and you don’t have to wait till the scheduled time to generate and upload the CSV.


If you run multiple WordPress eCommerce site and list the same product across all these websites. You can now easily extend the web services to keep your in Stock count across all these websites when a sale happen in any one of the sites. For updating a product with product Id – 101, the REST Call is as show below.

data = {“CORE”:{“post_title”:”WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro”},“ECOMMETA”:{“manage_stock”:”yes”,“stock_qty”:”1″ }}The PHP Sample is

$request_url = “”;$data = array(‘CORE’ => array(‘post_title’ => ‘WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro’, ),‘ECOMMETA’ => array(‘manage_stock’ => ‘yes’,‘stock_qty’=> ‘1’,),

In the similar lines, you will be able to fetch the existing data and update back processed data into your WordPress site for all the plugins supported by the CSV Importer i.e. WooCommerce, Marketpress, Events Manager, ACF, Pods, Yoast SEO, etc.,

This version of the CSV Importer also has a developer API which will help you integrate the CSV Importer with your plugins or with other development to manipulate your site data.

Do give it a try by clicking on Try Now button in WP Ultimate CSV Importer page and let us know your feedback to [email protected]

Find out the right WooCommerce WordPress Themes for your online business store

Are you looking for a WooCommerce Themes that best suits your business? But confused in choosing the right theme among the bunch of themes available in the market?. Fact is that not all WordPress Themes have WooCommerce compatibility and includes pre-styled templates. Using a WooCommerce Theme helps you create a new online store for your business and lets you sell your products with eye-catching design and unique pages. Here, you can find the right WooCommerce theme for your online business store.

If a theme doesn’t provide support for WooCommerce (products, tags, categories and attributes), then it will not support the available add-ons and extensions of WooCommerce. Here we have handpicked some WooCommerce Themes which can be best suitable for your business.


WooCommerce Themes

Before looking straight into the themes, let’s answer the question ‘what is an WooCommerce Theme?’. WooCommerce theme is a ready-made layout created for WooCommerce which helps to make your online website building easy, faster, and intuitive. As a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface, you can customize, or modify it to suit your website. Themes are specifically developed to make your WooCommerce website creation fun, and unique. Even a novice with no technical knowledge can create a website in just a few minutes and makes it look attractive using a website theme.

In the ever competing market space fighting to sell similar products, choosing a professional theme for your eCommerce store makes a big difference in how customers see your brand. You can make it possible using WooCommerce themes. There are hundreds of readily available pre-made WooCommerce themes available to select.

We strongly suggest you choose a WooCommerce ready theme, as there is a possibility of using the WooCommerce plugin with any WordPress theme. The beauty of these themes is that they are specifically created for WooCommerce websites, and they will position your store to make more sales.

Set up WooCommerce website

You can use to access all WooCommerce out of the box features. If you're a beginner to WordPress and want to know how to build and set up a WooCommerce store, refer to our WooCommerce tutorial guide. To build a WooCommerce site, you need a domain name, SSL certificate and WooCommerce hosting account. Domain name is the address on the web ''. Hosting is storage where you store all your website files. Just check out our WordPress WooCommerce post for more details.

Why you need to carefully choose theme for your store

The Theme you pick for your online store will decide the entire appearance of your ecommerce store. The problem here is the product you are selling may be sold by thousands of online stores so you need to make your website unique to stand out from competitions. You need to be professional enough to design your site so that it creates a huge impact on visitors' minds regarding your brand.

Though you are provided with unlimited themes, choosing the right theme will only help you to grow your business in the highly competitive world.. If you're not sure about picking the right theme, below we have listed some must have features for quality WooCommerce Themes.

Must have features for WooCommerce Themes

Take a closer look at themes while you select for your store. Here are some must have features of WooCommerce Themes you need to look in while choosing the theme.

Points to Note

Keep these three points on mind when you start searching for a theme:

Top Five free & paid WooCommerce Themes

These are some free & paid WooCommerce themes that you can pick and use for your online store. All of these are mobile-friendly and highly optimized for SEO and performance.


Astra is one of the top WooCommerce ready WordPress themes that can be used to design an online store. It is a lightweight and highly customizable theme. The Astra theme offers a free theme with all the necessary features you need to build a website.

As a fast, fully customizable & beautiful WooCommerce ready WordPress theme, Astra provides full WooCommerce support, built-in templates for product and shop pages, and dozens of one-click ready-made templates.

Astra can be integrated with popular page builders, like Divi Builder. This theme is simple, beginner and search engine friendly. It’s good to go with this theme if you use a page builder already. Astra includes ready made templates, responsive design, conversion ready checkouts, Dedicated and off-canvas sidebars and more as key features.


Ocean WP

Ocean WP is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme with WooCommerce compatibility. It makes it extremely easy to create a beautiful & unique online store with WordPress. It's one of the most easily customizable themes for WooCommerce users. It provides tons of options in live customizer that you can choose backgrounds, header styles, colors and so more. OceanWP has built-in templates to create custom landing pages. It is compatible with drag and drop page builder plugins like Visual Composer and Elementor.




It is a highly popular theme among WooCommerce users as it is built by the WooCommerce team itself. It's designed to be a light-weighted theme and includes a wide range of extensions and child themes to expand your store functionality that you can change the look and feel of your site. Storefront has lots of demo content, provides support for live theme customizer, and multiple widget-ready areas. It ensures maximum compatibility for WooCommerce.



Divi theme is a professional and versatile website building platform. This Theme provides the drag and drop responsive editor which replaces the WordPress post editor to help create top-quality product pages. You can create product pages even if you have no knowledge in writing codes. Features like global elements and styles, ready made website layouts, WooCommerce modules and custom css controls makes it highly customizable. You can pick this theme if you want to customize every part of your eCommerce store. It's also a good fit for small businesses having limited resources.


Perfect for beginners as the theme is a fully responsive eCommerce theme. It has an easy and quick setup process and lots of demo content. This theme has built-in catalog mode which hides the store's Cart and Add to Cart buttons. It can be useful if you want to temporarily suspend orders when you're waiting for product delivery.

Shopkeeper automatically installs and imports everything needed to build a store. It provides a user guide and videos tutorials to easily understand the themes. Shopkeeper includes features like Four product page layouts, Three blog layouts, One-click demo import, Off-canvas sidebar, Innovative catalog mode, Support for embedding YouTube videos, Support for zooming and lightboxes, and Infinite scrolling.


Can I Utilize Elementor for free?

As a free website builder, Elementor, like other open-source plugins, is a perfect plugin that can be extended and integrated further. You can achieve a lot by building your WooCommerce website with the free version of Elementor. Also, you can use Elementor's visual, drag-and-drop interface to design your WooCommerce site and other content types. To create distinct layouts for your online store lay hands on this plugin.

Steps to Create Custom WooCommerce Theme in WordPress

It’s possible to create a WooCommerce theme, and it is a good idea but can be time-consuming. Premade templates or themes can make your design faster and easy. You can create a WooCommerce theme manually and start by installing WordPress Locally. Then, install the plugin. To do this, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugin > Add new > Install WooCommerce plugin and set up.

Next, create a WooCommerce theme using the wp_content directory. Create a new theme subfolder; wp_content > Theme folder. Name it. You can decide the layout of the new theme using style.css and index.php.

Conclusion point

WooCommerce WordPress themes will vary depending on the kind of ecommerce store you are building or planned to build. However most users prefer highly customizable and built in page editors. We have developed many top-notch third party plugins for WordPress like WP Ultimate CSV Importer, Leads Builder for any CRM and more. We also do customization services for WordPress since our journey started. If you need any customization in WordPress themes or any WordPress website customization, we’ll do that for you as a service at an affordable charge. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are happy to assist you.

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