Stay updated with your schedules in CRM with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync bi-directionally synchronizes Vtiger CRM to Google calendar. A popular and easy-to-use time management app used by many people is Google calendar. Integrating your Google calendar with CRM helps to bring all your events to a single place. So, stay updated with your schedules in CRM with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync.


Synchronizing of data between two apps, need to update the data whenever a new entry is given. Replication must reflect in both places without missing any information. Events created at Calendar will get updated on CRM automatically with this integration.

Needs for VtigerCRM Google Calendar Sync

Business creates and manages schedules, events, meetings, reminders, and tasks. Such activities are generally organized and maintained in Google Calendar. A team's operation, process, workflow, performance, and reports are maintained in a CRM. The person who needs to handle both calendar and work finds it difficult to switch between apps.

An extension that connects two different apps helps those business individuals. Vtiger Google calendar sync is a solution to integrate your CRM easily with calendar. Get notified of all your schedules without missing any appointments, and meeting follow-ups. Integration of Vtiger CRM with Google calendar eases out the effort of team members.

A sales representative can easily plan their work on the go by viewing the upcoming events. View the schedules and reminders on time as per the defined settings. The appointments and meetings of a calendar can be shared with all or specific members. In this way, this extension helps to increase calendar visibility. It allows keeping every employee in the loop for better coordination.

Significant Benefits of Bidirectional Sync

Integrating Vtiger CRM with Google Calendar bi-directionally provides many benefits. It helps to organize and track the real-time activities of your schedules and events.

  • Sync your events securely between Vtiger CRM and Google Calendar.
  • Events can be synchronized from a specific date using the event date filter.
  • Set type, priority and status of events with Mapping option.
  • Automatic event sync can be set to Enable/Disable
  • Synchronize periodically and in real-time using a secured API with CRON setup.
  • Audit and review the events sync from the Log module.

The Vtiger CRM Google Calendar Sync allows 2-way synchronization of events. You can create, edit and delete events in both apps. The modified update is displayed in both Google Calendar and Vtiger CRM.

Events will get synced automatically at the specific configuration setting. You can set how often the sync has to run for integrating the calendar events. Select particular events in a certain time range for specific Synchronization.

Prerequisites to Start using the Synchronization

Bidirectional VtigerCRM Google Calendar Sync requires specific configuration settings to get started.

  • Create a project in Google and get the API credentials.
  • Configure the Google API and create OAuth Client Id.
  • Get Client ID, Secret and Developer key to sync two apps.
  • Apply the redirection URL and configure the keys.
  • Authenticate to email permission and connect the apps.

Map Vtiger CRM to Google Calendar and configure the settings to synchronize the apps. Automate the synchronization process and start updating your schedules in any one app. Vtiger CRM Google Calendar sync requires ionCube Loader version 4.4 or above.

Start managing your reminders, events, calendar, invoices, projects, opportunities and tasks. Define schedules for notifications with a start, end, expected close and due date. Sync your events or data as a task or data as per your requirements. Multiple Google Calendar synchronization is supported by VtigerCRM Google Calendar Sync.

Wrap Up

Synchronize your existing and new events bidirectional using Vtiger CRM Google Calendar Sync. It replicates the event created in Calendar to the CRM application. You can manage all your events either from one application and save your time. Configure the synchronization between Vtiger CRM and google calendar with different settings. Synchronizing events from Google to CRM and CRM to Google is very simple. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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