Stay updated with your schedules in CRM with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

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  • Stay updated with your schedules in CRM with Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

Here is some good news for Google users. We, the Smackcoders, are excited to release the updated features of our amazing extension. Our updated features include an attractive and User-friendly UI design, integration of Google contact with the Vtiger CRM Contact, and exclusive Multi-user preferences. Keep on reading this blog to get a detailed explanation of our updated features.

So Far you have enjoyed our bidirectional syncing of Google Calendar integration with Vtiger CRM. Now you can also sync your Google contacts with your Vtiger CRM as icing on the cake.

Tracking the customer contacts with their related events will be a tricky task. To make ease this task, we have updated our extension that will integrate both your Google calendar and Google contact with your Vtiger CRM. 

There is no need to switch between different apps to sync your Google events and contact with your Vtiger CRM. This integration saves your valuable time in tracking your events and contacts more cautiously with few clicks.

Most organizations use their Gmail account to track and manage their business process. If you are one among them then Keep on Reading.

This successful integration will instantly sync your Google calendar events and contacts with a few clicks. As it syncs bi-directionally, there is no need to update it on the other side. And even the deleted and created data will also be updated on either side with this effective syncing.

Vtiger Google Calendar Sync

Google  Calendar is an effective time-management tool that is widely used to set up tasks and events. 

On successful integration of Google calendar with Vtiger CRM you can 

Benefits of Google contact sync with Vtiger CRM

With this integration You can:

Best features of Vtiger Google Calendar and Contact Integration

Vtiger Google Calendar and Contact integration will increase your:

You can create, edit,or delete any contacts from one side will be automatically updated on the other side by simply clicking on the Sync button.

Easy Access to the Extension

Multi- user Preference

Our extension is now upgraded to the Multiple User Preferences. Any Number of CRM users can connect their authorized gmail account with this extension. And can easily sync their own record is an added advantage.

Revoke Authentication

Once you Authorize with your Gmail account, You can start syncing your contacts and events with Vtiger CRM. If you want to change your authorized account then go for this revoke Authentication. This will remove your current Google account. But the records that have been created already will never be deleted. If you login again with the same Gmail id then you are able to access your synced records as before.

Stay Connected with your contact and surprise them with their relevant events (like Birthdays). Stop memorizing the date and time of the event, as our extension does for you. Enjoy our updated features. And start syncing between Google Calendar and Contacts with Vtiger CRM.


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