Securing Your Digital Identity: Get Your Google API and OAuth Credentials Now

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  • Securing Your Digital Identity: Get Your Google API and OAuth Credentials Now
How to get Google API

As of today, it is so easy to get the Google API and Client credentials with a few clicks via Google Developer Console. Before that, it is essential to know what API and Client credentials are. In this blog, we discuss the API and client credentials and when to use them. Are you searching for the Step by Step instructions to get the API key and OAuth Credentials? Then keep on reading….

Both API keys and OAuth are the different types of authentication handled by Cloud Endpoints.

These two differ most in the following ways:

The application or website performing the API call is identified by the API key.

An app or website’s user, or the person using it, is identified by an authentication token.

API keys provide project authorization

To decide which scheme is most appropriate, it’s important to understand what API keys and authentication can provide.

API keys provide

Project identification — Identify the application or the project that’s making a call to this API

Project authorization — Check whether the calling application has been granted access to call the API and has enabled the API in their project

API keys aren’t as secure as authentication tokens, but they identify the application or project that’s calling an API. They are generated on the project making the call, and you can restrict their use to an environment such as an IP address range, or an Android or iOS app.

By identifying the calling project, you can use API keys to associate usage information with that project. API keys allow the Extensible Service Proxy (ESP) to reject calls from projects that haven’t been granted access or enabled in the API. 

Contrarily, authentication strategies often have two objectives:



A safe method of identifying the user who is calling is provided by authentication mechanisms.

In order to confirm that it has permission to call an API, endpoints also examine the authentication token.

The decision to authorize a request is made by the API server based on that authentication.

The calling project is identified by the API key, but the calling user is not.

An API key, for example, can identify the application that is making an API call if you have developed an application that is doing so.

Protection of API keys

In general, API keys is not seen to be safe because clients frequently have access to them. This will make it simple for someone to steal an API key. Unless the project owner revokes or regenerates the key, it can be used indefinitely once it has been stolen because it has no expiration date. There are better methods for authorization, even though the limitations you can place on an API key minimize this. 

API Keys: When to Use?

An API may require API keys for part or all of its methods.

This makes sense to do if:

API keys: When not to use?

Step-by-step instructions on how to get Google API and OAuth credentials using the Google developer console.

Step 2

Select your project or create a new project by clicking on the New project button

Step 3

Provide your project name, organization, and location, and click on create. 

And That’s it. You have created a New Project.

Step 4

Navigate to the Enabled API and services at the Left sidebar and click on Credentials


Step 5

Move on to create Credentials

Here to get your API key click on the API key. Instantly you will get your API key for your Project.

To get your OAuth Credentials

Navigate to the OAuth Client ID on the Create Credentials drop-down menu.


Step 6

Here you need to create an application. A client ID is used to identify a single app to Google’s OAuth servers. If your app runs on multiple platforms, each will need its own client ID. 


Step 7

Select the appropriate application type from the drop-down


The name of the client will be auto-generated. This is only to recognize the client console and does not show to the end users.


Step 8

Enter your URL for the Authorized JavaScript origins by clicking on Add URL


Provide your Authorized redirect URLs


Finally click on Create

Step 9

You will get an OAuth Client Id and Client Secret instantly.


Getting Google API and OAuth credentials is an important step in developing applications that interact with Google services. It allows developers to access data from Google APIs and services in a secure and reliable way. With the correct setup, developers can create powerful applications that can be used by millions of users. In summary, getting Google API and OAuth credentials is essential for any developer wishing to build web applications that interact with Google services.

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