Easily Import Toolset Types info into WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer

October 9, 2017

Websites!! Just like your business card and signage on buildings, websites are crucial for any business organisation in today’s ever changing digital world. It’s the better & cost effective way to advertise yourself in the World Wide Web and helps people to find you and know what your business is all about.


Think this out: When we need to know about a company or any other information, we usually turn to Google and search, and eventually end up on any relevant website. The same applies for your business too. However, a boring and static website will no longer helpful in attracting your customers. It’s equally imperative to have highly interactive and intuitive website to your customers. To make it clear let’s see some of benefits of having more intuitive and informative website,

  • Easy access to your customers
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased potential target market
  • Relatively inexpensive means of advertising
  • Credibility to your business
  • Easily way to promote your Brick & Mortar footprint
  • Act as a hub to showcase all your products and services

How we can gain all these advantages, without knowing the technical part of WordPress? As every business owner can’t be a coder, how we can create our own custom build website without writing a single line of code?

Well, here is a solution – Toolset Types. It lets you to build extraordinary sites based on Custom post types and Custom fields without much effort. Toolset types provides you the easy and flexible design to build your own custom website of your choice.

Now you’ve created a highly interactive website with Toolset types, what about the periodic updations needed? To make your website search engine friendly regular updations is essential. A static website with no regular updates of any kind may be viewed by search engine as a “flat” entity. Manually creating and managing a website with one or two pages can be easy, but what about websites with no. of pages? Bulk import & update isn’t an easy task, right?

Luckily, here is our WP Ultimate CSV Importer to help you to import and update all your website information in just one go. You can easily create, update and schedule any post, page, custom post and more. And with the support for the Custom field import of Toolset Types, you can add more additional information in your website and make your customers better informed about your products and services. With the import of Toolset Types fields like Audio, Embedded media, video and more, you can build extraordinary site in the way you need.

Not tried yet? Get Started Now! Click on the TRY Now button in WP Ultimate CSV Importer page to create your private demo and let us know your thoughts.