How to Create Dynamic Content with JetEngine Plugin for Elementor

You can create custom fields with the JetEngine plugin without any need for coding languages like PHP, CSS. Further, it adds built-in Elementor templates for custom post types and custom taxonomies. Using a complex query method, display those templates in a grid and list blocks. JetEngine is a set of premium Elementor add-ons in a piece of JetPlugins developed by Crocoblock.

How To Upgrade Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM has been updated with loads of new features and security fixes. We highly recommend you to move your CRM to the latest version to keep your personal and customer data more secure than before and take advantage of the new features added. The migration process is much simple. However, migrating your CRM requires much more care to upgrade.

Blockchain: Revolutionizing the banking sector in a whole new way

Blockchain technology transforms every minus in the traditional method to plus. It helps to increase the efficiency by faster processing of digital documents. Also by speedy data development with greater security and transparency. As blockchain uses a distributed ledger. It stores the complete business transaction details to a permanent unbreakable chain. This helps to identify the blocking of undesired interventions.

Simplify your WordPress Users importing process with importing giant WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Like every Post, Pages, and Comments, Users data are also prominent while migrating your website content. WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you bulk import of your User’s data. Along with WP-Members plugin, and also with WooCommerce billing and shipping information. Here in this article, we’ll explore the complete features of Users import in WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer free version.

WP-Members CSV Importer

To improve the simplicity of WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.5 Plugin, now upgrade to WP Ultimate CSV Importer 3.6. Version 3.6 has many major changes in user interface keeping all newbies in mind. Our new release has also supports additional third party plugin such as Market Press along with wooCommerce, eshop, etc.

Track your WordPress Membership users in CRM

We have added the functionality to capture the MemberPress fields and send it to your CRM with ease. The front-end login form created with the MemberPress fields text, email, dropdown. Which captures member’s information as WordPress user. The workflow of Leads builder for Any CRM Pro has been improved to sync the WP user.

How to use Google Sheets effectively for import, update, and scheduling

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a plugin that allows users to importing the CSV data. The data uploaded from any publicly accessible external URL easily, including the URL of Google sheets. Besides, WP Ultimate CSV Importer functions by automatically fetching CSV data from the specified location and upload it. In this article, you will know how to use Google Sheets.

Vtiger HR Module with Payroll & TimeSheet

An all in one Human Resource Management Solution is a combination set of both VTiger HR module and VTiger Payroll module. It includes many inbuilt features powers to handle all the HRM related tasks within your CRM itself. VTiger CRM HRMS and Payroll has been completed and available in our store. There is also a live demo available to all users.

How to Backup your WordPress Website

WordPress backup is making a copy that you can restore when something goes wrong. Your post, comment, link are there in your wordpress database. If your database gets corrupted then the data inside it will get erased. If you have a proper wordpress backup, then you don’t lose any data. You can restore it quickly when it went wrong.

How to Update WordPress plugins

A plugin is a software, which is used for enhancement purposes. It is called an add-on or extension. It can be installed in the program to extend its functionality. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available in the WordPress directory. Including free or premium WordPress plugin versions. You can choose either of them.

Why WordPress Plugin?

A plugin is a software component that can add or extend a group of functions to a wordpress website. WordPress plugins are in the form of PHP programming language. There are thousands of plugins available in the wordpress plugins directory, you can install and activate the plugin, also you can uninstall the plugin from the admin area. The plugins are available in pre and pro versions.

CRM Systems : Manages Your Business Relationships

Getting the right crm tool requires deep research and your requirements specification. Besides, many companies take up the stairs just because of the low price. In other words, by leaving the way free to the competitors. Further, these days, most business owners are ready to go ahead of others. To clarify, they go forward by choosing the right crm.

Vtiger CRM Delivers Free Open Source CRM Solutions To Your Business Conditions

The team should work together carefully after Crm assembled. to solve any particular issue. A business board prepared for the adoption of a CRM. Board created along with its direct and indirect enhancement talent. Scope out Return On Investment (ROI) projections. It's documented for a final project charter. The project charter is then converted into requirements. Later, it integrates into Vtiger CRM.

How to Create a WordPress Blog?

In order to create a WordPress blog, we have to follow the structure of a blog. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. For business, blogging is one of the biggest factors to grab the attention of the target audience. Through blogging, customers may get services and new products. Also, you can brand your products through blogging.

Why WordPress is the best platform for blogging

The best platform for blogging is WordPress because this helps to make our own website. Blogging refers to writing something that you want to show to everyone. You can say that it is to share your thoughts or share about your business. It is a tool to share original content on the internet. WordPress is a popular way to create our own website or blog.

Create your own website using WordPress Elementor

Since its launch in 2016, elementor has created a big revolution in the WordPress community. Still now lots of people don’t know there's a lot of features in Elementor for free and here you are to know all about WordPress Elementor to build your own website. On olden days it wasn't easy to create a new website.

Step by Step Procedure of Vtiger CRM Installation and Basic Configuration

Try importing only a few records before importing everything just to make sure you've mapped everything properly. Also, use a CSV file format that wraps all of the values in commas so they can contain commas. Prepare CSV file neat with meaningful headers and start the process by clicking Import icon from Sales | Leads. Some of your leads are imported into Vtiger.

SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration Improve Conversions & Business Sales

Before we get into the features of SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration, know the benefits. Indeed, know the benefits gained by business through integrating SuiteCRM and MailChimp. Truly, SuiteCRM MailChimp Integration is a must-needed extension for any business. Further, the company needs to level up its business growth. Besides, integrating these two different platforms, save your time.

List Of Popular Open Source CRM Tools You Must Explore To Gain Customer Satisfaction

The motive of Business firm is to satisfy the customer with CRM platform. Deal with customers after getting proper information about the service and product. This will give you good results. Every business will have marketing, sales and project management. Also have, inventory repository, support services and delivery departments. With CRM software, storing customer details, retrieving data from the database is possible.

AIOSEO vs Other Popular SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Download and install the AIOSEO plugin, and then activate it. Move to ‘AIOSEO >> General Settings’. AIOSEO provides easy configuration methods for users to follow. It includes 4 steps to set up a wizard which is easy for beginners to start with and easier for them to set up SEO settings. In the General settings tab, you will be provided with a video.

SugarCRM, Get To Know About The Top Rated Software

SugarCRM is suitable for any company that requires a more custom made platform. In other words, organizations looking for increasing the business performance will need this. Further, Community Editions were highly supported by the developer community. Consequently, ending the open source is a great turn over for everyone. However, the company created a brand and users trust them.

The Best Open Source CRM Advances Your Business Growth

An open source means, the source code is freely available for usage. Most importantly, anyone can change the original design. In fact, source code is the programming code developed by the developers. In other words, programmer writes it during the development of application and software. Furthermore, distributing the source code to the public helps in extending the tool.

Ultimate CSV Importer: Added Compatibility for All In One SEO plugin Free v4.1.0.2

CSV Importer eases your website building tasks. It optimizes your website data by importing SEO fields for your WordPress content. All In One SEO plugin is a widely used SEO plugin, by over 2 million website owners. Besides, AIOSEO is one of the most popular SEO Plugins for WordPress. Its free version has enough features to optimize your website for search engines.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to CRM Software

Business operates on a few core concepts like creating a product and or providing specific services to customers. Delivering a product or providing a service isn’t really enough for the growth of the business. A business will land on high-streets and nurtures only with top-notching products and excellent customer satisfaction. CRM helps in maintaining a wide range of marketing strategy.

All In One SEO : The Most Popular Free SEO Plugin For WordPress Website

Install All In One SEO plugin like other plugins installing on WordPress. To install on your WordPress dashboard move to the Plugins page. Enter the text ‘All In One SEO’ in the search bar and start to search for the plugin. Once you find it, click Install and then Activate to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress site.

SuiteCRM: The Best Open Source Free CRM for all Business Types

SuiteCRM is an Open Source CRM software for businesses. Further, Customer Relationship Management is also known as CRM. It manages interaction with customers in a single repository. CRM collects customer data from a variety of platforms and manages them. So you can get a complete 360 degree view of customer's data. It helps salespeople to nurture more customers.

Find out the right WooCommerce WordPress Themes for your online business store

Before looking straight into the themes, let’s answer the question ‘what is an WooCommerce Theme?’. WooCommerce theme is a ready-made layout created for WooCommerce which helps to make your online website building easy, faster, and intuitive. As a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface, you can customize, or modify it to suit your website.

The Best WordPress WooCommerce Tutorial for Beginners

We have many other popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magneto users can take advantage of while setting their online store. But among the platforms, WooCommerce stands as the most popular one. It is easy to use for beginners, and it comes with extremely powerful features that make your online store stand out from the crowd.

Why WordPress & How to Make a Website

Thе firѕt step tо make a business website, just like building a house whеrе уоu need tо gеt a land bеfоrе уоu start building, likewise, fоr уоu tо build a website fоr уоur business, уоu need tо pick a domain name. Domain nаmе will bе уоur website’s name. In addition tо this, уоu need website hosting too.

WordPress Basic Tutorial

Besides, WordPress remains an open source CMS platform. It gives you access to hundreds of pre-made website templates, extensions, and plugins. Above all, its flexible features make an excellent web platform for different types of websites. From blogging to e-commerce business and portfolio websites. You can get your website up and running within a few hours using WordPress.
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