List Of Popular Open Source CRM Tools You Must Explore To Gain Customer Satisfaction

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Commercial enterprises hunt for the best solution for reducing the workload. Also, it is for saving time and automating processes. Business firm that decided to go for a CRM must understand its own needs. And cost of set up, maintenance expense and problem solving methods from developers. This list of popular Free open source CRM tools will help you reduce the workload. Also, it saves your time by automating the process.


Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software drives for easy workdays and customer data. And for, seamless information history, simple tracking of workflows and high customer satisfaction. Building and managing a high volume of customers increases your loyal customer base. Here we list some of the credible open source CRM software. That is, actually enforced far and wide over the world.

Before knowing about the list of Open Source CRM, it is important to get a greater insight about Open Source CRM. To know whether a business needs it or not and its license types. Also to start with free then moving to the paid version. Then types of Open Source CRM software wheeling around business streets.

Know about Free Open Source CRM

A platform or software that developed and designed to minimise the human work. It is mainly developed to run an organisation. Open source CRM tool allows developers from any part of the world to discuss the CRM design. Core development model of an open-source CRM released along with actual source code.

The source code distributed to the developers who can change it to their customer's needs. They can also redistribute the source code. This is helpful to change it anytime, anywhere by anyone to improve the specific CRM software. Open source concept is a productive trademark of the development community. Also for, budding startup, small-level, mid level business and also to large Enterprise.

Open Source CRM - A Necessary Tool For Business or not

The motive of Business firm is to satisfy the customer with CRM platform. Deal with customers after getting proper information about the service and product. This will give you good results. Every business will have marketing, sales and project management. Also have, inventory repository, support services and delivery departments. With CRM software, storing customer details, retrieving data from the database is possible. Also, tracking the workflow of a team member and the analysis of marketing trends is possible.

Businesses dealing with these operations and performance need a customer relationship management software. For, maintaining good relationships, executing their business plan and gaining more profit. Industries are switching from proprietary software to open source crm software. To get a variable feature and robust technology development. Customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention are the key outcomes of a CRM. similarly, Team collaboration, developmental stages, updating the features are possible in CRM systems.

CRM System Support For Company Growth

Company with diverse product or service delivery handles:

Managing all these manually is a difficult labour intensive and time taking job. There comes the need for customer relationship management software. In order to manage business operations in a gentle and proficient manner.

Basic Signs for a Company to go for a CRM:

Industries used to improve their traditional machineries or materials. Also, it try to replace old conventional ways of working and dealing with customers. Then, for servicing with advanced products and with new smart systems or solutions.

CRM is accessible and adaptable for different levels of business ranging. It ranges from a big Enterprise to a small business firm operating in diverse industries. Mainly, to optimise and organise the business requirements into a single administration medium.

Get to Know about Open Source CRM License Types

Open source CRM comes with a licence that mentions certain terms or limitations. This limitation is for using and changing the core model of software. That tells the user about the reusage procedures. This software contains 4 different licenses and they are:

1. Public Domain

This type of software doesn’t have any restrictions for using the source code. But it is available in the public domain. In order to change and reuse the software without any limitations. We can use it, after checking security issues prior to adding into your codebase and using the same.

2. Permissive

This licence type called BSD, Apache or MIT License with minimum restrictions. Also, it provides limited requirements about the software redistribution for modification.


The GNU LGPL connects open source libraries with proprietary licenses to your software. Here User is the subject to the LGPL terms and conditions while using it’s part or modifying the code of the library. Compile and link your code with LGPL library. Consequently, it allows using your application under any type of license.

4. Copyleft

This type of licence allows distributing the result of derivative. only after changing its original source code by using the same licence. It is also called a restrictive or reciprocal licence. This licence if for its derivative sharing terms. Revealing the new derivative software codes may not be interesting for many users.

Proprietary license is a highly secured and restricted type of software. This type of software is work by reserving all the rights. The purpose of base model, is modification and actual development structure. In contrast, redistributing and reusing the source are strictly prohibited.

Trying Free Open Source CRM to Go On the Stand

Open source CRM software specifically fuels up business development with multifaceted approach. If the company is a startup, there will be a lot of factors preventing the investment for new CRM software. In that case, including CRM cost in budget may not be possible. It required technical expertise which may not be available. It may raise questions like does it meets all business needs as proprietary software. A very big answer for these questions is opting for a free open source CRM for your business. Of course you can get an open source CRM suite for free.

Planning and examining the products available in the marketplace is very important. Getting a CRM for business is not always an investment which lifts up the revenue. Finding a suitable CRM software is an investment of time to decide the exact platform.

The size of the company and range of capital amount invested in business. The free open source CRM software is a preferable choice. Getting used to the free version helps the CRM users and business to tweak their teams. Also, Knowing everything about the tool is possible in free open source CRM. Similarly, the integration of data and importing old information is possible. Most of the organizations go for the free version of the CRM system after they decide to buy its pro version.

Why does your Business require Paid Versions?

CRM is a configured system developed for the convenience of the business industry. Many customer relationship management systems provide free and paid versions for its customers. A free version gives extra facilities by selling the additional features. Only on paid versions more specific competencies of industry is available.

Types of CRM Running Through Diverse Industry

Business world focuses on the conversion of opportunities into customers. Even though, Customers are a powerful resource for every seller in the global market. There are certain factors available to impact business development. Based on such factors, CRM classified into 4 types:

1. Strategic CRM focus on gaining and retaining beneficial customers:

Customers will get considered and served in the first place. By gathering and dividing the customers data in a secured way. Serving customers plays a vital role in this type of CRMs. By studying customer’s requirements and ways of accommodating them with great satisfaction. Getting knowledge about customers buying behaviour is the prominent expertise of this CRM.

2. Operational CRM deals on Marketing, Selling and Customer Service:

This customer-centric CRM deals with automation processes including Sales Force Automation (SFA), Marketing Automation (MA) Service Automation (SA).

3. Analytical CRM emphasis on Customer Data Mining and its usage:

Customer data will get utilized on the basis of particular strategies for using it in future. With analytical CRM, data get captured, interpreted, splitted, stored, modified, processed and reported. It also includes sales, marketing, financial data for comprehensive analysis of such information. Also, Customers segment separately approached in a different selling manner. By analysis of valuable and responsive consumers and converted prospects from previous campaigns. Similarly, Getting potential leads for sales, acquisition and retention of customers are easy.

4. Collaborative CRM applies Technology across Company boundaries:

In order to optimize the customers and company on the line, collaborative CRMs get used. It involves aligning strategies and resources for valuable customer identification. Also, procurement, development, retainment and maintenance. The Business The Business To Business (B2B) industry uses it for developing products. Additionally, it uses for conducting market research and marketing with multiple business firms. The latest communication systems include VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Moreover, it includes EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) forums and chat rooms.

Remember to take a plunge after checking out for trial period to learn and then use your CRM. The more time you invest in selecting your perfect CRM. You will get back more and more benefits for your business.

Explore the Popular List of Open Source CRMs

Build your fully customised Business system helping for better customer service. After intensive research and insights of our team, here we listed the best Open source CRM:

1. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is a popular CRM software helping businesses for decision making with 360 degree data visibility. Considering Vtiger CRM provides the following benefits:

2. SuiteCRM

The development of SuiteCRM is on the basis of modules. Moreover, it helps business firms to meet their requirements. Module based design allows a company to run through teams and tasks seamlessly in quick time. You can consider SuiteCRM for the following reason:

3. Joforce CRM

Joforce CRM is a solution for every business level with advanced customer-centric characteristics. Also, Joforce CRM is a Free Open Source CRM software. This helps for business firms to lift up their sales and customer satisfaction. Here Joforce is serving the industry with following highlights:

Selecting the best free open source CRM requires a deep understanding of CRMs. Further, it requires a comparison of provided features given for free. Additionally, it needs knowledge of add-on and paid versions. Each business model and requirements are different. Moreover, it varies according to the core function of products and services. Profound knowledge about the preferred CRM may help to accelerate your business growth.

Winding Up

Open Source CRM is an excellent choice for managing your business and its functions. Getting a suitable open source CRM is a big challenge for every organization. If satisfied with the free version, then opting for the Pro version reduces the risk. There are many free open source CRM is available with enhanced features. That helps a business to manage its complete operation. Specific requirements of your business need to meet by paid add-ons. But sometimes it met with affordable paid CRM solutions. This article helps you to choose the right open source CRM. Once, reviewing all it's free features and pro version costs. If you need any questions or enquiries, please write to us [email protected]

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