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Vtiger Payments to add paypal button in emails

Vtiger Payment is an extension that enables users to add a PayPal button and Stripe link to their emails. Embed the PayPal button and Stripe link your emails to customers to help with quick payment. Include the Pay Now button of PayPal and Stripe inside your Invoices, Sales Orders, and Quotes for Vtiger CRM. Get incoming payments by sending a payment link to customers. Receive payment through a secure payment gateway immediately once payment is made. The invoice gets updated automatically after the payment transaction is completed.

  • Payment integration of PayPal gateway and Stripe generation within the Vtiger CRM.
  • PayPal gateway and Stripe support for Invoice, Sales Order, and Quotes module of Vtiger CRM.
  • Enable/Disable the PayPal & Stripe integration for the Invoice, Sales Order, and Quotes module of Vtiger CRM.
  • Configure the Stripe account with CRM using the publishable key and secret key
  • Send emails with PayPal pay button for Invoice, Sales Order and Quotes.
  • Integrate PayPal with the PayPal email account.
  • Easy to View Logs of Payment Status on every Payment
  • View the Payment Amount Reference number and Due Date of Payment.
  • Effective PayPal configuration with the desired email ID for which the records with the payment link need to be sent.

Vtiger Payments to add paypal button in emails

CRM compatibility

Edition: Open Source Version: 6.0- 6.4

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

How It Works



Enable/disable the PayPal & Stripe generation for the invoice/ sales order or quotes module.

Send payment link

From the detailed view of any record, you can easily send the PayPal or Stripe payment link to the customer’s email with the PayNow options.

View Logs

Easy to Track the Payment status of every payment, amount reference number, and due date.

Product Demo

Vtiger Payments allows you to send payment links for PayPal and Stripe via Email. With this, you can easily make payments by simply clicking on the Pay Now Button directly from the email. This extension supports the modules such as Invoices, Sales orders, and Quotes. A simple configuration of enabling the Paypal and Stripe generation of any inventory module makes it all done. You can easily select the payment method as PayPal or Stripe from the dropdown. Finally, Provide the email address you need to link with your Payment gateway.



Faster payment with a single click

  • It is easy to enable/disable the payment configuration for any module such as invoices, Sales orders, and Quotes at any time.
  • Flexible to choose the payment method as PayPal, or Stripe from the dropdown of the payment method
  • The payment transaction of the CRM records can be done easily with a single click on the Pay Now button provided with the configured email address.
  • Easy to send payment links and record details on the desired email templates
  • Easy to review records and allows quick and efficient payment transactions with PayPal and Stripe

Track payment status effectively

  • Easy to track the payment status of every payment through a single page via Logs
  • Also, you can effectively track the Account reference number and due date of any payment.
  • It is effective and easy to analyze the failed payment transactions within a single Logs Page.






Enhance customer convenience with Vtiger Payments. Seamlessly embed PayPal buttons in emails, for quick and easy payment transaction with single click on Pay Now.
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