Pdf Maker for Vtiger (Free)

PDF maker module for Vtiger CRM lets you design your own PDF template designs for CRM modules. Vtiger PDF Maker Module is the best and easiest way to create PDF files for the information that has been saved in Vtiger CRM.
  • Design your own PDF templates for all standard Vtiger CRM modules.
  • Create an individual design for your templates’ header, footer and body.
  • Add company & product related information to your PDF.
  • Share your PDF seamlessly with customers/recipients via email.
  • Store a copy of your PDF in your local machine by exporting the PDF.
  • Enable robust PDF export with an option to choose the product fields.
  • Export a limited set of details or the complete set of information.
  • Edit your template at the time of export with PDF Maker for Vtiger.
  • Use/edit predefined templates for Purchase Order, Sales Order, Quotes and Invoice modules

Pdf Maker for Vtiger (Free)

CRM compatibility

Edition: Open SourceVersion: 6.* - 7.4

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
Compatible with PHP 8 & above
For lower versions support, contact us
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

Design your own PDF template

With PDF Maker you can seamlessly create your own PDF template by designing header, footer, and body based on your business needs.

Effectively share CRM documents

You can easily share the PDF with your CRM contacts via email and also can add images and documents along with the email.

Export PDF

Easy to export PDFs and download the PDFs on your local machines.

Product Demo

Explore the PDF Maker for Vtiger CRM with our live demo! Witness its functionality firsthand and discover how to craft personalized PDF templates tailored to your needs. Dive into the demo to experience the seamless integration and efficiency of this powerful generation tool. Transform your Vtiger CRM documents with ease and precision.



Craft your PDF

  • Design your own PDF templates with PDF Maker for Vtiger.Design your template header, body and footer individually.
  • You can add your Organisation and Product info in your PDF with ease.

Share seamlessly

  • Easy to share your PDF to your recipients via Email.
  • You can send email to your clients within Vtiger CRM.
  • You can also additionally attach images and documents along with your PDF.
  • Provides a predefined mapping for the mandatory fields like priority, event type and status.

Robust PDF Export

  • Enables the export of your PDF with an option to choose the product fields.
  • You can either export all or a limited set of details from the list view as well as the detail view.
  • You can also edit your temt the time of export with PDF Maker.





Manage within Documents.

  • Easily maintain your PDF inside Vtiger CRM documents.
  • With PDF Maker you can create Vtiger CRM documents at the faster rate.
  • You can also easily download your PDF from the documents.
  • Provides a predefined mapping for the mandatory fields like priority, event type and status.
  • Customize your page formats like page orientation and margin width using PDF Maker.


Effortlessly create personalized PDF templates with Vtiger PDF Maker. Easily export and download your tailored PDFs.
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