Vtiger CRM Beginner’s Guide To Amplify Your Business Operations

Vtiger CRM is a free open source Customer Relationship Management application growing consistently since its inception. Vtiger is the right selection for all levels of companies from the startup, medium-sized and large-sized organization. This comprehensive beginner’s guide to Vtiger CRM allows you to know everything from the basics of Vtiger open source CRM to its core concept of open source CRM solutions.

Vtiger Open Source CRM helps businesses to explore A to Z functionalities and reports in a single unified Customer Relationship Management platform. In this tutorial, you can explore the various types of CRM systems running through a wide range of business industries. You will also learn about:

  • Basic Features of Vtiger CRM
  • User-friendly Modules
  • Installation Requirements

Get to know more information about the leading CRM software Vtiger open source by studying this tutorial. You will also learn about what is Vtiger crm?, technical requirements for installing Vtiger and deployment of Vtiger CRM.

1.2.1. Significant Features of Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is an essential product to improve the efficiency of your team with the necessary resources and enhanced CRM solutions. Some of the major features are:

  • A. Sales and Marketing
  • B. Activity Management
  • C. Customer Support & Services
  • Email Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Reporting
  • Document Management

1.2.2. Creating your Vtiger CRM Strategy

CRM strategy is the most vital part for making your customer relationship management system successful. This part of the guide explores the causes of improper implementation and adoption of CRM software.

  • Team Building
  • Problem Identification
  • IT Requirements Determination
  • Setting Goals

Learning the steps for creating CRM Strategy and uses of vtiger crm features provide detailed information about Vtiger open source CRM.

Vtiger open source CRM product is an all important CRM product solution for running your business in a smooth manner. This tutorial tells you broad information about diverse facets of vtiger crm.

1.3.1. Why Use Vtiger CRM

Vtiger open source CRM integrates several automation and reporting tools in a unique customer relationship management platform. Each of the departments in the company can start adopting the open source CRM system to improve their performance and reduce the time consumed.

1.3.2. Benefits of Vtiger open Source

Vtiger open source CRM users get an ample amount of benefits for increasing sales growth, employee efficiency and customer satisfaction. The major benefits include a high conversion rate and quick decision making with exact analysis.

1.3.3. What is Vtiger Extension

Vtiger extensions are additional expansions released after the launching of the product. Users can avail both free and paid extensions from vtiger marketplace.

1.3.4. Difference between Extension and Plugin

There are little differences between the add-ons, extension and plugin. Find out the apparent differences between these two terms from this guide.

1.3.5. Installation Steps

Vtiger installation and configuration is not just a click, download and runs task. You can go through the practiced given procedure for installing Vtiger crm easily with specific steps.

1.3.6. What are Modules?

Modules drive the CRM users to navigate to various sections of the system respectively to the teams. In this part, you will come to know the useful modules of Vtiger crm.

1.3.7. Vtiger Migration

Vtiger migration is not difficult for the crm users and learns some valuable tips to be followed if you are planning for migration.

1.3.8. Vtiger Upgrade

Vtiger crm upgrade is another important topic to be known for the vtiger open source crm beneficiaries in order to stay updated with the current version of crm.

1.3.9. Why Use IonCube Loader?

IonCube loader is a must have extension for Vtiger open source Customer Relationship Management system. This tutorial gives a distinct idea about the uses of ioncube loader.

Vtiger installation and configuration differ respectively to the operating system of users. Know the various operating system installation procedure in this tutorial.

Upgrade your vtiger customer relationship management system simply by following the given steps in this part of the guide.

Vtiger crm customization option is mostly required for any business to get a more custom-made user experience. Know everything about the customization of Vtiger and also about its extensions in this guide.

Synchronizing your campaigns, leads and contacts bidirectionally with this efficient plugin. Learn all about this plugin features and installation in this part of the guide.

CRM telephony integration helps for better communication with your customers. This plugin comprises many useful qualities allowing you to deliver excellent customer services.

Wrap Up

Hope this guide helps the Vtiger CRM beginners to get an intuitive understanding of vTiger open source software. Try learning this tutorial up-and-down for gaining comprehensive knowledge about the different aspects of Vtiger Crm. If you have decided to download vtiger open source crm, go to section 1.4 and start picking up your business.

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