Vtiger Login Page Customization

Vtiger Login Page Customization module allows you to alter the default login page of the Vtiger CRM. You can change the appearance of your Vtiger login page with the predesigned layouts. Replace the page with your own company logo’s at the top of your login page and hide the default Vtiger Logo from your view. The available themes are Red fruit, Beach & Silver Coin.

Installation & Activation


  • Make sure you have taken proper backup before installation.
  • Modify the login.tpl file in the following path layouts/v7/modules/Users/Login.tpl
  • Click Settings →> CRM Settings → Module Management → Modules
  • Select Import Module from Zip
  • Check the box, then click Select from My Computer and choose your Custom Login zip file.
  • Click Import.


Activation of login page

Activate your Login Page Customisation with the following steps,

  • Go to Home, Select Settings → CRM Settings → Other Settings
  • Select Custom Login.
  • Click Activate to activate your Custom Login Page.


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