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Vtiger Customization and extensions

Vtiger Customization

Smackcoders is a expert team of Vtiger developers, handles various Vtiger Customization and development services since 2008 with excellent track records. As a highly experienced Vtiger development team, we’ve provided various CRM solutions, integrations and extensions to a wide range of SMEs, agencies, various industry verticals starting right from education, finance, real estate to travel, hospital and surgeons etc.

Our Vtiger customizations are highly focused on improving sales and performance of your company/agency. Our team of Vtiger developers will turn your requirements and ideas into Vtiger extension or vtiger integration for any third party applications securely via REST/SOAP API or Single sign on etc.

Also we have a no. of well known and frequently used Vtiger module list that integrates leading tools like Mailchimp, QuickBooks, Xero, Google calendar, PayPal payment etc. You can visit our Vtiger module store for more info. Our Vtiger experts team can provide you customization and integration on top of any existing Vtiger plugins to achieve your needs within less time frame and reduced cost.

Our Vtiger development team covers a wide range of expert Vtiger services that not only includes below, but also extends from this and also development supports for all your available ideas

  • Vtiger crm installation
  • Vtiger migration
  • Vtiger extension
  • Vtiger integration
  • Vtiger crm customization

Vtiger CRM Installation

We do Vtiger installation, almost on any hosting platform includes Linux hosting, vps, AWS or Google Cloud server with required modules, roles, workflow automations and customer portal etc.

Vtiger migration

We can handle Vtiger migration from any old version even from version 5.2 in a stepwise manner. Migrating old version of Vtiger CRM involves complicated and time consuming step by step Vtiger update to every next immediate version and also testings included to ensure successful completion of update process. The effort involved is depends on no.of CRM records, core modules, related modules, document attachments and customizations involved.

Vtiger extension development

We can virtually develop any Vtiger extension beyond your expectation. The idea of any Vtiger plugins are mostly based on widely used techniques or tools of any particular industry that allows you to simplify your works without switching or managing 2 different tools. By developing a custom Vtiger module you can improve the usability, performance of whole CRM and turn it into unique effective key platform for your industry.

Vtiger integration to other platforms

Vtiger integration to any 3rd party platforms by developing Vtiger extension to handle workflow/cron based 2 way sync via secure REST/SOAP API in real time. Using customized Vtiger integration one can benefit all useful actionable data of other platforms within Vtiger CRM to improve sales and performance of your company.

Our Vtiger integration services also involves

  • Vtiger webforms
  • Vtiger migration
  • Vtiger backup
  • Vtiger asterisk integration
  • Vtiger email integration
  • Vtiger social media integration

Vtiger webforms

Vtiger webforms or webforms from your websites are tricky and hard to integrate securely. The access key in html Vtiger webforms are visible to public and quite insecure to use. Also websites like CMS, powered by WordPress and 3rd party form plugins like contact form 7, gravity and ninja forms needed a plug & play solutions. Smackcoders already have a ready to use plugin solutions for above scenarios. Our solutions are made from years of experience and common feature requests by our clients from various industries. Still these solutions are most common, hence to extend the capability and making a unique to your particular CRM needs, we provide customization and development support on top of any available solutions. Also we extend our full development support in integrating any Vtiger webforms solutions.

Vtiger backup

Another crucial feature is Vtiger Backup option. Cloud based Vtiger Backup storage modules/options are not widely available in market and also it’s requirement may be differ from CRM to CRM based on which services they use. We provide integration services to sync all your safe Vtiger backups to any cloud storages like Amazon s3, google, dropbox etc.

Vtiger email integration

We do all essential Vtiger email integration like Gmail etc. based on the need of our clients. We develop Vtiger email integration module in such a way to handle multiple user accounts with role based restriction etc. The possibilities are endless still there are few, listed here in common

  • Incoming mails
  • Outgoing mails
  • Sent mails
  • Attachments
  • Calendars
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Contacts

Also integration for Gmail works well to integrate drive, docs, calendar and any other Gmail apps if you use Gmail as your service provides.

Vtiger social media integration

Development of Vtiger social media integration involves integrating leading social platforms likely LinkedIn, Facebooks, Twitter etc. Vtiger social media integration enables the data synced from your social media to CRM which can be used along with other CRM modules and workflows.

Vtiger asterisk integration

Asterisk Vtiger integration allows you to makE outgoing and incoming calls right from your CRM. Also the integration and customization can be extended further from telephonic integration to capture leads, opportunities and contacts. Customization can help display useful data to users to make better sales and conversions etc. Predictive dialer is another tool made to improve company’s performance.

Vtiger crm customization

Vtiger crm customization makes your CRM in unique look and feel, functional and feature rich platform to make you work in a most organized way, thereby to improve the performance at all levels/roles.

  • Branding
  • Vtiger reporting tools
  • Vtiger project management
  • Vtiger custom fields


Our Vtiger crm customization starts right from branding Vtiger CRM to a company’s brand design theme and standard like their main website, logo, letter pad and brochure etc. So to make the feel of your CRM closely like from same company brand and not from different source as it appears before. Our services related Vtiger crm customization offers branding customization as follows

  • Vtiger login page customization
  • Vtiger themes
  • Vtiger invoice customization

Vtiger invoice customization

Vtiger invoice customization is to make branded invoices as PDF exports with logos and company details to match a brochure and letterpad design kit. And also to meet the company standards, policies also sometimes to match legal requirements etc. We are good in providing Vtiger invoice customization to your expectations.

Vtiger custom fields

Vtiger crm customization mainly involves with Vtiger CRM core module customizations. In this case Vtiger custom fields play a vital role to achieve desired results. Default Vtiger custom fields are limited and they work mostly as static fields available for manual fields. Smackcoders Vtiger developer team convert Vtiger custom fields to most advanced dynamic fields to provide automatic field values, calculation, cross module references, customized field blocks etc. to have an unique automated experience with less effort.

Vtiger reporting tools

Customizing Vtiger reporting tools is crucial for an organization to generate various custom reports for different team, users and roles in an organization to monitor every section, individuals, team and overall company performance. Our Vtiger developer team can help get you to customize any actionable insights, metrics and reports along with branding to predict, monitor and plan your strategies in successful direction without missing any details.

Vtiger customer portal

Vtiger customer portal can be integrated, customized in sort of design views, info and details that are useful to your users in customer portals. We can assist you to add more customization to customer portal to turn it into an unique experience for your users.

Vtiger mobile app

Our Vtiger mobile app is available for android/IOS in both Google play store and Itunes App Store for public use. Added to that, Smackcoders offer white label branding option to be bundled for a Branded Vtiger CRM Instance. On top of that we customize our Vtiger mobile app to match and extend to your needs. We also handle Vtiger mobile app development right from scratch for any given requirement as per strict market standards.

Feel free to contact us to convert your ideas into solutions

What’s new in Vibe for Vtiger CRM app

We’re happy to announce the release of new Free and Pro version of Vibe for Vtiger CRM app. You can now download the updated version from the Google Play Store and Apple app store. This article covers the new release feature updates of the app that you need to know about.

update new version of vibe vtigercrm mobile app 1

Android and iOS latest version support

Making ourselves flexible to the changes in the world is a never-changing attitude. Vibe for Vtiger CRM comes with the support for the current Android version 10+ and iOS version 13.

Well polished Vibe for Vtiger CRM Pro

If you experienced a slow login before, no more worries. You can now fastly login to the app, and do your work without any startup troubles. Log out crashing issue that occurred in the old version is solved in this new update. Our app has its first aid for the calendar crash bug so there is no hassle in accessing the CRM calendar.

vibe vtigercrm iOS calendar 2

Experience a better UI

Vibe for Vtiger CRM is consciously designed by having our app users in mind. That’s why it’s more friendly to use. We enhanced the UI of the app, for modules’ detailed view in this new update. Clear button added in the add and edit view of modules is more convenient to your salesman to speed up his data entry work by clearing the wrongly typed text in a single click.

vibe vtigercrm iOS module detailed view 3

Exhibits only access permitted modules

Displaying the right modules to the right user helps maintain security. Vibe for Vtiger CRM displays the modules to a user under permission the user has. Support added for least privileged people to access the user reference field in Vtiger.

vibe vtigercrm iOS user access modules 4

If you have any feedback please mention in the comments section below. It’ll be helpful for us to improve your experience with the app even better. If you need any help please contact our support team at support. You can find out the app free version in the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Work Offline With Pocket CRM for Vtiger

We have added more useful and much needed features to our Pocket CRM application for the Vtiger. We have highlighted some of them.

Complete Offline Support

To boost your sales and sales man productivity, we have added offline support wherein you can add new records , edit existing records and delete records when you are not connected to your main Vtiger CRM application. Your Sales man need not worry about the Sync, the application will automatically take care of syncing the data between the servers. When connected to the internet, the changes on the mobile will be updated to your servers in real time and the changes on your server will be downloaded once in a minute in the background.

Sales Automation – Lead Conversion

We have taken our first step towards the Sales automation support. The first addition we have done for this is the workflow of creating an opportunity, contact or Organization from the lead. We will be adding the other workflows in the upcoming updates.

Better integration with the Mobile

The visual cues have been added to initiate a call or an SMS from the Pocket CRM app to the mobile number of the Lead, contact or opportunity. You can also initiate an email to your lead from the CRM app. Additionally, you can add contacts of your mobile app as CRM contact and vice versa. You can also add your incoming mobile numbers as CRM Contact.

Better User Experience

The app has been enhanced to provide better L & F for a pleasant experience. We have tried to bring the most important information to the front and also do a few things in the background. Events are displayed in a Calendar view for better readability.

This is not the end, and we are working to elevate the application further to add more Sales automation and more workflow to provide a complete Vtiger support. We would be very happy to hear your feedback and to incorporate the same in the upcoming version.