How to guide for free wordpress ultimate csv importer plugin

January 25, 2013

      Version 3.0.0 is out now. So many major improvement changes,
       more flexible import options and added powerful features.   

A plugin that turns your offline data as wordpress post, page or custom post data’s by simple mapping feature as csv file import.
WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin helps you to import any CSV file as post, page or even as custom post type. Convert your offline database maintained for years into your valuable website content. Also do periodical content changes, maintenance, content update, prices, offers, coupons and inventory etc.

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This simple but ultimate plugin as you can import everything needed to create as any WP post types from admin as simple as CSV file. Just in few clicks to map your CSV data set to match the WordPress fields to import. That’s all, now your imports are turned as WordPress site content in matter of seconds. No more pain of creating post content one by one of converting your offline data. You can import all the essential data as WordPress post and skip unwanted things. Or you can import as many as custom fields without missing even a single data. Provided you should have a theme that supports custom fields. So you can now make use of your offline data, inventory, price catalog, information data, database and any other excel data sheet for online content distribution to your valuable visitor or customers.

1.    Admin can import the data’s from any CSV file.
2.    Can import as post, page or custom post.
3.    Compatible with Custom post type UI plugin support
4.    Can define the type of post and post status while importing.
5.    Powerful mapping feature enable importing the data’s as perfect WordPress post types.
6.    Users can map column headers to existing fields or create and assign as unlimited custom fields.
7.    Import unlimited data as any post type.
8.    Make imported post as published, private, pending, draft, sticky or even as password protected.
9.    Define different post status for every individual post via CSV.
10.    Add featured image Url to every post.
11.    Assign authors to every post.
12.    Add title, content, excerpt and slug to posts
13.    Assign multiple tags and categories to post
14.    Non existing tags and categories are created automatically
15.    Assign date of publishing either a previous date or futures date for scheduled publishing.
16.    Skip Duplicate titles or content or both to avoid duplicates at time of import itself
17.    Only option we missed is post format, will be added in next major update.


Important Notes:  
You can schedule your post for future publishing automatically by mentioning futuredate and time in date field of partcular post in your csv file.
Your theme should support featured image function. If not, please add the following code to header.php or where you need to diplay.     add_theme_support( ‘post-thumbnails’ );
You can follow the instructions as given here

Posts and Pages Module – This module will import all your data into bulk posts or pages. There are 9 fields to map, in which post title and content are mandatory. All other fields are optional. You can also have published date field which can also have a future date that reflects as scheduled post. Optionally you can import as many fields you want as custom fields. You can name these fields as your wish while importing. Pages don’t need category and tags. You can assign a feature image for each post or page through a list of image urls.

Custom posts – Similar to post and pages you can import any custom post types that is configured in your WordPress. You can also assign feature image for each post created.

The pro version of this plugin is available now with lot more new features, functionality, controls and improved usability. Please upgrade to pro version to enjoy the powerful features like importing nested categories, WP-eCommerce products, eShop products, custom taxonomies in bulk with simple clicks.For more powerful features upgrade to pro version of ultimate csv importer plugin have many more features like

  • One click Import of Nested category with complex hierarchies to any no. of levels with proper description and seo slugs
  • One click Import of bulk tags with proper description and seo slugs
  • One click Import of Users with roles
  • One click Import of Custom taxonomies with proper description and seo slugs
  • Import, update and maintain your WP Commerce / eshop inventory, prices, periodical and short term offers, coupons, bonus etc.




How to install ultimate csv importer plugin in wordpress

Wp Ultimate CSV Importer is very easy to install like any other wordpress plugin. No need to edit or modify anything here.

  1. Unzip the file ‘’.
  2. Upload the ‘ wp-ultimate-csv-importer ‘ directory to ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory using ftp client or upload and install through plugin install wizard in wp admin panel
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. After activating, you will see an option for ‘Wp Ultimate CSV Importer’ in the admin menu (left navigation) and you will import the csv files to import the data’s.


Screen Shots


Most Frequently Asked questions

  1. Why Wp Ultimate CSV Importer?To import bulk data to post/page/custom post types. This plugin supports. Upcoming versions will support eCommerce import, social publishing and many.
  2. How to install the plugin?Like other plugins wp-ultimate-csv-importer is easy to install. Upload the file through plugin install page through wp admin. Everything will work fine with it.
  3. How to use the plugin?After plugin activation you can see the ‘ Wp Ultimate CSV Importer ‘ menu in admin backend.a. Browse csv file to import the data’s. b. Select the post type or post / page to import as. b. Map each header to the relevant fields using the drop downs to import. c. If import as draft option is checked, post will be in draft mode.
  4. How to define the multiple tags and categories?In CSV, tags should be separated by “,” to import multiple tags and categories should be separated by “|” to import multiple categories.
  5. How to choose featured image to import? Match the coloumn contains url paths to images to Attachment field from the drop down. Configuring our plugin is as simple as that.
  6. How to create/edit csv file? Any csv editor like MS Excel will work well. Better to convert/create from any spred sheet details like excel.
  7. How should the csv file look like? Please see attached sample csv file.
  8. How to use seperators in csv file? You can use , or ; as seperators. You can choose the delimiter at the time of import.
  9. How to define multi category or tags? To define a multi category or tags use pipeline(|) symbol as seperator.Multi catagories – Use pipeline symbol as seperator to have Multi catagories. You can use category name directly not the ID. If no matching category is found, new category will be created for the same. Eg: Category 1|Category 2|Category 3|Category 3To Create Multi Tags – same as category
  10. What fileds are mandatory? post type, post_title, post_body are mandatory. All others are optional and defauts are applied in some cases.
  11. How to use date and time field? Use the format “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss” for date and time.
  12. How to schedule posts? You can schedule posts automatically by giving a future date/time in date field for each post.
  13. How to assign author for each post? The already created author ids can be used. For eg: 1 for admin, 2 for user 2. To assign aithours for each post you should mention relevant author id for each post in csv before import.

For quick response and reply please create issues in our support instead of WordPress support forum.


New Future Free Features

These features are on final stage of development and testing. Once passed minimum testing scores, updates will be released ASAP. Please stay in touch for new release updates.

  • Bulk upload of categories, tags and users with roles.
  • Duplicate post detection.