SuiteCRM Compatibility : 7.8,* - 7.10.9

Vibe Mobile App For SuiteCRM

App version 1.0

With the SuiteCRM mobile app, you can access data with full power while on the move.

  • SuiteCRM can be accessed from any iOS or Android device.
  • Get information on both the default and custom CRM modules.
  • With a single click, find out where your clients are.
  • Make calls, send emails, and send messages straight from your mobile application.
  • Utilize a built-in calendar to plan and prioritize all of your activities.
  • Using filters and sorting, you can perform quick searches of your CRM data.
  • View all the related details of each of your records.

Why should you choose it?

Most mobile sales reps prefer accessing their CRM, no matter where they are, and this can be accomplished with any mobile CRM. What makes Vibe different from other Suite mobile apps?

With Vibe, you can manage all your business processes while on the go. Vibe Mobile App was created with an enhanced API to address some of the limitations of the default Suite mobile API.

Free Feature
  • Sort records
  • Add Edit Record
  • View Record Details
  • Chart
  • Calendar view
  • Contact and Leads on Map
  • Search for records in Module
  • Dark mode
Pro Features
  • All free features
  • Ad Free
  • Starred record
  • Nearby leads and contacts
  • Push notification
  • Add and List Related records
  • Filter view
  • Global search
  • Forecast Opportunity
  • Add Edit List Comments
White Label Features
  • All free features
  • All Pro Features
  • Add your own logo
  • Change language
  • Support for publish (If account details provided)
  • One year update support


Data stored in SuiteCRM can be viewed on mobile devices, including both default data and custom data.


Stay connected to your clients

Know the contact information of your clients so you can stay in touch with them.



Use filters to access CRM details.


Locate your Clients

Track your client’s location using Google Map while on the move.



Receive a push notification when a new record is assigned to you.



Record Details

View detailed information about a particular record.


Organize your schedule

Keep track of all your schedules with SuiteCRM Google Calendar.


Brand our app as your own


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