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Meta Box Custom Field – Cloneable

We can create Meta Box Custom fields as cloneable (repeatable) to enhance their functionality. This will create a repeater of the field. The Ultimate CSV Importer can now import cloneable fields. Click on the Meta box – Custom Field section and create a Custom post. Under this, we can see the option called ‘Cloneable’. Click on the checkbox to enable this.

Metobox Field

The multiple values are separated using pipeline (|) separator. Let’s consider that we created a text field with a cloneable option. Then the values should be like this in CSV file – Text1|Text2|Text3 Number field – 123|435|904 Create a Checkbox list with size like S,M,L,XL For multiples values use comma (,) separator and for clone field values use Pipeline (|) separator. Checkbox list – S,L|XL|M,L

Importing Meta Box Field clone

Step 1: Create new custom fields in Meta Box. Click on the “Add New” at the top of the page to create a field.

Metobox clone

Step 2: Create a CSV file containing the Meta Box fields details.

Step 3: Import a CSV file from the dashboard using WP Ultimate CSV importer. Choose the post type under ‘import each record as’.

Metobox field clone

Step 4: Map the required fields in the mapping section.

4 Meta Box Filed Clone mapping

Step 5: The next step is media handling. Depending on your requirements, configure the options.

Step 6: Run the ‘import’ to finish the process. After import the result will be display as,

5 Meta Box Field clone after import
6 Meta Box field Clone after import

When we create a Meta Box Field, we need to give the location where these fields are displayed. For this, Go to the Meta Box field we created where we can see the option “Settings”. Mention the location using the dropdown arrow. we can select one location at a time.

8 Meta Box Field Location

We can add Meta Box fields to posts,pages,custom posts,woocommerce products, etc.

Meta Box Group

Meta Box Group allows for the creation of a set of subfields. For this, you need to download and install the Meta Box Group plugin orelse you should have Meta Box AIO.  The Ultimate CSV Importer Pro can now import Meta Box Group fields. Once the plugin is installed click on the Custom Field tab in Meta Box and create a group field and Click on publish/update to add respective fields in the post/custom posts.

9 Meta box Group

Once we select the type as Group we can see the new option called ‘sub field’, where we can create a no. of sub-fields by add field.

10 Meta Box group create

Create a CSV file with Meta Box Group field values and import them using WP Ultimate CSV Importer. In the mapping section, map the required fields in the Meta Box Group field. And run the import. After Import the result will be display as,

12 Meta Box Group after import
13 Meta Box Group CSV

Meta Box Group – Subfield Cloneable

WP ultimate CSV importer can import any Meta Box Group values and also can create a cloneable option in subfields.  For this option, we have to enable the cloneable option in the subfield. To create a CSV file check the following. We need to add the required field names as a column in the CSV file. For Group subfields, use the Comma (,) separator for multiple values and Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields. For E.g. let’s create a group field with Text (Mobile Name) & Radio button (Ram – 12GB or 6GB) as a subfield.

  1. Samsung – 12GB
  2. iPhone    –  12GB
  3. Moto       –  6GB

Along with your post details add two additional columns in your CSV file – one for Mobile Name(Text – Cloneable) & other for Ram (Radio button – cloneable). Now mention the values with Arrow (->)  separator.

  • Mobile Name – Samsung->iphone->Moto
  • Ram – 12GB->12GB->6GB
14 Meta Box Group subfield clone

CSV values for Meta Box Group – Subfield clone

   WP FieldsDescription and CSV value                                                 Sample value in CSV file
     TextAdd your single line text Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.Mobile,MacBook->Cars->Bikes
   Text AreaAdd your paragraph with multiple lines Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.Find the latest smartphones and feature phones launched across the world->Check the upcoming cars and bikes
    NumberMention the number for a product. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.387489->423321->89420
 Radio ButtonSpecify the Radio button value. 12GB:12gb 6GB:6gb Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.12gb->6gb
       URLSpecify the url  Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.;
    SelectSpecify the select fields value. red:Red black:Black Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.Black->Red
   Select AdvancedWe can select mutiple values in the select field. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.Red->White->Blue
   PasswordMention the password Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.adhjj@4798->ahjdkk1211
  CheckboxTo enable the checkbox, mention the value as 1. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.1->0->1
 Checkbox listSpecify the values for the checkbox field. choose1:Choose1 choose 2:Choose 2 For multiple values use comma (,) separator and Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.Choose1,Choose2->Choose1->Choose2
Button GroupSpecify the value for the button field. E.g: 1,2,3 Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.2->3->1
Image SelectSpecify the image url. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.>
    oEmbedSpecify the Video URL. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields.>
    Text ListMention the values for multiple text fields. Use the Arrow (->) separator for cloneable fields and Comma (,) separator for multiple values.text1,text2->text3->text4,text5
  Date pickerMention the date in this format(mm/dd/yyyy).7/19/2022->9/12/2022->5/9/2022
 Time PickerMention the time in the following format (hh:mm:ss)12:45:32->3:52:20->10:05:02

After creating the CSV file, Import the CSV file using WP Ultimate CSV importer. In the mapping section, we have to check all the required fields that we created in the custom fields will be shown in Meta Box Group Field.

11 Meta Box Group Mapping

After import the CSV file, the result will display as,

15 Meta Box Group subfield after import
16 Meta Box Group subfield after import
17 Meta box Group subfield clone

Meta Box Group Clone

The clone field works as a repeater field. We can repeat an entire group field using this Cloneable option. For this, we need to enable the ‘Cloneable’ checkbox while creating a group field.

18 Meta Box Group clone

The cloneable subfield values has multiple choices that are separated using Comma (,) separator Cloneable subfields are separated by Arrow (->) separator and  Group cloneable values are separator using pipeline (|) separator. E.g.: Group field with repeater of group field  Mobile Name (Text) – Samsung, iPhone, Moto  OS (radio button – cloneable) – Android,ios.  After adding your necessary post information, add values in your CSV,

  • OS – Android,ios|ios,ios
  • Mobile – Samsung->iphone|moto->Samsung

CSV value for Group clone,

19 Meta Box Group clone CSV
20 Meta box Group clone after import
21 Meta Box Group clone after import
22 Meta box group clone after import

When enabling this Cloneable option, we can also select the maximum no. of clones (Minimum Value – 2) If we mention the value in this field, we can add the field till the specified no. of times by  an ‘add more’ button under the field.

Meta Box Relationships

We can create a relationship between Post, Custom Post, Pages and WooCommerce Products.  For E.g. we create a relationship between two custom posts ‘Players’ and ‘Matches’. If it is for custom posts we need to make sure that the Custom Posts are already created with data. To create a Relationship in the Meta box, Go to the Meta box plugin from the Dashboard, select Relationship.

23 Meta Box Relationship

Specify the Name for relationship field and also in Meta box Title. Specify the post type in the From and To section under settings.

24 Meta Box Relationship setting

After specified the necessary fields, click on the Publish button. After creating the CSV file, import it using WP ultimate CSV importer. In the mapping section, map the required fields and meta box relation fields.

25 Meta Box Relation mapping

Then configure the option and continue to import. Now, we can see the relationship option in custom post type.

26 Meta Box Relation after import

To create a CSV file with Meta Box relationship, add two field columns for relationship data with other data.

CSV value for Meta Box Relationship

         WP FieldsDescription and CSV valueSample value in CSV file
      mb_relation_toSpecify the post type name. Use comma (,) separator for multi valuesPlayers,Events
    mb_relation_fromSpecify the post type name. Use comma (,) separator for multi valuesMatches,Location

Meta Box Custom Table  

We can create a Custom table to store the database. We are giving support to this function also. To enable this option Go to Meta Box -à Custom Field à Settings Here, we can see the option ‘save data in custom table’. Enable this by clicking on the checkbox.

Metobox Field

Then specify the name for the custom table in the “Table Name’ field. This feature stores the custom field data into a created Custom table rather than a WordPress default meta table. We also have an option called ‘create table automatically’. By enabling this option the plugin will create a table for our database automatically.

28 Meta Box Custom Table create automatically

It helps to store the data in one place, so we can easily check and import/export it.


You can export Meta Box field data along with Posts, Pages, or Custom Posts data export.  To export,

  •         Move to the Export tab and select the post type which can be Posts, or Custom Posts.
  •         If you select Custom Posts, select one Custom Post name from beside the dropdown.
  •         Give a name for the file to export and select one file type.
  •         Set up filters with advanced filter options and export specific records. Refer to export with CSV Importer documentation to know how to configure the filter options.
  •         Click Export.
  •         After the file is ready to export. Click download to save the backup on your local desktop.
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