How to import Custom Posts as CSV using WP Ultimate CSV Importer

July 17, 2015

First, you need to install and activate CPT UI plugin then create the Custom Post using CPT UI plugin.

Before importing CSV file, you should enable it by selecting “settings” in the menu bar of CSV importer and then select “Custom post & Taxonomy

Click “enable/disable” in “Custom Post Type UI” option.

For Import:

To import Custom Post CSV file, choose “Custom Posts” from “Import” menu.

You can select anyone of the following option:

  • Upload file
  • Upload using FTP
  • Upload from external file
  • Choose file in the server

to upload the CSV file.

Press “Browse” button to upload the required CSV file from your system.

After the CSV file is uploaded click “Import” button to import the records.

For Update & Fresh update:

If you want to update the previously created record then click “Update” button. It will redirect you to the template page.


custom posts as csv import update


In the template page, if there is no template listed click “Fresh update”. It will redirect to mapping section. Otherwise, choose “Update” button of the existing template. It will redirect you to the mapping section.

In mapping section, Custom Post you have created is listed in the drop down “choose anyone of the post type” option.

From that choose anyone of the Custom Post you want to import.

Map the WP fields with the CSV header in the drop down menu.

To save the mapping as a template enable “save this mapping as template” option in the bottom and give the name for the template.

After mapping, click “Next”.

The next page will give the details of total no. of records, total no. of mapped and unmapped fields. It will also display the mapped and unmapped WP fields and CSV headers.

Press “Proceed import” to continue

Choose either “Import right away” or “Schedule now” to import

Import right away” option is used to import immediately.

To detect duplicates and skip it from importing enable “Detect duplicate post content” and “Detect duplicate post title” option.

You can also mention the number of records that need to be imported on each request to the server in the “no of posts/rows per server request option“.

To import selective records enable “import specific records only” and specify the records to be imported in the “specify the records here” with their row number (1-40,78,110-170).

To insert inline image enable “Advance media handling” option.

Click “Next

If you want to go to previous page click “Back” otherwise click “Import now” button.

In the next page, “Import successfully completed” message is displayed at the top that indicates your Post is successfully imported.

A unique id is generated for every successful import and it also displays the author, categories, and tags.

To verify click “Web View” or “Admin View

To download the details press “click here to download log”.

For Scheduling:

To schedule the import click “schedule now” option.


custom posts as csv import scheduling


Give the details of schedule date, schedule time and schedule frequency.

To import selective records enable “import specific records only” and specify the records to be imported in the “specify the records here” with their row number (1-40,78,110-170).

In the “Select post type” option, give the custom post that you want to import.

When it reaches the particular time, the CSV file will be imported automatically.