WordPress export as CSV

You can export the CSV files using the export option in wp ultimate CSV importer plugin. If your CSV file was lost or deleted that you have already imported, then use this export option to regain your CSV file without any flaw. To export a CSV file select “Export” option in the menu bar of WP ultimate CSV importer.

WordPress export as CSV

In the export page, select anyone of the options/modules that you want to export. Suppose, if you forget to choose anyone of the options and clicked the proceed button, an alert message will be displayed.

Custom post” and “Custom Taxonomy” options have a drop down box nearer to it. Select anyone of the options for a custom post or custom taxonomy that are listed in the drop down menu.

If you select “Custom Post” or “Custom Taxonomy” and you didn’t select any options that are listed in the drop down menu then the downloaded CSV file will have only the headers. Click “Proceed” button to continue.

In the export filter page, we are providing five options to export the CSV file. Those options are:

  • Export data with auto delimiters
  • Export data for specific period
  • Export data with the specific status
  • Export data by specific authors
  • Export data based on specific exclusions

Export data with auto delimiters

To export the data based on the delimiters, enable this option. Some of the delimiters are listed. The listed delimiters are colon (:), comma (,), semicolon (;), Tab and Space. If you want to use additional delimiters then specify it in the “Other Delimiter” box.

 WordPress export as CSV Filters

Export data for specific period

To export the CSV file that was imported in a particular period, use this option. Specify the start and end date in the particular boxes.

Export data with the specific status

This option will filter the data according to the status such as publish, sticky, private, protected, draft, pending. If you need data according to the authors. Choose the specific author in the “Authors” using the drop down menu.

Export data based on specific exclusions

This option is used to filter data based on the particular headers of the CSV file. If you want the entire data without filtration then don’t enable any of the checkboxes. In the “File Name”, enter the name of the downloadable file.

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Click “Export” to proceed. Wait until the file is downloaded successfully.


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