WordPress Helpdesk Integration

Automatically capture all your customer’s query inside your customer portal from any WordPress website.

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WP: 4.4 & above


Version 1.1

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Retain Customers with Effective Support Management

wp helpdesk integration capture from webforms

Capture from webforms

Easily capture your ticket info by using your existing webform or create your own.

Users sync

Automatically sync your WordPress Users information with efficient duplicate handling.

wp helpdesk integration eCommerce integration

eCommerce Integration

Capture your WooCommerce checkout field information as your Helpdesk contacts.


Highlighted features

wp helpdesk integration ticket inside helpdesk
Push Support Ticket inside Helpdesk
wp helpdesk integration customer information
Populate More Customer Information
wp helpdesk integration add customers Contact
Automatically Add Customers as Contact


Explore our documentation for our WP Helpdesk Integration plugin. Easily centralize customer queries into your portal, streamlining support for any WordPress site. Enhance your helpdesk workflow with step-by-step guides and tutorials for efficient query management and improved customer satisfaction. Upgrade your support system today!

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