Vtiger Asterisk Connector Introduction


Vtiger Asterisk Integration – A simple Asterisk Connector for Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger Asterisk Connector allows you to make and receive your calls within Vtiger CRM. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, and can be downloaded for any kind of future analysis or reference. You can dial or reject your customer calls through softphone. You can get your call pop-up right inside your CRM to manage it effectively. You can also visualize the complete call history which includes call status, call duration, contact details and much more on the single unified window.

Vtiger Asterisk Integration helps you to easily engage with your Prospect or Customers. You can give complete quick support with all your customer’s information in hand. With the CRM interrelated nature, you can easily get access to any relevant data you are didcussion in your call. Vtiger Asterisk Integration brings all in your desk.

All the calls made through Vtiger Asterisk Integration are recorded. The record backup will be helpful for any future reference on the call. It will help you to make your sales flow smooth even in the absence of anyone.

The call history report gives you the frequency of contacting your Prospect or Customers. And the time of call that has successful reach to your customers can help you take better decision. Vtiger Asterisk Integration makes complete customer communication simple.

Vtiger Asterisk Integration Pre-requisites

  • Asterisk version 1.8.* or 7.x
  • Oracle Java 1.8
  • Vtiger CRM version 6.5
  • Vtiger Details
    1. Vtiger Server URL
    2. Vtiger Secret Key – Copy this detail from Vtiger CRM Settings → Integration → PBX Manager page.

PBX Manager Suite Configuration

Vtiger Asterisk Connector Installation

  • Download and unzip VtigerAsteriskConnector.zip
  • Now, unzip PBXSuiteLite.zip & PBXSuite.zip files inside Import folder from anywhere.


PBXManager Suite Module

With Asterisk Module for Vtiger CRM- PBXManager Suite  you can edit or delete the internal peer and dial plan configuration of asterisk. Click Settings → CRM Settings → Integration → PBX Manager Suite. Configure your sip.conf and extension.conf using the following steps,


Configure your sip to provide user access for your CRM users to manage call logs, inbound and outbound calls and much more. Edit your SIP Configuration file as follows,

  • Trunk Name – Enter name or number on your own.
  • Type – Select your type from the drop-down menu contains peer, user and friend. Asterisk default type is peer.
  • Trunk Hostname – Provide hostname based on your sip provider.
    • amn.st.ssl7.net for North America and more
  • Username & Trunk Secret – Enter username and password of sip provider.
  • Context – Mention the call name according to your dial plan function. Eg:from-internal or any name.
  • Nat – Set by default as No to work behind firewall for asterisk.
  • Qualify – Set your default time setting as 60 seconds for call rings by selecting Yes. Then Click Submit.You can add more user entries by clicking Add sip button.


Extension Configuration

With this module you can easily maintain the dial plan functions like Hang up, Receive, Dial and Transfer your calls. You can edit or delete the extension configuration based on your sip provider details. Configurations steps are follows,

  • Context – Enter the context name as you provide in the sip configuration.
  • Exten – Provide_x. as a common for all the Vtiger users to make an outgoing calls.
  • Priority – Set priority 1 as default for app agi.
  • App – Set default as Agi to connect asterisk dial plan.
  • Appdata – Used to connect asterisk connector application. Provide your Appdata in this format. Eg: agi://your_connector_running_ip/incoming.agi
  • Then Click ‘Submit’.

VtigerCRM Asterisk Configuration

Vtiger Asterisk Integration module – PBXManager Suite requires few configuration that need to be made in Asterisk Sever. The Vtiger Asterisk Server can be one or they can be installed in 2 different servers. If the Vtiger and Asterisk Server are different location, then MySql need to be open to connect Vtiger and Asterisk.

Asterisk side basic configuration

Configure your Asterisk Server to make PBXManager Suite to work properly,

Before configure the asterisk files, Take backup of sip.conf and extensions.conf file in /etc/asterisk folder

sss@users:/etc/asterisk$ sudo cp sip.conf old-sip.conf

sss@users:/etc/asterisk$ sudo cp extensions.conf old-extensions.conf

To configure sip.conf:

sss@users:/etc/asterisk$ vi sip.conf

[general] context=set as your own ex:from-internal













/ register your sip-provider credential as following/

register => username:password@hos/domain


register => 31961:8f6LrYd(@amn.st.ssl7.net

Note: 31961 is your sip credential username

8f6LrYd( is your sip credential password

amn.st.ssl7.net is your provider host/domain name

To configure extensions.conf:

sss@users: /etc/asterisk$ vi extensions.conf

[general] [globals] ;

[from-internal] /[context] same as like in sip.conf/

switch =>Realtime

To configure manager.conf:

sss@users: /etc/asterisk$ vi manager.conf

[general] enabled=yes




[username] secret=password









agent,user, config,dtmf,reporting,cdr,dialplan,


To configure cdr_manager.conf:

sss@users: /etc/asterisk$ vi cdr_manager.conf

[general] enabled = yes

To configure Res_config_mysql.conf:

[general] dbhost = localhost

dbname = vtiger database name

dbuser = mysql username

dbpass = mysql password

dbport = 3306

dbsock = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock


;requirements=warn ; or createclose or createchar

To configure Extconfig.conf:

Copy and paste in this conf as following:

[settings] sipusers => mysql,general,vtiger_sipconf

sippeers => mysql,general,vtiger_sipconf

extensions => mysql,general,vtiger_extensionsconf

PBX Manager Module For Asterisk Integration

Configure your PBX Module to connect your Asterisk with CRM using the following steps, You can configure your Asterisk server details after installing Vtiger Asterisk Connector in your Asterisk Server.

  • Click Settings → CRM Settings → Integration → PBXManager.
  • Provide your Asterisk Server details using Edit option.
  • Edit Asterisk Server Details.
    • Vtiger Asterisk App URL – Enter your server name, where Vtiger Asterisk Connector are installed. Eg: Protocol://Asterisk_Server_IP:Connector_Port.
    • Outbound Context – Enter your context that you Vtiger configured in sip.conf. Eg:vtiger_outbound
    • Outbound Trunk – Enter your Trunk name that you configured in your asterisk sip.conf. Eg:Trunk name
    • Vtiger Secret Key – Enter your Unique key generated for authentication, that has configured in Vtiger Asterisk Connector. Then click Save.


You can use softphone as an interface to dial or receive your customer calls from mobile and skype. For quick communication you can get a instant call pop-up right inside your CRM.

Softphone Installation Steps

  • Download any Softphone.
  • Extract your tar file.
  • Set your Trunk Name and Password of sip configurations to activate it.


Call Logs

Vtiger Asterisk Connector keep track of all your call records in the call logs with the call status like Ringing, Completed, Hangup and much more. You can get the contact details of your customers inside your log. You can record, download or replay your conversations for future analytics. Also visualize the time duration of your customer calls with the exact time. For Call Logs module click All → PBXManager.



PBXManager Dashboard

With Vtiger Asterisk Integration you can easily monitor and analyze your call records in the single unified window. It shows you the reports of both incoming & outgoing calls and also no answer calls.