How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Voice Search in 2024

How-to-Optimize-Your-WordPress-Site-for-Voice Search


Living in this busy world, people want to make every task simpler and easier. We have no patience to type our questions and read the answers. Instead, we expect search engines to hear our questions and tell us the answers. That’s why today every site optimizes itself for voice search. In this blog, let me show the steps to optimize your WordPress site for Voice search to rank on the Search Engine Result Page. 

In Internet Marketing, Voice Search is the fastest-growing trend. Voice Search Marketing means optimizing your website so that virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa can find answers to a certain query. When people do a local voice search via SEO, your business is much more likely to show up first. This happens because of the optimization of your WordPress website for Voice Search. There is a growing assumption that 40% of adults will do at least one voice search per day. 

We will explain how it differs from text-based searches. We will cover on-page, content, and technical optimization. An additional tip for voice search optimization is given at the end. You will become an expert if you know the important things about Voice Search and Voice SEO. And will be ahead of your competitors. 

Understanding Voice Search Users

Traditional searches involve typing the question for information that is keyword-based.  Mostly it is national and international questions. In contrast, voice searches are generally local. Long tail keywords help in satisfying the intent of the users. So, optimizing your page for the long tail keyword is important. 

There are two types of commands regarding voice search. They are Voice action and Voice search. There is a significant difference between Voice Action and Voice Search. 

Voice Action: Voice Action asks Google for an action. For example, “OK Google, find me the best vegetarian restaurant nearby” or “OK Google, call Priya.”

Voice Search:  Voice Search asks for an answer from Google – “OK Google, How to clean the Air Conditioner?” 

Virtual Assistant for Voice Search

There are four different virtual assistants for voice search. They are Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Apple Siri. Google Assistant gives information from Google. Alexa is connected to Yext, Bing, and Yelp. Cortana is connected to Yelp and Bing.  

Google Voice Search

Google introduced Voice Search in 2010 and named it “Google Voice Search”. Google integrates this Voice Search feature into YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps, and Google Now. Before the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Google Search Results were based on keywords. After AI came into existence, Google started employing Sequential Semantic Search to make the virtual assistant look interactive. Google can now understand the user’s intent and give accurate information. 

For instance, You may ask “Who is Elon Musk?” Google shows the following results


Then ask a follow-up question, “What is his age?” Google understands the implied meaning of “his” as Elon Musk. 


Don’t know how to optimize the website for voice search? Here is a key strategy to optimize for voice search. On-page optimization means the steps you take to improve your WordPress website to make it rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page. For Voice search, we must focus on Keyword research and Content Optimization. Let’s discuss that in detail.

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Keyword Research

The first strategy to optimize your WordPress site for voice search is Keyword Research. Write- as you talk. Unlike typed queries, voice searches are conversational. Find frequently asked questions related to your niche on Google. Voice searches are generally longer. People use natural language, direct, and full sentences. Let us see the difference between plain old text searches and voice searches

  • Text search- “Bread pizza”
  • Voice search- “OK Google, How to make a bread pizza?”

The long tail keyword strategy must be employed in your content. Long tail keywords make it easier for the customers to find you. So, it has the potential to bring more customers to your website. It may have a lower search volume but they are closer to the point of a conversation. Also, it includes local keywords in your content.

Consider using question-based keywords like “how to”, “what is”, and “The best way to”. Generally, people ask for lengthy questions as said before rather than typing short sentences. 

Take your long tail keyword and put it into keyword research tools ( Look for longer variations and questions that are more associated with voice. You can use Google Trends to search what people around you search for. You can answer their questions to rank quickly. 

Content Optimization

  • One of the secret formulae to ranking in voice searches is to optimize content properly. The primary requirement is to give content concisely. Of course, Google values longer content. But you must follow certain secret ideas to show up in voice searches. Content writers must see to it that the contents give a good mobile experience. This helps you to optimize your WordPress site for voice search. 
  • Once you select the keyword for your content, you must structure your content in terms of what Google wants to see. You must write content using the keywords you searched. Answer the questions of your customers in your content as most customers have the same question. Answer them in less than 30 words. Embed the keywords in those answers. 
  • You can place videos on your content. People doing voice searches generally expect a video to answer their queries. For instance, “How to cut a watermelon”- This question is more likely to be in a video as the person is looking for an instruction.
  • Always make sure your content is in the ninth-grade readability or below. You can use a website named “Hemingway Editor” to find out the readability of your content. Remember, content with ninth-grade readability or below is more likely to appear as a voice search result. 
  • Build your domain authority to stand as a priority for Google. Google uses only reliable websites to show results.
  • Pagespeed is the most important feature for ranking. It is a known fact that the voice search result page loads in about 4.6 seconds. Your website must be Google-friendly as users expect instant results with voice search
  • Generally, people do voice searches on mobile phones. So, the chances that your website lands on a featured snippet go way down without a mobile-friendly website. Google has a test for mobile friendliness. You can use it to see if you need to optimize for mobile.
  • Add voice search options to your website. Here are a few steps to add the voice search plugin to your website. 
  1. In the WordPress dashboard, click on Add a new plugin.
  2. Next to the keyword fields, there will be a field called search plugin. Type voice search. It is a simple and effective plugin
  3. Install and Activate it. 
  • Try implementing, schema markup to help search engines understand your content and improve the chances of appearing in voice search results. 

5 Tips to Rank 1st on Google Search Engine Result Page 

  • Update your contact details on your website. Because Voice searches generally require an answer for some local questions as said before. If you don’t do it, you may miss out on many local voice search results. Make sure your profile is updated on Google, Apple Maps, and Bing. 
  • Try promoting your content on social media to rank higher. Once you optimize your website for voice search you can share it on social media. When people see your page on social media, they might stay more on the website. This generates more traffic and the audience will be aware of your brand
  • According to the Backlinko study, the typical Google voice search result is only 29 words. People will get frustrated if they get an irrelevant answer as opposed to what they expect. So, always make your content concise and to the point.  
  • Use conversational language. You must write content as if you converse with people. It can help in voice search commanding. You can add a section for Frequently Asked Questions on your website. This way you can use long tail keywords and conversational paragraphs. Remember, voice search is about answering the questions of the users. 
  • If your website uses audio and video content, make sure that the audio quality is high and clear. 


According to research, more than 50% of all searches will become voice-based by 2025. If you are not optimizing your site for Voice search you will be missing a huge traffic. Optimizing your WordPress website for voice search includes giving concise content, increasing page speed, writing in conversational language, and more. Voice search optimization is important for websites to improve their visibility and attract local customers. It enhances user experience. Optimizing your website for voice search can give you an advantage over businesses that are slower to adapt. Virtual assistants often read out featured snippets from the top-ranking results. If your content appears in featured snippets, your website may become the source for voice search results.

You have several courses and free videos on YouTube on how to optimize your WordPress site for voice search. Learn more about it, implement it on your website, and enjoy more traffic!