The Best WordPress Gallery Plugins: Top 4 Picks


More than half of the readers love graphic novels compared to prose novels. Do you know the reason why? It’s because the readers can imagine the storyline. The readers can get a good illustration of what the author meant. But in a prose novel, it might be hard to understand. The prose may be confusing and prone to get bored.

Text is not as appealing to the human brain as visuals. We can better grasp the subject matter thanks to it. Furthermore, studies claim that visuals are simple to recall. This explains why a blog with illustrations gets a lot of traffic.

To add images to your site, WordPress has a default gallery. However, the features are limited. The users may not understand what you mean. So, the following plugins can be used.

Next-Gen Gallery was launched in 2007. It was developed by Photocrati and Imagely. It’s a staple Gallery plugin for WordPress. And is boasting over 1.5 million new downloads annually.

Next-Gen Gallery caters to a variety of needs. It provides suitable tools for simple and complex projects. It’s widely used by photographers, imaging professionals, bloggers, and business people.

System Requirements:

WordPress Version: 5.5.4 or higher

PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

Next-Gen Gallery offers free and premium versions. The free version includes gallery management tools. It features three main gallery styles and two album styles. It is simple for users to update metadata, modify photographs, and rearrange their galleries. Additional customization choices include lightbox effects, controls, timing, style, size, and transitions.

There are more gallery features in the premium edition. Advanced lightboxes, backups, search, sharing options, print fulfillment, and eCommerce features are all included. Importantly, Next-Gen Gallery does not require Shortcodes. Because it simplifies the creation of dynamic widgets.

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Galleries created with Next-Gen are responsive. It adapts seamlessly to various device sizes. And it ensures an attractive photo sequence across all displays.

Photo Gallery by 10Web is a top-rated WordPress plugin. It is known for its ability to create beautiful and mobile-friendly galleries quickly. It is user-friendly. And it allows images to be displayed as slideshows, thumbnails, or blog-style layouts. This plugin supports adding a large number of images and videos. It incorporates data from Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Google Photos, and other sources.

There are paid options as well as basic ones. The free edition provides the bare minimum of features. The premium edition, however, costs $30 per site. All features are unlocked, including extra gallery layouts, eCommerce extensions, and social media sharing choices. The features of the free and the premium version is given below:

FeaturesFree SubscriptionPaid Subscription
Grid Formatscheck vector imagecheck vector image
File Managercheck vector imagecheck vector image
Watermark & Thumbnail settingscheck vector imagecheck vector image
Link to social accountscheck vector imagecheck vector image
Slideshows and Lightboxes creationcheck vector imagecheck vector image
Additional Gallery layoutscross vector imagecheck vector image
Social Sharingcross vector imagecheck vector image
Dynamic Tag Cloud widgetcross vector imagecheck vector image
eCommerce add-onscross vector imagecheck vector image
Support for audio and videocross vector imagecheck vector image


Modula is another great option in WordPress. It is used for creating interactive galleries. It is applied to the creation of interactive galleries. Both novice and expert users can utilize it. Additionally, it is free to begin with. The characteristics of Modula make customization simple. Together with responsive design, it has animated zoom actions.

The plugin integrates easily with the Gutenberg. Modula requires a WordPress 5.3 or higher version. Moreover, it is a codeless platform and works well with Elementor. Installation and setup are simple processes.

Modula offers premium and free versions to its users. All necessary functionality are present in the free version. The free edition is suitable for users who are new to WordPress. The premium edition, however, costs between $39 and $99 annually. It has features appropriate for more experienced users.

Though the plugin’s name is similar to that of 10Web’s Photo Gallery, it differs in its features. It uses the FTP protocol for file sharing. It creates a private environment. That is used to edit and organize images.

Photo Gallery by Supsystic plugin supports unlimited images and galleries. It allows you to create multiple albums and slideshows. It facilitates various desired actions with ease. While a free version is available, the FTP file transfer feature is not included. This feature can only be used by Premium users. To become a premium user, the cost of $49 per site has to be paid.


WordPress offers plugins with different features. To choose the correct plugin suitable for your needs, first list out all the available plugins. Then compare and contrast your needs with the features of the plugin. By doing so, you will be able to select the best plugin that is required for your WordPress websites. This reduces more than half of your work in creating the websites.