Terms and Conditions

The Vtiger CRM Subscription module offers annual and monthly subscription services for our Vtiger CRM extensions. Now any user can get the perfect combo of Vtiger CRM extensions with different plans and pricing.
The following terms and conditions govern all subscription plans and annual service offerings.


We offer various subscription plans with differing features and pricing.

Subscriptions are billed on a recurring monthly or annual basis according to the chosen plan.

Smackcoders reserves the right to modify the subscription plans (including rates) at any time.


The subscription period begins on the date of payment and continues for the selected billing cycle. Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled before the renewal date.


Users agree to utilize the Website’s assets and amenities carefully, responsibly, and respectfully.
Users should avoid Unacceptable activity such as unauthorized access, malicious intent, or attempts to cause harm to the subscription module or any other online users
Users agree not to involve actions that go against the mutual trust that these Terms and Conditions are built upon


Payment is required in advance for the selected subscription plan. The pricing varies from the subscription plan and the recurring period.


Vtiger CRM subscription modules are available on an annual or monthly basis and expire 1 year or 30 days(if monthly) from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to alter the duration of subscription offerings or the terms and conditions associated with them at any time as it deems fit.


The Subscription Module License is an irrevocable and perpetual designation that covers all versions of Vtiger CRM extensions.

  • A license is bought up with a one-year subscription/membership that provides support, updates, and other services. When the subscription expires, the access to these services is terminated.
  • The user can use the license for a lifetime, though the license is inactive or needs renewal.
  • The license holder is allowed to productive Vtiger CRM installation and one development Vtiger CRM installation, with unlimited user capability.
  • Customizations to the Subscription module source code are not permitted.
  • The library can not be redistributed as part of another product, however, the license may be transferred to another Vtiger CRM installation with written permission.

Smackcoders has the right to amend this license for the future version without notice.


Subscriptions are for the designated user(s) and cannot be shared with others. Unauthorized distribution or sharing of subscription credentials is prohibited.


We reserve the right to modify or terminate subscription plans and features at our discretion. In case of termination, you will be notified, and active subscriptions will be honored until their expiration.


We are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of the Subscription Module.
In no event shall our liability exceed the amount paid for the subscription.


Smackcoders is not responsible for any third-party services used in conjunction with the Subscription service. As well as Smackcoders is not liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of or related to the use of the Subscription Service


No matter the time of day, we strive to supply the service with 24/5 access – with a reply time of 8-24 hours and a resolution time of 12-48 hours. though there may be unscheduled maintenance or updates that interrupt access or cause delays.

We cannot guarantee the deliverance of the product owing to the unpredictable nature of technological difficulties, and will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by using the subscription module.

In a broader scope, no liability will be assumed by Smackcoders for any failure on the part of the User – including lack of compliance with these Terms and Conditions or any damage suffered as a result of facing or receiving a virus while navigating the subscription module.

The User is solely accountable for any misfortune or monetarily disadvantageous repercussions incurred through the application of the subscription module

The user can upgrade the subscription to any subscription plan at any time


As soon as the payment is processed, the extension pack will be delivered to your email inbox. The pack has a license or full version of the program, including the access data to download it. The user offered a discount on the subscription plan in case of a Larger subscription.


Smackcoders possess the full and exclusive rights to the title, design, selection, and interest in and to the Licensed Software. Smackcoders have the right to stop any Licensed Software or change prices, features, and other pertinent information without prior notice. The licensed Software was only granted to you based on the subscription, not sold.


The user agrees not to modify, copy, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Service or any part thereof.
The user shall not use the Service for any unlawful purpose.


The user agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold the subscription module harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, or expenses, including attorneys’ fees, related to your violation of the applicable Terms and Conditions.


Smackcoders may provide you with notices, including those regarding changes to the Terms and Conditions, by email, regular mail, or notices on this page on our website. By subscribing to the subscription plan, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions


Yearly Subscription: We offer a full refund during the initial 30-day period following your purchase, provided that the license key has been successfully deactivated. Please be aware that, after this 30-day period, we are unable to process any refunds.
Monthly Subscriptions: For the monthly subscription plan, kindly note that we maintain a policy of non-refundability