Vtiger Mentions Module

Vtiger Mentions enables the Vtiger users to comment on a record and mention or tag other user using @ in the comment box. With @ mentions, you can address your teammates via CRM. The @mention can be used to get advice to inform or to collaborate on something. It involves the active communication of your Vtiger users by simply mentioning the user as @username in the records comment section.
  • Easy to mention your vtiger users/teams in the comment section by @username
  • Enable Send Email in the configuration settings to send and receive Emails for mentioned users
  • Enable Send Notifications in the configuration settings to send and receive notifications for mentioned users
  • Enter @username to mention any user in the comment section.
  • Send a Notification or email to the user when some user mentions other users in him/her comments
  • Effectively displays all the user names of your CRM when you start typing ‘@’ to mention some users in the comment section.
  • Easy to mention multiple users in a single comment dialogue box section
  • Configure the outgoing server to send and receive emails in the Vtiger extension
  • Install and configure the extension Vtiger Notify Plus to send and receive notification
  • Easy to view “who mentions you” and the content of the comment
  • Mentioned user will receive an email or notification or both based on the configuration settings
  • Easy to view the vtiger records that were mentioned directly from the email and notification.
  • Effectively supports all the standard and custom modules in Vtiger CRM.

Vtiger Mentions Module

CRM compatibility

Edition: Open Source Version: 7.0-7.5

Product Version

Version: 1.1

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
Req. ionCube Loader 12 or above

How do the Vtiger Mentions work?

Configure the settings

Enable /Disable the checkboxes corresponding to Send email and Send Notification in the configuration settings.

Mention users

You can mention any user/group of your Vtiger CRM by simply typing @username. All the related user names will be displayed when you start typing “@”.

Get instant Email/Notification

The mentioned user will get an instant notification or email or both with the content of the comment.

How its Work?

Vtiger Mentions 3.0 allows you to effectively collaborate with your teams as well as other teams.This extension comes with the configuration to enable one or both the checkboxes to activate Send email and Send notification. When the user presses @ and starts typing the user name, it will show all the user name related to the letters you typed as a list. You can easily select a username from the list and mention him/her in the comment.Just mention the user/teams along with their respective task that was newly assigned or update the existing one to boost communication efficiency.


Seamless communication with Comments.

  • You can easily post comments in the detailed view of the record to convey your thoughts
  • Call out to your colleagues easily with @username
  • You can also get help from other teams by simply mentioning them in contact or opportunity.
  • You can get a real-time notification and Email whenever you are mentioned
  • With Vtiger mentions you can communicate with any module which has the comments enabled for them.


Content of the Comment.

  • Tag the user whom you want to mention the task for the record activity as “@username”.
  • You can mention multiple users in a single comment.
  • Assign a new task or reassign any existing task or include the information that you want to convey to the mentioned user
  • After writing the comment click on Post. You can see your comments in the Recent Comments section.
  • The mentioned user will receive the notification /email with the content of the comment and the other mentioned users in the conversation.


Enhance your team collaboration with the Vtiger Mentions module. Effortlessly assign tasks & loop in team members by tagging them with a ‘@’ username.
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