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Installation for Smart Checklist

Smart Checklist for Vtiger CRM enables to create multiple checklists per module with mandatory tasks to make sure the task is completed. It allows the salesman to convert the Lead as Contact, Opportunity or Organization only after completing the Mandatory checklist.

Additional information #

Vtiger version: 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 Details : Vtiger CRM Smart Cheklist page

Details : Vtiger CRM Smart Cheklist page

Installation #

  • Unzip the downloaded Smart Checklist package.
  • Install ‘’ via your Vtiger CRM module manager.


Module Location

  • The module is placed under Tools -> Checklist.

Checklist creation Smart Checklist enables you to create multiple checklists for all the Vtiger CRM entity modules. Click on the ‘Create Checklist’ to add tasks to the list.


Smart checklist list view


  • Normal

The type Normal creates checklist with a list of mandatory and nonmandatory fields to streamline the CRM workflow

  • Action Type

The type Action creates checklist that helps you to stop converting your CRM Leads as Contacts, Opportunity or Organization before completing the mandatory tasks in Checklist. Checklist Name Name the checklist to group the checklist tasks based on the stages or phase of your business process.

Item Name You can define any number of checklist tasks uniquely for each Vtiger CRM modules. You can make the task to be mandatory to make the task gets completed.

You can write the description of the task in detail in the description. You can delete the created task by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon. Associate With Choose the module from the ‘Associate with’ dropdown in which you want to add the create tasks.

Create Checklist


After creating the checklist, click on the ‘Save Checklist’ button. Checklist View You can view the checklist created for each module in the detailed view of the module. The ‘Checklist Widget’ holds the list of the created checklist Click on the checklist to view the report of your salesman’s business process.

checklist widget


Convert Lead to Contact/Opportunity/Organization #

In the Detail view of the Lead module the added checklists are placed in the ‘Checklist Widget’. The checklist has both mandatory and non-mandatory tasks. If the salesman completes all the tasks in the checklist, Smart Checklist will allow the salesman to convert the Lead to  Contact/Opportunity/Organization.

Checklist lead convert