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Unlock the Power of Your Email Communication with Vtiger EmailPlus

unlock power of email communication with vtiger emailplus

We’re not busy. We are organizing our time. Won’t you?

It’s been a few years since we started using CRM. It helps us streamline business forms to produce more deals and open doors. They ought to have the capacity to help manage current clients, promote prospecting, generate leads for online sales, launch and track marketing campaigns, analyze customer wants and preferences, work with existing applications, and provide safe access to company information from any PC with an Internet connection and a browser.

For salespersons, Emails are crucial for keeping in touch with leads and clients.

In the beginning, we’re worried and wasted a lot of time juggling between CRM and Email. It sucks most of our team’s productive time.

But now. We’re not busy. We’re Just organized. Are you curious to know the password of unlocking the power of email communication?

It’s no secret that email marketing offers the highest return on investment of all marketing tactics. We notice that a single dollar spent on email can result in a return of $40–$50, depending on our source.

However, not all companies—not even those with excellent subscription lists—take advantage of this chance to make sales.

One of the causes is that they lack the understanding necessary to link their email marketing and CRM solutions.

They also don’t see the benefit in sending emails to a list that is stored in their CRM, which is another issue.

Now We are glad to reveal the secret password. You have guessed already, Right?

Yes. We have integrated our Email with our Vtiger CRM by Vtiger Email Plus.

By merging emails with Vtiger CRM data and analytics, Vtiger EmailPlus enables us to create content that is more persuasive and individualized.

Now there arises a question, What has Vtiger EmailPlus actually done?

Here is the answer…

Don’t waste time trawling through your inbox or emailing team members to track down conversation history.

Ensures that everyone who interacts with customers gets access to these interactions.

Integrating email with your CRM system is essential if you want to satisfy your consumers in any of these ways.

Vtiger EmailPlus can assist you to make sure your salespeople, customer support agents, and marketers have the most pertinent information for each prospect and customer, regardless of whether you use Gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.

Connects customer emails within your Vtiger CRM

When you spend the majority of your time working in your CRM, it’s critical to know if any of your prospects have reacted to your emails.

Receive quick notifications from transactions and contacts directly inside your Vtiger CRM; respond to emails right away, add follow-ups, and take notes as necessary.

You won’t ever need to sift through a deluge of messages to send your next round of follow-ups because Vtiger EmailPlus automatically correlates all emails with their appropriate customer records.

Connect with Confidence: Yes it is compatible with your favorite email system

You may send and receive emails from your preferred email system, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, and, to ensure that you never miss a message.

To connect all incoming emails to your CRM, you just need to configure your settings with the preferred email clients.

What you can do with Vtiger Email Plus?

We’re sure that you will save one of your most important resources with Vtiger Email Plus. Yes. That’s Time. Here we have listed how you save that.

With Vtiger Email Plus, You can

  • Create your email contact as your CRM contact and Vice versa.
  • Easily create and access your email contact and communication right inside your Vtiger CRM.
  • Able to organize all emails and get the complete customer information within your email inbox.
  • Easily analyze your existing customer as their email is comprised of the product purchased details, company info, support tickets, and more in a single view. And you can get the product and ticket details individually for each product & ticket.
  • Easily add the new email contact to your CRM contact with a single click
  • Add as many files and images from your Vtiger CRM to Emailplus.
  • Share your CRM documents and images with your email recipients with the ease of a few clicks.
  • Effectively organize your emails by creating filters and folders.
  • Send emails from different email addresses using Multiple SMTP support, if you deal with products of multiple branding.
  • Effortlessly change your sender address using the IMAP configuration.

Stop Juggling and Start Switching to Vtiger Email Plus.

Now no more juggling between your Vtiger CRM and Email. Anyone can master email marketing with Vtiger Email Plus. And encourage the use of your CRM system and make it as simple as you can for your sales staff to update customer information, track emails, and otherwise maintain data fidelity. Instantly update CRM records and your email clients to maximize efficiency.

Not to be so busy. Just organize your time with Vtiger Email Plus.

Let all your records be managed under one roof.