How to use Google Sheets effectively for import, update, and scheduling

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a plugin that allows users to upload CSV data from any publicly accessible external URL easily, including the URL of Google sheets. Besides, WP Ultimate CSV Importer functions by automatically fetching CSV data from the specified location and upload it.

How to Ensure Google Sheet Publicly Access URL in Downloadable Format?

To get the best from WP Ultimate CSV Importer, users need first to upload the publicly downloadable URL for it to import, update and schedule the data.

How to Get the Publicly Accessible URL

You can create a publicly accessible URL on Google sheets by following the following steps:

  1. Go to your Google Drive and open your spreadsheet. Click on the blue Share button in the top right-hand corner to open the Share with other modal.
  2. If you haven’t shared your file already, just click on the Get shareable link (green button). Otherwise, click the dropdown to choose the access permissions and select More.
  3. A window will pops up, and you select either on – Anyone with the link can view or On – Public on the web. Choose the one you prefer.
  4. Click Copy link to copy your sharing link and click done to close the Share with other modal.

How to Import Now?

Step1: Upload the URL like below

For you to import only new items, choose a new item from the options. To import new articles and update the existing posts/pages/custom posts/Woo-Products using title or ID or slug or SKU, you can choose an existing item like below.

Step 2: Do mapping like below

Ensure you save the templates for the mapping. If you fail to do so, the scheduled updates won’t work, and you won’t be able to import.

Step 3: Below image is for image handling

You can choose the first option in the above image, in case of using the existing image and new images.

You can enable the second radio button if there is a need to overwrite the existing image with a new image.

When using the new image URL from outside the media library, just enable the third radio button.

Step 4: Schedule process

One of the benefits that WP Ultimate CSV Importer offers is the ability to schedule your import as well as update process based on your own UTC and zone. If you’ve to schedule, all you have to look at is the ‘Do you want to Schedule this import’ in the final step of your import process and add the Date, Frequency, UTC Time, and Zone. After completing the scheduling process, now click on Schedule. The import will run at the chosen date and time automatically, thus conforming with your based time. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the image below. 

After completing the Schedule, you can now check the last run and next run in the Manager section → Scheduled imports section in our plugin. This plugin saves you stress as there is a need to reschedule again to do the new import and update. What is needed is just to add the new records in the row one by one in your google sheets. Also, for the already imported records, all you need is to do is to change your data in the google sheets. If you follow these steps and do it like this, the newly added data gets imported automatically, and the existing data will get updated in the WordPress system.

To make sure smooth import, there are procedures to follow to import and update the records available in the Posts, Custom Posts, Pages, Users, LearnPress, BBPress, Events Manager Data, and WooCommerce products records.

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