How to Create a WordPress Blog?

WordPress is an open source CMS(Content Management System) and is widely used by either web designers or programmers. It is useful for website developers because there are thousands of templates available. WordPress is easy to customize with themes and plugins and is a free installation cms.

Structure of blog:

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. For business, blogging is used to grab the attention of the target audience. Through blogging, customers may get services and products. The blog structure includes the following features:

  • Header with menu
  • Main content with blog posts
  • Side-bar with social profiles
  • Footer with relevant links, privacy policy, content page, etc...

These are the contents that must be included in a blog.

Creating a blog:

By creating the blog, we can get connected with the target audience and it can increase the website traffic. There are few steps for creating a blog. They are:

  • Sign up for the web hosting service
  • Give a domain name for your blog
  • Install a WordPress blog
  • Log in to it and start writing your first blog
  • Change the theme for your blog
  • Install essential plugins

Use WordPress editor for creating your blog post. To change your blog’s look you can use the theme and change it. For adding additional functionalities you can install the plugins and use them.

WordPress blog hosting:

Before starting a blog, you should have a place to host your blog. There are thousands of hosting companies but not all hosting are the same. Some of the options for the new blog are listed below:

  • Bluehost shared hosting for wordpress
  • Flywheel manage wordpress hosting
  • WP engine managed wordpress hosting

These three are fully compatible with wordpress. Depending on your host installation its features may vary. Once wordpress is installed, there is a link to wordpress login from the hosting account. You have to enter your username or email and your password then set up your information for your hosting account. After that, give a domain name to your website. Domain is like an address for our blog.

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