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Since its launch in 2016, elementor has created a big revolution in the WordPress community. Still now lots of people don’t know there's a lot of features in Elementor for free and here you are to know all about WordPress Elementor to build your own website.


On olden days it wasn't easy to create a new website. You have to make a lot of changes for a little change on your website.

Before getting started with Elementor you have to know a few things about WordPress ,domain and hosting. After such, without further ado let's get into Elementor.

What is Elementor ?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin by which you can build your own amazing web pages and even you can build your whole website without programming knowledge. It is an amazing drag and drop editor, which is available for free.

Uses of Elementor plugin

Install WordPress Elementor

There are two versions of WordPress Elementor. They are

In the free version you can have some basic features and the basic elements to create a complete website. In the pro version you can have all the advanced features and all elements.

Install free version of elementor:

To install the free version of Elementor,

Install Pro version of Elementor

To install the Pro version of Elementor,

Create Your Website Pages

We made the technical setup as done, now it's time to create your website and work on it. Before we get started you have to know a few things about Elementor templates.

Elementor Templates

There are more than 200 amazing free templates and pro templates. These templates are created by professional web designers. It will be very useful in building web pages.

To create new pages, go to pages on the WordPress dashboard and click on 'Add New'. Now we are going to build the basic three website pages, they are:

At first, we are going build a home page.

1. Home page


The home page is the most important element of a website. After visiting your website it is the first thing which is visible to the visitors. It may affect the perception of the visitors about your entire business.

To create the home page,

2. About page


The about page is the most important page in the website. This page helps you connect with visitors to know more about you and your brand. It helps to make your brand stronger.

You can create your about page the same as the home page, by importing the template or you can create it customly. To create the about page customly, these are the steps to follow:

Customize your website using Elementor

With WordPress Elementor Customize your website in all the ways you want and get familiar with Elementor. Here are the ways you can customize your website pages. To edit pages,

1. Customize text on pages

2. Change colors and topography of Text

3. Customize the sections

4. Page layout customizations

After working with all the styles, now it's time to work with your layouts.

To add more columns in the section of your pages and make it more beautiful.

5. Customize Images

After customizing the sections and columns, let's get into the images. Add the image to the sections and columns by dragging the image widget from the left side panel. To add your own images,

6. Social media links

Add social media links to your pages and make your website visitors know about it. To add social media links and icons,

Add header and footer

The key elements of the website are the header and footer. It's useful to Add links of important pages in the header and footer that you want every visitors to go.

After all customization works in the body section, now it's time to add the header and the footer.

1. Add header


To add header,

2. Add footer


To add footer,

To create a custom header and footer that you can learn from the advanced session.

Create Blog posts

There are more advantages to publishing blog posts on websites. Post makes your website user-friendly and you can provide new content for your readers using the posts and convert them into your clients. you can provide the daily updates of your business news using the blog posts.

By using questions and answers in the blog post you can make the visitors know more about the business or products and it will be shown as a result for those who search such questions.

Using the blog post you can share insights, stories, and thoughts of your business on the website. Blog posts help in boosting up your brand awareness, conversion. It helps in increasing your website traffic. By using the WordPress Elementor you can create the blog post easily.

To create blog posts,


Websites play a vital role in business ,create your website and make use of it.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that “

-Paul Cookson

Elementor is the amazing page builder, which is free to use. We have seen how you can build your entire website with this WordPress Elementor for free. There are more advanced features which are available in the pro version of WordPress Elementor. To know more about creating a website customly and to learn more about the Elementor and the features available in the pro version of elementor, visit Advanced WordPress Elementor.

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