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Echo Sign plugin for WordPress is a very simple integration of Adobe EchoSign feature of Adobe Document Cloud to your WordPress site. Use the plugin in case to get or add e-signatures to your business documents and any such processes. In general Adobe EchoSign is used to get e-signatures in any documents (e.g. NDA or business agreements).


Adobe EchoSign Feature Highlights

Simple steps to use Adobe EchoSign WordPress plugin


To Get Adobe EchoSign API key

You should have a valid API keys to make the plugin work for you. If you have an account with EchoSign it is very simple and straight forward to get an API key or generate it from following link on logging in with valid credentials

How to obtain Adobe EchoSign developer API key

As a developer you should have to get EchoSign Developer API key. Please follow below steps to get the EchoSign Developer API key.

How to install the Echo Sign WordPress Plugin

I. For simple general way to install

II. For familiar FTP users

III. Straight from WordPress Admin

More links and references

Please refer here for how Adobe EchoSign works. Let us know your feedback, feature request and any suggestion.

How to use Echo sign

We are happy to announce that echo sign pro version is released. Echo sign plugin is very simple to use. This plugin integrates the adobe echo sign features into your WordPress.

What is the use of this plugin?

Getting Started:

Before getting started, you should create an account in the echo sign adobe and create a PDF document.

First install and activate the Echo sign plugin. After installation you can see the Echo sign menu in the admin page.

Click the Echo sign menu, then click the “Add new Template” option to create new template in the echo sign template page.

In that page, provide the document name and upload any pdf document by clicking “choose file”. Then select the field and enter the value to the corresponding field. Click “Add new” button to create additional fields. If you want more fields other than the give fields, then click “Add custom field” button. Provide the value as the as the field name.

After that click the settings menu, provide the API key in the “Echosign API key” which you got from the adobe echo sign account and then click save button.

In the echo sign templates, a shortcode was generated. You should use the shortcode in the pages to get e-signature.

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