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How to customize WooCommerce Email Templates

It is the time to say goodbye to template-based email plugins where you can only edit header and footer. Most of the email customizer plugins only allow you just to edit the header, footer, and add a logo, while some have pre-defined templates. However, WooCommerce Email Customizer helps you build and customize email templates with an easy-to-use email template builder. Create impressive, professional, and elegant transactional emails for your WooCommerce Online store that impress your subscribers. ​

With a well-designed drag and drop of Email Customizer for WooCommerce, you can effortlessly customize everything in the WooCommerce email notification. The plugin lets you add a logo, header, footer, body text, social icons, images, and more using the drag and drop elements​

Reasons for why you Should Customize WooCommerce Emails?​

Studies show that a competent, professional email adds a lot more value to your online business. It describes to you how professional you are and how dedicated you are. Moreover, sending elegant emails is the best business practice and no one likes to receive a poor impression by sending crappy emails.​

By sending impressive, professional transactional emails you can keep your customers coming back for more.
That’s why, we delivered a powerful, yet simple drag and drop email builder to customize all your WooCommerce transactional emails.​

 The drag and drop functionality lets you easily add text boxes, heading, images, paragraphs, content blocks, buttons. Also, let you include order details, customer information, billing address, shipping address, and more.​

Features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce​

Here we look into some of the features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce that help to spruce up your email templates.​

Live Preview of Changes​

With the live preview tool in the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin, you can get a real time view of the email. You can create perfect templates for your emails with content and images placed accurately.​

Add Stunning Images to WooCommerce Emails

Choose images that illustrate your goal. Add them to your email templates, and make them impressive with banners, logos, featured images, and more.​

Send Trial Emails​

Send a trial email to any email address to confirm the appearance of your created template.​

Billing Details

Email customizer plugin comes with billing details display platform in the email template with the color, size, and heading alignment easy customization and details separately. Also, you can customize the borders, background color, padding, and margin.​

Shipping Details

The email template comes with a shipping details display and customizes the color, size, and alignment of the heading and details separately to suit what is needed. Also, customize the borders, background color, padding, and margin.​

Customize Multiple Email Templates

Email Customizer for WooCommerce lets you create three types of Email templates which are,​

Order based Template

Design email templates individually for each order status of your WooCommerce store. The emails get triggered automatically and sent to WooCommerce store customers based on their order status.​

Product based Template

While your WooCommerce store is filled with tons of products, you can design email templates for each product with our Email Customizer for WooCommerce. You can also design templates for multiple products without any hitch from this Email Customizer plugin.​

Category based Template

Fine-tune your emails, get more customer engagements by sending category based emails. You can create unique & separate templates for each category. Whenever a purchase occurs for a particular category, the email template created for that category is sent to your customers.

Making your emails more personalized will help achieve customer engagement and provide a way to repeat sales. In this way, you can also earn many loyal customers.​

Design templates that match your brand

From the left corner of your WordPress dashboard, choose the plugin Email Customizer which is added after you install the plugin. To build a product or category based email template, select ‘Product/Category Based Template’. Otherwise, select ‘Order Based Template’ to create a template for order emails.​

select Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin in WordPress

If you’re going to create a template for products then give the name for your template. Select Product Based Template to create a template for a product.​

create product based template in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Choose the product from the dropdown list for which you want to create this email. Then now mention when the email has to be sent. The emails sent to your store admin or customers based on the choice you select.

For example, the email ‘ New order’ will be sent to your store admin instead of customers. And the email ‘Order Completed’ will be sent to your customers to notify them that the order has been shipped.

If you want to create a Category based Email Template, Choose ‘Category Based Template’. Then select the category from the list and lastly define the order status of the email.​

create category based email template in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

After you proceed with next, the new page shows where you can build templates for emails. Email customizer’s easy-to-use drag and drop interface makes your work simplify and let drag and drop elements wherever you need.

Once you complete designing the custom email template, hit the save button in the top right. To keep it alive, enable the Activate option.​

save, activate and preview email template in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Now the template is ready to serve your customers. Before sending it to customers, test the appearance of the email to view it from the customer’s point of view.​

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers helps think from your customer’s view. Preview email and test email options help you make modifications to create a perfect professional email.​

Use the preview option to take a look at your template. when you need to make any adjustments head back to the previous state and start making changes. If you get satisfied with your designed email template, send a test email to your partners by giving the email address and click on ‘send test mail’.​

send test emails in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Now, whenever an order is placed or completed or failed or on-hold, the email template created will trigger and send to customers.​

Manage & Organize WooCommerce Email Templates

When you find email templates that are not used, for now, make it as ‘Inactive’ to avoid permanently deleting them. When you wish to use the template, you can make it alive by tapping on the Activate button in the In-Active Templates section.​

activate email template in Email Customizer for WooCommerce

If you don’t need any assistance with the template, delete it from the plugin templates list. This will help you manage active, inactive, and remove useless templates easily. You can also edit templates by choosing the pencil icon of the appropriate email template​

Embed Your Signature & Send Damn Good WooCommerce Emails

Now with Email Customizer for WooCommerce, you can add a personalized touch to your WooCommerce emails. Make your emails stand out from the crowds. Uphold your brand identity by embedding digital signatures in all your email templates. The electronic signature gives a lasting impression at the end of your email content. The rich signature editor lets you add your handwritten signature. You can drag & drop it anywhere in your email content. You can also update your new signature in a single click. You can use the same signature on any number of email templates.​

Digital Signature

Upgrade To Premium version​

Email Customizer for WooCommerce’s pro version packaged with a lot more features. This plugin allows easy customization of the default transactional WooCommerce email templates. With the use of a native WordPress customizer, you can edit any design for instant visual edits.

Customize each email template in WooCommerce, without editing any code. Save all the stress with a click of the mouse and get your email building done. Hope this post helps you get a deeper understanding of our Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin. Download the free version of Email Customizer for WooCommerce. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Feel free to ask any queries to us about Email Customizer for WooCommerce. We are waiting to hear from you!​

Revealing the new version adorable features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free & Pro

Glad to share about this upgraded product release. Here are the new version with adorable feature updates of the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin. It comes up with more interesting features. Moreover, it's a great treat for existing and upcoming new users. Our team release this version after a long time of development on its functionality side. This release includes new features for both Pro & Free versions. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss the new features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce. That is to say that, we are revealing the latest version on May 25, 2021.​

Revealing the new version features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free & Pro

It’s About Branding

Branding your email template helps you leave a better impression among customers. To clarify, people or audiences get greater opinions about your organization or business. Branding options are already available in the old version. Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin had options like adding Logo, social links, etc., But the new version features help you maintain your brand standard. Besides, it offers custom email templates for each event. Design easy and make emails shout about your brand.

Customizable Theme Templates

The plugin now provides support for theme templates for the inbuilt template events. Theme templates give an idea for designing branded email templates. Moreover, it helps you maintain consistency in brand emails. The theme templates for the supported inbuilt template events are available. As well, it is available in both Order Based and Product/Category Based email templates. You can customize the designs by aligning the position by dragging and dropping it. Next, editing fields settings like font family, field height and weight are possible. Then, background color, and more customization available based on your need.

Design templates for Admins & Customers

You can now design templates for admins and users/customers. Email Customizer for WooCommerce helps you build email templates. Further, build templates separately for WordPress Admins and Users along with mail subject. This will send emails to both Admins and Users. To clarify, during every particular action on your WooCommerce store. For example, if a user submits a new order, then the customers will receive new order submitted email. Meantime, admins will receive the new order received email. Designing templates for both admins and users during any event is also possible.

Craft New Templates from Scratch

Like the old version feature, you can design new email templates from scratch. Design elegant templates for WooCommerce Orders and Product/Category based emails. That is to say, you can design using the elements in the draggable elements panel. It requires no coding for designing a template. So, it makes Email Customizer, a better choice for crafting WooCommerce email templates. Managing email templates is also easy. You can either make the template active or deactivate it upon your preference.

Preview emails & Send Test Emails

You can get the exact look and feel of the email design that you have planned in your mind. Email Customizer for WooCommerce lets you preview the designed email templates. In fact, preview used to look at the template design from the user’s perspective. You can also send test emails to any recipient address while you preview. Immediately, ask for suggestions about your email template. This helps you build a stunning email template that fits your brand.

Editable Email Customizer Elements

You can use elements or fields in your templates. Namely, Header, Text area, Button, Divider, Disclaimer, Maintext, Image, Title, Social Links, etc,. Moreover, Footer, Signature, Multiple Image, Image Text, Order Details and Customer Details. Just drag and drop the fields and start designing your template. You can edit the field settings by clicking on the edit icon inside the field. The most common editing feature is the font family. In addition, you can also edit set position, background color, Set Height and Width. Also, clone the fields if needed. To clarify, clone by selecting the duplicate icon if you want to use the same designs multiple times. Select the delete icon and delete the field you don’t need to include in the template design.

Plugin’s Premium & Free version Features

Here we have listed the features added in the Email Customizer for WooCommerce. You can find the Free and Pro version separately.

Feature Highlights of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Pro v2.0:
Feature Highlights of Email Customizer for WooCommerce Free v1.6:

Start Designing The templates

Build templates without much effort for your WooCommerce Orders. Or build for specific Products and Products within the same category. Make a design that makes your customers happy. Further, a design leaves a better impression of your product and brand.


Get the free plugin from wordpress.org and start designing elegant templates. Do you want all features of Email Customizer for WooCommerce? Buy our premium plugin from here. Refer to our documentation for further details about how to work with the plugin. We would be happy to clear your doubts. Chat with us now at [email protected]

Email Customizer WooCommerce: What's New in 2021


Implementing your dream store is not only about using eye-catchy Themes, useful Plugins, and adding awesome Products. Also, you need to consider perfecting every aspect of your WooCommerce store. Emails play a vital role in communicating with your customers. Sending bland emails will not attract them. To stand out from your competitors who still use default WooCommerce emails, the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin helps you build and customize unique email templates. You can create elegant, and professional email templates that add value to your brand.

Why do you need an email customizer plugin?

There are many reasons that you need the Email Customizer plugin. The first thing is to let your customers identify your brand or business, attract your audience, enhance engagement, and like that. If you send crappy emails to customers, they don’t give any attention, just skip the emails and make them ‘mark as read’ without reading it. On the other hand, the Email Customizer for the WooCommerce plugin lets you create attractive emails. You can also encourage them to purchase more related products in your welcome or another transactional email. It requires no coding knowledge as it provides a drag and drop email template builder. This makes your tasks easier.

Latest Features included in the Email Customizer for WooCommerce Plugin

To enhance the plugin’s usability to our customers, we have added some valuable features which help them a lot. Added features like inbuilt theme templates for different status, contact form submission email template, Create Template for users and admin separately along with different subject lines, insert video element in the email template, and Email logs. Let’s see each in detail.

Advanced Inbuilt Theme Templates

Use Inbuilt theme templates to customize email templates quickly. Inbuilt theme templates are available for various statuses like New user registration, reset password, blog comment, customer note, new order, and completed order. The templates are categorized as base templates and WooCommerce templates. The base templates include new account, reset password, and blog comment. WooCommerce templates include Customer Note, New Order, and Completed Order.


 The plugin offers only 5 templates for each event in its free version. Email Customizer Pro provides 10 templates for each event. To use built-in templates, click the edit icon of a specific event. Choose one template. Start editing the template design. Click Save to save the template design.


Customize your Contact Form submission confirmation template

Email Customizer for WooCommerce now supports customizing contact form submission confirmation email templates. It is only applicable to forms created with the ContactForm7 plugin. In the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin, visit the Contact Form section. Select the Edit icon of Confirmation Email.


Choose one template to redesign and start editing.


Templates for Admin and Users

Email Customizer for WooCommerce is an easy-to-build template plugin. You can build individual mail templates for Admin and Users. After you choose one template, the ‘Template For The User’ option is enabled automatically. If you want to create a template for admin, click the ‘Template For Admin’ button and start editing the template. You can craft your own catchy subject lines for both emails.


Insert videos in your Email Template

With the Email Customizer plugin, you can create your own email template. It is a drag and drop template builder. You can use many droppable elements like text, header, social links, digital signature, images, and more. Now in the latest version, you can add videos to your email template. Just drag and drop the video element to include it in your template.


View Logs for every email sent

After you create and save templates in Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin. The plugin will trigger the appropriate template automatically to be sent to the user/admin. You can now track or view sent email logs inside the plugin. You can view details like Template name, user, date & time, status, and medium.


Wrapping Up

These are the features newly added in the latest version. You can download the Email Customizer plugin for Free. To grab all features, purchase our Email Customizer for WooCommerce premium pack. If you have any queries, feel free to write to us at [email protected]. We will be glad to assist you.

Introducing Brand New Email Design Studio Plugin


Introducing our Email Design Studio, email template designer plugin to build branded emails for your WordPress & WooCommerce website. We’re super excited to share the new plugin release. Now you can easily and quickly create attractive email designs to send to your customers. You can download the plugin from wordpress.org.

Beginner Friendly plugin, Access inside native WordPress Customizer

You can relieve yourself from the struggle of writing HTML codes to build emails. The email design studio plugin is beginner-friendly to use. You can access the plugin inside the user interface that is similar to the default WordPress customizer. It gives you a home-like feeling. You can find the plugin listed in the submenus of the Settings menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Make your job easier with pre-built templates

Email Design Studio offers six pre-built templates. Every pre-built template has a variant style, and the content inside it will automatically change based on the email type you choose. Using the plugin, you can create email templates for WordPress core emails like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment and WooCommerce core emails like Product Delivered, and Note to customer. To change the design of the email template, click ‘Prebuilt Templates’ and choose the design you want to use.

It's easy to personalize your email template

You can customize the style and text of the template’s Header, Container, and Footer. You can change the position, rewrite the text, modify height, weight, and on. The container includes elements like Image, Order Details, Text, Customer Details, Button, Divider, and Border Details. You can take complete control over the design. Just click the publish button to save your template design after doing modifications.

Verify your design with test emails

Email Design Studio has a test email sending feature. With the Inbuilt SMTP settings, you can quickly configure your email address and password to send test emails. It frees you from installing a separate plugin to send test emails and other emails sent from your store.

Download plugin for free

The features explained above are available for no charge. You can directly download the Email Design Studio plugin right from your WordPress plugin page. Email Design Studio and download the plugin.

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