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    WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

    WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin Import any offline data to wordpress

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    WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is used to import data into WordPress. You can import Posts, Pages, Custom Post types with ACF(basic custom fields, repeater fields and flexible fields for ACF Pro), CPTUI, Types, PODS, CCTM plugins, Users with their Roles, Comments, Categories, Nested Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Users with WP-Members, Customer Reviews, Products using WP eCommerce, WooCommerce, eShop, MarketPress with Yoast SEO and All in One SEO plugins.

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    Live Demo Detail

    WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Demo

    For Demo Login
    Username : demoadmin
    Password : demo123


    WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin is a simple but powerful importer plugin to meet all your needs.


    Interactive Dashboard
    CSV File Manager
    Mapping Templates
    Smart Scheduler
    Inbuild Export
    Product Variations
    Chained Products
    Warrenty Request
     Other Plugins
    MarketPress Lite
    ACF (+ Repeater Fields)
    Types & Pods
    Wp Members
    Customer Reviews


    WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro version 4.2 is powerful multipurpose importer plugin. There are currently 12 modules that help to import bulk data as CSV file into your WordPress site. Importing in Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is very simple and easy by mapping your CSV headers to relevant WP fields. The importer will import all your data under CSV headers to relevant fields one after other. Just a little work to format or alter your CSV file as prescribed in the guide. Also the pro importer supports many advanced features like inline images, automapping CSV header with WP fields, saving mapping fields as template, etc. Apart from free versions the pro version has a powerful file manager to manage your CSV files, update old records again and again, trash/delete old records, old CSV file of any version from file manager etc. Our new version supports all delimiter of CSV file including comma, semicolon, space, tab etc. In our new release, summary page for mapping fields are added. It provides much improved detailed logs. Our new version provides image shortcodes to import inline images and featured images.


    *** Note - Plugins other than listed here may not compatible or needs customization to work as expected
    Also you can use compatible plugin short codes in content import are
    • Next GEN Gallery
    • Gallery
    • Slideshow
    • WP Photo Album Plus


    You can import posts, pages, custom post types, users with their roles, categories, nested categories, tags, custom taxonomies, wp commerce and eshop products. Importing in ultimate csv importer pro is very simple and easy by mapping your csv headers to relevant wp fields. That’s it, the importer will import all your data under csv headers to relevant fields one after other. Just a little work to format or alter your csv file as prescribed in the guide. Also pro importer supports many advanced features like nested categories etc. For complete features list please check our demo and PDF manual.

    WP All Import Modules for Wordpress Explained

    Posts and Pages Module - This csv import module will import all your data into bulk posts or pages. There are 9 fields to map, in which post title and content are mandatory. All other fields are optional. You can also have published date field which can also have a future date that reflects as scheduled post. Optionally you can import as many fields you want as custom fields. You can name these fields as your wish while importing. Pages doesn’t need category and tags. You can assign a feature image for each post or page through a list of image urls.

    Custom posts - Similar to post and pages you can import any custom post types that is configured in your wordpress. You can also assign feature image for each post created.

    Category - You can import any number category you want. Category name fiels is mandatory. Slug and description field is optional. Slugs are created automatically if not mapped.

    Nested category - This module is just like category module, provided you can import nested categories. You can import nested categories through name field like category1 | category2 | category3. If the category doesn’t exist it will be created in a hierarchy as mention in name field.

    Tags - Import bulk tags using this module and assign to post, custom post or products.

    Users with roles - Import bulk users with their roles by role id. There 11 fields to map in which user login, email and role are mandatory fields. Roles are mentioned in csv as ids. Please ensure roles are created in advance before import. Other wise default role is assigned for missing role ids.

    Custom taxonomy - Is your wordpress is configured for custom taxonomy, you can import bulk custom taxonomies as like as nested categories.

    WP commerce/ eshop - You can import products in bulk if these modules are installed in your wordpress.

    Woocommerce - You can import products in bulk to create a complete store without missing single feature. Now from 4.2 import support orders, coupons, refunds, product variations and add ons data.

    Marketpress - From single csv with few simple clicks you can easily create or migrate a store to marketpress in few steps.


    Newly Added Features in 4.2 release, please verify the live demo

    • Multi Language
    • ACF Field Registration
    • TYPES Field Registration
    • PODS Field Registration
    • Export Delimiter support
    • Inline image handling shortcode with image attributes



    Revised features list as added from version 4.2 onwards

    1. Imports Post, Page, Custom Post and Taxonomy, Categories, Users, Customer Reviews, Products etc.
    2. Supports third party plugins such as CPTUI, ACF(Free and Pro), CCTM, Types, PODS, for Custom Post, Taxonomies and Custom Fields. In addition to that, our plugin supports ACF Google map custom fields, relational, repeater and flexible fields.
    3. Also supports third party plugins to import Products includes MarketPress, WP eCommerce, WooCommerce and eShop. It also supports 5 WooCommerce add ons.
    4. Supports SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO and All in One SEO.
    5. You can export/import your data as CSV file.
    6. Supports CSV file with all types of delimiter(comma, semicolon, space, tab etc.).
    7. Yoast SEO support added for Categories/Tags and Custom Taxonomy module.
    8. In Post, post format import feature has been added. You can specify the format in csv.
    9. For Page, page template import feature is added i.e. you can import page template through csv.
    10. In WooCommerce, WooCommerce custom attribute feature is added. You can import multiple values for attribute. Product Image Gallery import also been added. 4.2, new features enables to import orders, coupons, refunds along with products and variations.
    11. Group wise mapping section for all modules based on supported third party plugins. Core field is common for all modules.
    12. It provides an option to save the mapping fields as template. Saving template is useful for update feature and scheduling.
    13. In our release, you can customize csv values using static/dynamic and formula icon.
    14. Update feature has been added in our new release. It helps to update the existing template. You can update the template from file manager and template page.
    15. Summarize page has been added. It shows the record details such as total number of records, mapped and unmapped fields, displays details of WP fields and CSV headers based on its plugin group.
    16. Our new release provides image short codes. You can use short code to import in line images and featured images.
    17. Our plugin supports in line images with advance image handling for eCommerce, Post, Page and Custom Post modules.
    18. Featured image import can be done using image short code or external url.
    19. Zip handler has been added for Inline images and featured images.
    20. Image short code menu is added. It displays all the imported image short codes.
    21. Log Manager menu is added. You can download the log file for imported csv at any time.
    22. Our plugin provides the option to detect duplicates in your WordPress while import data from csv.
    23. You can export the data in your WordPress site based on certain criteria using our export filter.
    24. In our new release, export based on exclusion filter is added. Export filter settings are saved.
    25. Detailed logs are generated while import and there is an option to view the imported post and user can also get the log details to their mail.
    26. Debug mode and drop table options are added.
    27. Database optimization provides option to delete unnecessary entries in WordPress database.
    28. Scheduling is performed based on the templates. In our new release, scheduling can be done by updating template or by saving template.
    29. You can schedule your imports by one time, daily, weekly, hourly and monthly.
    30. All the imported files are saved in the file manager and user can download, update, delete, trash, restore files and records.
    31. Dashboard manager provides option to view importer's activity for past one year and displays statistics in the form of drill chart.
    32. Advanced image handling with content short codes & featured image short codes.
    33. New advanced log manager with anytime downloadable logs.
    34. New advanced short code manager for image handling.
    35. Update feature from File Manager.
    36. Advanced UI with field grouping. Static / Dynamic / Formula content import feature.
    37. Nested category & Nested Taxonomies with Yoast SEO support.
    38. Remaining records & Current processing record are shown in log section.
    39. Auto delimiter detection.
    40. Much improved UI & Advanced exclusion and filter based export.
    41. ACF Pro support for all available fields.
    42. Auto mapping and specific column update in Update feature.
    43. Advanced mapping template feature with edit option.
    44. Mapping User Interface with classifying field groups.
    45. WP eCommerce custom fields multi check box support
    46. Export auto map headers in woocommerce,marketpress products
    48.On the fly field registrations for ACF, TYPES, PODS Custom fields


    And there are plenty more features are available


    1. Check your phpinfo.php. Ensure that auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file options are disabled. If not you can disable it in php.ini settings file yourself. You can also do it by a .htaccess file.

    htaccess file

    Create an .htaccess file in root and set the following values.

    • php_value auto_prepend_file none
    • php_value auto_append_file none

    2. PDO is essential and should be enabled.

    Get support from hosting if you don't have sufficient permission.

    Snap Shots
    Customer Reviews
    Professional One Review by Abby
    Works great on my site and has helped enhance my content.
    My Review Review by Sarah
    Works perfectly low resources consumption.Good Support.
    Saved me!!! Review by Felix
    Met expected results. Helped me in migration from joomla to wordpress
    Loved this Review by William Jones
    Totally great, I tried 3 or 4 other CSV importers before buying this one, and I wasted so much time trying to get them to work. After using this one I was done in 1 minute. Highly recommended.
    About Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Review by John
    This plugin requires some customisation to meet my requirements. This team is next to excellence. Fast reply.Then and there they updated me the status.
    Good team work Review by Regina
    This team works together to determine their success. Very simple and very usefull
    Amanda's Review Review by Amanda
    Am so impressed with the free version ease of use. Sent my requirements requesting for customisation. They completed the work and shown demo in a day.
    Supported my review Review by Murray
    Extremely useful when you are trying to add bulk post to blog.
    Support Team Review by TABATHA
    A problem after the installation was quickly handled by support.Great to work with Smackcoders.
    Worked beautifully. Review by ADOLFO
    Made my migration works simpler.

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    Product Comments

    WP Ultimate CSV Importer PRO 3.6.6 Product gallery, Multi attributes and Google Map

    This video describes about how to add multi value attributes in Woocommerce import feature and image handling improvements in Woocommerce product gallery. It also describes the custom field with google map field in ACF.

    Introduction Demo for Wordpress Ultimate CSV Pro Features

    This video demonstrates a general walkthrough about Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin 3.5.X features and supported modules.

    How to format a CSV to import?

    This video helps you to tweak/format your CSV file to make a fast, simple and easy import using WP Ultimate CSV importer plugin without missing all the features. We have used MS Excel as CSV editor here. You can use other applications also. Take advantage of our importer format by slightly tweaking your csv.

    How to create a well formatted csv using any text editor? - the other way to learn tweaking.

    We have used text editor here to explain how to create a well formatted csv in seconds for importing. You can use this format to take advantage of our importer format by slightly tweaking your csv. This video helps you to tweak/format your CSV file to make a fast, simple and easy import using WP Ultimate CSV importer plugin without missing all the features.

    Import Categories

    This video demonstrates step by step about
    How to import unlimited categories with proper description and custom slug in Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin by simple two three clicks import?
    Categories nested upto 5 levels of parenting using nested category option.
    Unlimited level of Categories support.
    Add description to each category.
    Optionally import with slugs for Search engine friendly urls.
    Assign to any custom post type or posts.    

    Import Nested Categories

    This video demonstrates step by step about
    How to import nested categories to many levels in Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin?
    Categories nested upto 5 levels of parenting
    Unlimited level of parenting support.
    Add description to each category.
    Optionally import with slugs for Search engine friendly urls. Assign to any custom post type or posts.

    Import Tags in Bulk

    This video demonstrates step by step about
    How to import tags in bulk using Wordpress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin?
    Unlimited tags support.
    Add description to each tag.
    Optionally import with slugs for Search engine friendly urls.
    Assign to any custom post type or posts.



    For detailed and updated documentation, please visit

    1. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is very easy to install like as other simple Wordpress plugins. No need to edit or modify anything here in code.
    2. Unzip the file ''.   
    3. Upload the ' wp-ultimate-CSV-importer-pro ' directory to '/wp-content/plugins/' directory using ftp client.
    4. Other way to install our plugin is through the WP Admin panel.
    5. Go to WP Admin >> Plugins >> Add New >> Upload
    6. Browse for location and click Install Now button.
    7. You will get plugin successfully installed message.
    8. Now activate the plugin as prompted.
    9. Once installed and activated, you can see a new menu ‘Ultimate CSV Importer Pro’ in the admin menu left navigation panel.


    There is a paid installation / configuration support. If not purchased along with product you can contact us for Installation Support.


    For detailed and updated FAQ, please visit

    Why WP Ultimate CSV Importer?
    You can import almost anything starting from wordpress posts to ecommerce products with any attributes from almost everything from a csv .

    Why WP Ultimate CSV Importer pro?
    The pro features gives you more flexible modules to ease your tasks on bulk import/create post etc.

    What are the WP Ultimate CSV Importer pro features?

    Social sharing , users import with roles, random generate users, reviews and rating, feedbacks, newsletter - contacts, Auto publisher cron rss import, concordinate multi feeds etc are under development. For current feature list, please check with us.

    How to create/edit csv file?
    Any csv editor like MS Excel will work well. Better to convert/create from any spread sheet details like excel.

    How should the csv file look like?
    Please see attached sample csv file.

    How to use separators in csv file?
    You can use , or ; as separators You can choose the delimiter at the time of import.

    How to define multi category or tags?
    To define a multi category or tags use pipeline(|) symbol as separator

    Multi categories - Use pipeline symbol as separator to have Multi categories You can use category name directly not the ID. If no matching category is found, new category will be created for the same. Eg: Category 1|Category 2|Category 3|Category 3

    To Create Multi Tags - steps are same as category

    What fields are mandatory?
    post type, post_title, post_content are mandatory. All others are optional and defaults are applied in some cases.

    How to use date and time field?
    Use the format "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss" for date and time.

    How to schedule posts?
    You can schedule posts automatically by giving a future date/time in date field for each post.

    How to assign author for each post?
    The already created author ids can be used. For e.g.: 1 for admin, 2 for user 2. To assign authours for each post you should mention relevant author id for each post in csv before import.


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