How To Upgrade Your Vtiger 5.4 To Version 6.0 Step By Step

February 5, 2014

Vtiger CRM Version 6.0 is available now

Those who plan to upgrade from Vtiger version 5.4 to Version 6.0, follow these simple Step By Step tutorial.

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Migration Step by Step process:

  • Backup the particular database and files of vtiger.

  • Download file.

  • Unzip Please be sure you have to unzip the file from vtiger root.

  • Open web browser and go to the following url: www.yourvtigerurl/migrate

  • Click “I have taken backup of database” and “I have taken backup of source folder”.



  • Fill vtiger username and vtiger password.

  • Click Start Migration.

  • In case, if you face any issue “Error Extracting Migration Zip File”, proceed with step 9 else skip to step 10 .

  • Unzip which is there in vtiger6 root directory.

I. Edit the file migrate/index.php in vtiger root directory

i. Add the below in lines after line number 25(after $fileName = ‘’;)

$userid = $user->retrieve_user_id($userName);

$_SESSION[‘authenticated_user_id’] = $userid;

header(‘Location: ../index.php?module=Migration&view=Index&mode=step1’);

ii. Delete lines from 29 to 47 in index.php

  • Give write to the following folders and files :

i. tabdata.php parent_tabdata.php cache/
ii. cache/images/
iii. cache/import/ storage/ user_privileges/ modules/ cron/modules/ logs/ test/
In linux the command to give write permissions
chmod -R 777 tabdata.php parent_tabdata.php cache/ cache/images/ cache/import/ storage/ user_privileges/ modules/ cron/modules/ logs/ test/

  • Click Start Migration.
  • Please wait until the Migration process complete. It’s a lengthy process and will take some time to complete.
  • Click Finish button to finish the migration process successful.