CSV Importer Free 6.2.6: WordPress 5.8 Compatibility & Import CSV/XML from FTP and external URL

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  • CSV Importer Free 6.2.6: WordPress 5.8 Compatibility & Import CSV/XML from FTP and external URL

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is tested successfully for WordPress 5.8. The new version of WordPress has perfect compatibility and a importer plugin. If you are looking for an importer plugin that is compatible with WordPress Version 5.8, WordPress Ultimate CSV/XML Importer plugin is the best option to go. Pro Features like Import CSV from FTP server and external URL has been added in the 6.2.6 version of our Free plugin. Read the entire article to know exactly what this new version of Ultimate CSV Importer avails you.

Import CSV/XML from FTP or External URL

Ultimate CSV Importer lets you upload CSV/XML files from FTP and URL. You can use either of the options to upload your CSV or XML files inside the WordPress CSV Importer plugin. This option will give you the choice to upload files from different locations.

Requisite to upload CSV/XML file through FTP

To upload a file from an FTP client, you need to configure your client credentials and locate the file path. Ultimate CSV Importer asks for details like Host Name, Host Port, Username, Password, and Host path when you configure FTP. In the Host Path, provide the path on where your CSV/XML file is located.


Requisite for External file URL upload

To import a file via an URL, it must be publicly accessible. All publicly accessible and downloadable CSV/XML files are supported. You can also upload external URL files of Google Sheets and Dropbox. Just mention the publicly accessible URL in ‘Ultimate CSV Importer >> Upload from URL’. Take a look at the quick video tutorial to know how to generate publicly accessible CSV links in Google Sheets. CSV Importer Free 6.2.6: WordPress 5.8 Compatibility & Import CSV/XML from FTP and external URL

How to import data into WordPress via FTP file upload or External URL file

To begin with, uploading CSV/XML, enter the file URL in ‘Upload from URL’ or mention the hosting FTP client details in ‘Upload from FTP/SFTP’ settings. Make sure to choose the ‘FTP’ as the connection type at last. Click ‘Continue’ to move to the next step.

The importing steps are common for FTP file upload and External Url upload.

How to Choose a Post Type for Import?

Followed by file upload in Ultimate CSV Importer, select ‘New items’ to import new data. This will only import new data on WordPress 5.8. You can also update your existing WordPress data, but this feature is available only in CSV Importer Pro version. Choose one Post Type like Posts, or Pages, or Comments or other from the dropdown. If you are importing new posts then select Post Type ‘Posts’ from the drop-down.


Map your CSV Headers with WordPress fields

Move forward to the next step ‘Mapping’ by clicking on the continue button. WP Ultimate CSV Importer imports data upon fields mapping. So you need to keep your eyes peeled when you are mapping CSV/XML file fields with WP fields. You can map fields in two modes. Advanced mode where you select CSV fields using the dropdown for the appropriate WP fields. Drag & Drop Mode where you easily drag and drop CSV fields to the exact WP fields. You can add custom fields at run time using the ‘Add Custom Field’ button in the ‘Create WP Custom Fields’ section. Check out the documentation to find more.


Import data with advanced features

Just click on the Import button to import all the mapped out fields data to WordPress. To ensure safe import, you can switch on maintenance mode. Enable rollback to revert to the previous state if in case you face any issues after importing. You can also handle/prevent duplicate record creation inside your WordPress by enabling ‘Do you want to handle the duplicate on existing records?’. The adaptive file record processing will split and import the data into WordPress. Configure these options if you need them inside the ‘Import Configuration section’.



If you haven’t installed the plugin yet, download WP Ultimate CSV Importer Free v6.2.6 now from If you are an existing user of the plugin, you can upgrade it directly from your WordPress Plugins page to unlock the newly added features.

Upgrade to Premium Version to unlock more features

If you want more features, you can upgrade to our CSV Importer Premium version. Features like scheduling import and export, advanced media handling, upload files from the server, wpml data import, Custom fields plugins data import, and more are available. It’s a one-time payment with unlimited domain support, lifetime product support, and upgrades. Go for it by visiting this CSV Importer Page link.

Feedback or Any Questions?

If you have any feedback about plugin improvements and development, kindly share it with us. Your feedback will help us develop the plugin better. We have a dedicated support team to help you in all technical aspects. For any help, contact us at [email protected]

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