Import file from anywhere

WP Ultimate CSV Importer can load CSV file from an FTP, SFTP, external URL, local computer or Server location. The importer automatically detects the import module and make your import simple. You can import the data in already existing Page, Post, etc.,. Or create a new Post.

CSV Import Methods

WordPress Media Handling

Powerful media import

WP Ultimate CSV Importer enables to download image from any external source like Google images and relate them to any Post. A well-chosen image strengthens the message and the advanced option of importer enables to add alt tag, title tags, etc.,. and optimize your website towards search engine spiders and improves accessibility. The image can be renamed and resized to fit your website page design. You can also import NextGEN Gallery images.

Smarter field mapping

Easily import the data in CSV into the specific fields of Post, Page, Products, etc,. WP Ultimate CSV Importer auto-detects the fields based on their field name and CSV header. You can save the mapping as a template to automate future import or update. You can register or create new custom fields of ACF, Types, CCTM & WordPress fields on the flow.

WordPress and CSV mapping

Schedule CSV Import

Seamless import and schedule

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is now 10x time faster than its previous version. Upload the CSV file and schedule the file to import or update existing Post, Page, etc,. Based on the configured date and time the changes are made periodically using cron.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer for Developers

Import with Webservice support

Web Services API

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro gives you full control to push your data from anywhere into WordPress through web services. Learn how REST web service provides an interface to accept the data of your choice.

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API for developers

Development API

Brew up something awesome with an extendable, adaptable, flexible WP Ultimate CSV importer Pro. Learn how to extend the import boundaries with the support for your required WordPress add-on.

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Download the FREE or get the PRO version to unlock the support for multiple third-party add-ons with CSV import from external links and FTP.

Pro Version

  • Import, Update, Schedule & Export
  • Import CSV, Zip and Text file
  • Lifetime support & Lifetime upgrade
  • Unlimited Domain

Community Version

  • Import & Export
  • Import CSV file
  • Forum support & Forum upgrades
  • Unlimited Domain

What our Customer say about us

The internet is buzzing with good things to say about WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer.

Needed to import over 1000+ reviews in CSV format to a wordpress site using WP Customer Review. This plugin saved me days/weeks worth of work. Perfect. Really easy to setup (just had to clean my CSV file a bit)

Spencer Nash Review

Spencer Nash, SGN Media

Of all the plugins that have already bought for WordPress, this was certainly the best. Not only the incredible agility that brought to my process, but also for the great support offered by the Company. Sensational!! Patience who had to help me and all cordiality, made all the difference. Cared more posts 600 in less than an hour.
I recommend !!


Carlos Firmino, Barbara Borges Design

To anyone even looking at using Smackcoders, their support is phenomenal!
Thank-you so so so much to your team for your help in getting my data right to be imported, I had almost lost all hopes.
You were fast and just delivered unbelievable service that I have never ever seen in my life!
Thank you for giving me the best support I have ever had in my life!

Farrah Stegan review

Farrah Stegan, Studio Light