Powerful WP Ultimate CSV Importer enhanced with incredibly amazing features

Simple WordPress CSV Import

All new WP Ultimate CSV Importer puts everything you wanna import into magnificent all in one package. A clean, intuitive interface places all the import, update, and schedule options in a perfect flow. And fabricating a website with your raw CSV data is made more simpler than knitting a fabric from a wool[...]

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Nurture more Leads and increase sales by integrating Contact Form 7 with CRM

Contact Form 7 CRM Integration

As a marketer, your job doesn’t stop with capturing Leads using embedded WebForms. You have to nurture the prospects who shows interest in your offers. Leads builder for CRM helps you to automate by capturing them to your CRM. With properly configured workflows you can even retarget abandon cart customers[...]

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Better customer service with Powerful WP Helpdesk Integration

Vtiger Customer Portal WordPress Integration True customer service is understanding your customer and helping them till they get satisfied. From prospecting to marketing & then to customer service, gathering detailed information and analyzing them helps to unwrap the problematic areas and discover the hidden solutions to solve[...]

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Prevent duplicates in WordPress with FREE WP Ultimate CSV Importer

Prevent duplicates in WordPressYour website information plays an important role in SEO. Having a similar Post, Page or Custom Post information brings a negative effect on your SEO performance. By default, WordPress deals with duplicates in slug by adding a number at the end of the URL slug[...]

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Deliver Emails Straight into the Inbox

Sendgrid CRM Integration Engaging customers via email is the most non intrusive way of engaging customers. But according to ReturnPath, global email delivery to inbox declined to 76% in Q2 of 2016. A Mail that does not hit the customer Inbox is something thrown into trash[...]

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Introducing Email Plus for better Sales Productivity

Roundcube integration

Email is one of the easiest way of communicating with your clients around the global irrespective of the time zone. At the same time, managing the email is crucial for both your sales team and support team with lots of emails bumping in each day[...]

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Web Services, Developer API for Updating your WordPress Website

Web service and Developer API to import Developers are always greedy and they want to get the most out of any tool they use. But a vendor (again a developer) cannot get all the use cases resolved in a single tool[...]

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Adding Custom Fields data into WordPress with FREE WP Ultimate CSV Importer

WordPress Custom field import

WordPress is legendary among other Content Management Systems with many commercial and blogging websites built on it. The content management is more powerful because it allows to extend it’s functionality in all dimensions. The ability to create advanced custom fields helps to collect and display more additional information.

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Seamlessly bring in more Leads and Contacts inside your Salesforce CRM

WordPress  and Salesforce integration

You run an Online store. There’s is a visitor who walked in after seeing your offer coupons. He adds a product in the cart and in your WooCommerce checkout page paces up and down then he leaves your site without buying[...]

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Introducing Magento 2 Vtiger Bidirectional Connector

Vtiger Magento 2 bidirectional connector A Fresh New Year 2017 has bloomed and to start the year venturing into new things and deepening the values of existing features, we have enhanced our Magento Vtiger Bidirectional Connector with the support for Magento 2[...]

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How to enable & Configure WP-Cron

Featured image import Parallel processing is one of the ways to get things done at a faster pace. WP Ultimate CSV Importer 5.0 has been recently released with faster import performance. The featured images from external URL are uploaded parallely with the help of Cron in the background to make the import faster.

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Thank you everyone & Time to share JOY

New Year Offer

Another year has come and gone, we look back to evaluate the whole year. Even though this year has gone in a flash, we definitely had an exciting year adding and serving more customers and products. We believe all of you had a great year too. To share the joy of successful completion of the year, we want to provide a thank you offer to you.

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