CRM Compatibility:

  • Edition: Open Source
  • Version: 6.5, 7.0, 7.1

Vtiger MailChimp Integration

Product version 3.2

Get Your MailChimp Inside Vtiger CRM. Run effective email campaigns inside Vtiger CRM with effective automated workflow based data sync.

  • Bidirectionally sync MailChimp Lists to Vtiger CRM Lead, Contact and Accounts.
  • Bidirectionally sync MailChimp Campaigns to Vtiger CRM Campaigns.
  • Sync selective records from Vtiger CRM to MailChimp.
  • Define workflows to add/remove MailChimp Lists, Subscribers right from Vtiger CRM.
  • View MailChimp Campaign Report of clicks, opens, bounce and more inside Vtiger CRM.
  • Create MailChimp Lists, Campaign, Groups and Groupings within Vtiger CRM.
  • Automatically sync data between Vtiger CRM and email marketing tool MailChimp.
  • Multilingual with the support for 14 languages.
  • Secure sync with MailChimp API version 3.

Data flow between Vtiger CRM and MailChimp

List Sync

Bidirectionally sync of your Vtiger CRM Mailing list with MailChimp mailing list.

Campaign Sync

Get your Mailchimp Campaigns info inside your Vtiger CRM in just a click.

Subscribers Sync

Bring in your MailChimp Subscribers info as Vtiger CRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

Product Demo

Product Demo

Try on your own and get to know more about Vtiger MailChimp Integration.

Vtiger Mailchimp Integration

Data sync

Highlighted Features


Simple, Secure and Reliable Sync
  • Sync Campaigns, Leads, Contacts & Accounts to a designated MailChimp Campaigns, Lists, Groups & Groupings
  • The connection between your CRM and MailChimp are made more securely with MailChimp API.
  • Any changes you make are automatically mirrored in MailChimp.
Analyze MailChimp Reports in CRM
  • Audit MailChimp reports to keep track of customer activity.
  • Vtiger MailChimp Integration module let you see clicks, opens, bounce, unsubscribed and more.
  • No need of multiple MailChimp user accounts to view reports.
Logs to Audit Sync Information
  • We hope it never happens, but someday your sync may lose data due to connection barriers.
  • Vtiger MailChimp Integration keeps you prepared by letting you preserve the sync logs.
Automatic Field Mapping
  • Auto-map MailChimp field with their corresponding Vtiger CRM field.
  • Make a tweak for more flexible mapping with customizable field relations.
Schedule Lists Sync
  • Control how often your Lists need to be synced between Vtiger CRM and email marketing tool MailChimp.
More features

Why to integrate Vtiger CRM with MailChimp

Vtiger MailChimp Integration lets you to integrate your email marketing tool MailChimp and CRM. You can bidirectionally sync your Campaigns, Leads and Contacts between MailChimp and Vtiger CRM. But with all this on one side, do you know what exactly you get syncing your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM? Here are the benefits.

Holistic View

Vtiger MailChimp Integration eases the hassles of your salesperson to switch between the CRM and MailChimp in order to send client email and getting the complete customer info. Your sales reps working can get the complete info about the Campaign and Lead in the unified window and thereby allowing them to nurture leads more effectively.

Improved sales visibility

With Vtiger MailChimp Integration you can easily allow your sales reps to have a real-time insight into customer behaviour. The more intuitive dashboard brings in all the campaign details within the Vtiger CRM that equips your sales and marketing team to know about the campaign success rate and the interest & involvement of your clients.

Better collaboration and teamwork

Your MailChimp and Vtiger CRM are like your sales and marketing teams, they are more efficient when they are together. Now you can easily bring your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM together with the Vtiger MailChimp Integration. Your sales team can get complete visibility all the marketing activities within the CRM and helps in efficient Lead follow ups.

Improved List targeting

Staying updated with the latest info helps your marketing people to send well targeted and relevant campaigns to the clients. With Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can easily track all your Leads and previous Campaigns info within your Vtiger CRM. This helps your team to create well targeted List as well as Campaigns to nurture leads with more enchanting content.

Better Campaign analysis

Monitoring and analyzing the marketing campaigns are the key elements to ensure your campaign success and helps to strengthen the impact of your campaign. Vtiger MailChimp Integration lets you easily monitor and analyze your campaign activities by bringing all your campaign information within your Vtiger CRM. You can track your campaigns open rates, clicks and much more & easily get to know your campaign success rates at a glance for better decision making.

Monitor the Click & Open Rates

Once your email has reached your client inbox, the next is to know about the open and click rates for efficient campaign analysis. With Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can efficiently track these campaign information of individual Lead/Contact within your Vtiger CRM. You can easily measure your subscribers engagement with your subject lines and campaign content and thereby you can test and improve your campaigns.

Get to know more with Freddie

Knowing your customer is the important in marketing and sales to serve them with more relevant and targeted info. Now with Vtiger MailChimp Integration, you can easily get to know more about your customers. With Freddie, you can the get the groups and grouping info to which the Leads/Contacts belongs to. You can also easily add/remove the Lead/Contacts to the group and groupings listed.