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Edition: Open Source
Version: 6.5 - 7.4

Vtiger MailChimp Plus Integration

Get Your Mailchimp Inside Vtiger CRM. Run effective email campaigns from Vtiger CRM with automated workflow-based data sync. Vtiger Mailchimp Plus integration allows syncing CRM contacts, leads, and accounts to Mailchimp. Automate the tracking of opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and follow-up actions on every email.

$299   $199
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support
Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)

Data flow between Vtiger framework and MailChimp


Sync Data

Bidirectionally sync of your Vtiger CRM Mailing list with the MailChimp mailing list. Also, Sync your Mailchimp campaigns. Bring in your MailChimp Subscribers info as Vtiger CRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.


Change Details

Add or remove Mailchimp lists, subscribers, campaigns, groups, groupings, segments, tags, and webhooks of your Mailchimp from Vitger CRM


Additional Features

Vtiger CRM supports 14 different languages with secured synchronization Mailchimp API. Auto-sync and Auto-mapping of fields are available. Also, sync selective records from Vtiger to Mailchimp. Monthly Mailchimp report can be viewed in Vtiger CRM


Simple, Secure and Reliable Sync
Analyze MailChimp Reports in CRM
Logs to Audit Sync Information
Automatic Field Mapping
Schedule Lists Sync

Why integrate Vtiger CRM with MailChimp

Vtiger MailChimp Integration lets you integrate your email marketing tool MailChimp and CRM. You can bidirectionally sync your Campaigns, Leads and Contacts from Vtiger CRM without Mailchimp login. But with all this on one side, do you know what exactly you get syncing your email marketing tool MailChimp and Vtiger CRM? Here are the benefits.

Vtiger Mailchimp integration converts the CRM into an advanced email marketing tool. Get the Mailchimp email marketing audience as contacts, leads, and organizations in Vtiger. Mailchimp contains email templates for drafting emails to run an extensive email campaign. The users can automate the email sending process to the configured list. Schedule emails in a batch to send at a particular time interval as per the roster. The extension syncs the updated created list immediately to Mailchimp. Organize to send emails instantly, after certain hours, biweekly, once in a week, etc,. Integrating Mailchimp with Vtiger provides all the features and functionality incorporated into it.

Vtiger Mailchimp Plus Demo

Configure your Mailchimp API, create a new Mailchimp list, and campaigns. Add new tags, segments, webhook, groups, and groupings for the list in Vtiger CRM. Try on your own using our demo and get to know more about Vtiger MailChimp Integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am getting this error “Error unable to Upload” at the time of installation? How to overcome this?

We offer a zip file for the installation, and the size of the file would be more than 3MB. If you upload_max_filesize value in the php.ini file is less than 3MB, you will receive the mentioned error at the time of Vtiger Mailchimp Module installation. You can overcome the problem by increasing the upload_max_filesize value in your php.ini file.

2. I have successfully installed the Vtiger Mailchimp module. When I load the module page, I am getting the blank page. What would be the issue?

All our CRM products and the codes are ioncube protected, so ioncube loader version 10.x.x has to be installed in your php server before installing our Vtiger Mailchimp Integration module. Blank page error can be resolved with the ioncube loader installation.

3. Ioncube loader is installed in our PHP server. Free custom modules from smackcoders are working fine, but the Vtiger Mailchimp module page is throwing the blank page every time. How to resolve this?

Our free CRM extensions aren’t encoded for the single domain license. But the Vtiger Mailchimp Plus Integration module comes with a single domain license. If you try to install the integration module in the different CRM, it won’t work. You can purchase a license to enjoy the module benefits for every single domain.

4. I have successfully synced my Mailchimp audience to the CRM. Now I am creating a new audience in my CRM, but the newly created audience and their subscribers cannot be synced back to the Mailchimp marketing tool. What would be the issue and how to resolve it?

Normally, a free Mailchimp account user will get the option to create only one audience, so if you try to sync more audience details from CRM to Mailchimp, you cannot achieve this. You can buy a premium plan from Mailchimp marketing tool providers to add more than one Audience to your Mailchimp account.

5. Subscribers aren’t synced from Mailchimp to Vtiger. I have the proper email ID for all the subscribers, still no luck. What is the right procedure to sync my subscribers to the CRM from Mailchimp?

In the leads and Contacts module in VtigerCRM, the last name is the mandatory field. The same last name field is not a mandatory one in Mailchimp. You have to give data in the last name field for all the subscribers to achieve the skip-free sync from Mailchimp to CRM.

6. I created a campaign in the CRM, but it is not synced to Mailchimp. Why is that?

Audience ID is mandatory, so without syncing an Audience from CRM to Mailchimp, you cannot sync a campaign. In Mailchimp, you cannot create a campaign without adding an Audience to it. Similarly, you have to use the synced audience details in the CRM campaign before trying to sync it to Mailchimp. If you haven’t created any Audience in the Mailchimp yet, create the Audience in the CRM and first sync it. Then mention the audience name in the campaign to sync it successfully to Mailchimp.


Ease your mailing process! Step-by-step Vtiger Mailchimp work-flow is now available in our documentation.

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