Trouble Shoot Guide

Troubleshoot Guide will be updated periodically. Kindly check before creating support tickets to avoid unnecessary delays and support overload.

1. Site error: the file /some/path/……./xxxxxx.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.

Ioncube is not installed. It is must for a ioncube protected product like ours. Refer the Ioncube installation guide further to enable ioncube for your hosting. This is general guide helps for many cases and hosting as listed in manual. You can also check your hosting support knowledge base for updated information. In odd cases you have to contact your hosting support to help ioncube enabled for your hosting account as admins can do it easily.

2. License and Ioncube related

Getting a Fatal error or not permissioned for domain/IP error

Your purchased product is licensed to the domain or sub domain as you preferred in your order. This is license error and it may occur when you try to install other than licensed domain.

1. Are you using it in licensed domain/sub domain (as you gave in order license info as preferred domain)?

2. Are you trying it for your testing or development instance?

You can request a temporary development license package separately for development and testing purposes with proper domain/sub domain with php version details. Note that you can use the production license itself for testing when you host your test instance like this case no separate license needed.

3. Getting a Fatal error due to version conflicts

As first mandatory step is to check your PHP and ioncube versions. You can get these details from your phpinfo. If you dont have one already create a phpinfo.php file in your hosting account generally in domain root, add below lines and save the files via ftp or file manager

< ?php



Now you can access the phpinfo details via browser like

1. Ensure that ioncube is the latest version.

2. Ensure that the php version is same as provided in order license info details.

Verified these issue and still you need any help. Don’t hesitate to contact us via support. Read the following for swift support.

4. Support Related

Always create tickets for any support or help at smackcoders support. You can also mail to [email protected] with order id detail to assign and track the issues with priority customers.

Try to add more details for proper understanding of the issue, for swift response and to avoid unnecessary delays.

1.You should add the domain you are installing, phpinfo for the same domain, error code copied as you get at the time of installation and a snap of the issue as displayed. This helps a lot to provide right solution.

2. Some times we try to reproduce the issue as you describe to ensure a most working solutions.

3. You can share your access details, so that one of our developer can debug and fix it directly in your instance. This works for many who cannot furnish much technical details and we guess the issue is highly a environment side.

Note for urgent support we need all details as stated above for a swift response. Customer approach us for last minute support with a deadline to the project cannot be a reason to dispute at any cause. All supports are handled only based on support load and order no priority in queue. We try to solve support tickets immediately for most cases when the required details are furnished without any delay.

5. Avoid duplicate support tickets for same issue or break the chain

When you use support via email use same email thread to continue support and avoid duplicate tickets for same support or issue chain. Even closed tickets can be reopened simply by replying the last email you get from support. So that you support wont loose any priority and break up the support chain. When duplicates are created new supports are queued at tail end and may get delayed response when no. of supports are overloaded in queue. We also try to find and merge duplicate supports from our end, but it is highly recommended to avoid duplicates from your end also.