Trouble shoot guide for wp ultimate csv importer issues

November 27, 2014

Before try to get support from us try to follow this guide to trouble shoot your issues your self. In most cases you can solve it withing minutes. This will save more time for both of us. If you still need any help, you can post the outcomes of following these steps like errors displayed after enabling errors and console error messages to get our timely support. These details are essential to help you solve this or a fix in next release.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer

is a robust tool designed to help you make your website development easy. Through advanced features like update, schedule, drag & drop mapping, duplicate handling, export and much more included.

As a first step users need to enable debug mode in wp ultimate csv importer plugin.

Edit wp-content/plugins/wp-ultimate-csv-importer/index.php and in line no 47 you can see
ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘Off’);
Now to enable error just change the code and save it as
ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘On’);

Now you can see all error messages. Based on error you get you can go further trouble shoot your issue. Also using developer tool like firebug, you can get error that are displayed in console also helps you to trouble shoot.

Possible issues

Getting a blank page

– this may be memory related issue due to your hosting/server limitation. In most cases exporting a large data in single attempt fails and end to blank page. For this max. execution time and memory limts need to be increased in php.ini settings file. This is highly depend on data size.

Next button freezes after csv upload

– this is because of permission issue or js conflict with other plugin. Check your wp-content/uploads and /wp-content/uploads/ultimate_importer, both folders have write (777) permission to upload your csv for further process of import.If not create and make it write able and try again. In case of js issue, please follow the next step.


– This issues arises due to js/jquery conflicts with other plugin or themes. In most cases disabling the plugins one by one may help you to find the conflicting plugin.

General CSV Format issues

1. Apostrophes in text cause import to skip the rest
2. All data displayed as single row at mapping step
3. Special character issues for non english language
4. Some attributes data in csv get merged

Our importer supports for UTF-8 without bom only. And to minimize the issues we support , and ; as delimiters. To check and fix your csv for any format related issues use one of the spread sheet editor below

MS Excel

1. Open the *.xlsx file from MS Excel
2. Click menu > Save As
3. Put any name for the file and choose “Unicode Text (*.txt)” for “Save as type :” and Click Save

MS Notepad

4. Open the unicode text file using Microsoft Notepad. Some characters can appear as a box, however, this is because Notepad cannot display some unicode characters, so you can ignore this at this point.
5. It must be the tab delimited file. Replace tabs with comma(“,”) using find & replace.
– select tab character by dragging the character between two column headers and press ctrl+c
– Replace all tab characters with comma using Replace function (ctrl+H)
6. In notepad, Click Save As
7. Put a filename and change Encoding: to “UTF-8”
8. Change the file extension from “*.txt” to “*.csv” by adding .csv at the end of the file name.
9. Click Save.

MS Excel

10. Open this CSV file from Excel and verify if the data is okay.

*** Even if you find any problem in this step, you should NOT save the file from Excel. It will cause the encoding problem!! Just check the data only in Excel. If you see a data problem at this stage, fix the data from the original spreadsheet and repeat the steps again. Or, you can change it from Notepad but should ensure that the file is saved as UTF-8 format.

Imp. Note – using

google spreadsheet

to open, edit and save back will solve these issues in maximum cases. You can also use any spread sheet editor like

open office spread sheet


Fill all mandatory fields

To ensure no empty or blank posts imported, there are minimum set of field mapping should be done as mandatory. For all modules post_title, post_content and publish_status fields are mandatory fields. Other are optional. In case of any issues, failures etc., default value will be aplied for optional attributes.

Apart from this in import options step “No. of posts/rows per server request” field is mandatory under settings and performance tab. You should enter the minimum value as server request to import the data from your CSV. E.g:- 1. So the importer import 1 record on each server request based on the total no.of records in your CSV. This will help you with issues because of memory and execution time limits.