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Compatibility :

WordPress: 4.4 & above

Email Customizer for WooCommerce

Craft your own WooCommerce transactional email templates for your WooCommerce online store using the more intuitive drag 'n' drop email builder. Delight your customers and prospects by sending professional emails that perfectly matches your brand style.

  • Design Unique email template for each WooCommerce order status
  • Easily add elements inside templates with the drag & drop feature to design the WooCommerce Order emails.
  • Add multiple elements like header, social links, customer details, regards, disclaimer and more.
  • Customizable theme templates for New account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, Completed Order, and Product Delivered.
  • Support for rebranding email templates for WordPress Users and WooCommerce Orders.
  • Design different templates for WordPress admin and users in every event.
  • Add different subject lines for emails sent to Admin and Users.
  • Custom Order Status to send mails on product delivery.
  • Product & Category based email template design.
  • Add your digital signature in WooCommerce emails to make your emails stand out of the crowd.
  • Live Preview & options for sending test emails.
  • Style your emails by adding background color and background images.

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Powerful, unique and more personalized Email communication


Order Status Email

Design unique email templates for each WooCommerce order email templates.


Product Based Email

Make your new order email templates unique to individual WooCommerce products.


Category Based Email

Craft unique Woocommerce new order emails based on each products categories.

Drag & Drop Design 

Easy drag and drop design to create WooCommerce order emails for your online store. Create an email template that fits your brand style.


Customize Theme Templates 

Use inbuilt theme templates for events like New account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, Completed Order, and Product Delivered. Start editing them based on your needs.


Embed your signature

Add your own digital signature to your WooCommerce order email templates and make your emails stand unique from others.


Add Social Links

Email Customizer for WooCommerce enables you to add your social profile links to your WooCommerce email templates.


Email Template Preview

Gives an opportunity to view your template in the action before actually send it to customers.


Active Email Templates

Provides the list of the active templates


In-Active Email Templates

Provides the list of templates which are created but not used for now. Active any template here to get it into action.



How Email Customizer for WooCommerce works

Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin lets you build more attractive email templates for WooCommerce transactional emails. The plugin has the drag and drop feature which simplifies your effort in designing the template. Not just only Order email templates, you can also design your own WooCommerce Product based and Category based templates with ease

By using our Email Customizer for WooCommerce, you can create as many templates as possible for a single Order status and use the one that best suits your Business. With the option to embed your own digital signature in WooCommerce emails, you can send more personalized emails to your customers. Email Customizer allows you to customize your template designs at any time by adding your choice of header, footer, images, social links, regards and more. In addition to the default WooCommerce order status, Email Customizer offers you with a custom order status "Product Delivery"


Highlighted features

Intuitive Drag & Drop
  • Ready to go WooCommerce Email Templates when you are.
  • Simply drag-and-drop WooCommerce order informations and get your work done much easier.
  • Preview to see how the template renders in your inboxes
  • Make yourself Free from HTML codes to design email templates.
Design Your Own Template
  • Email Customizer for WooCommerce makes your order mails look more colorful with backgrounds and images.
  • Built-in editing and styling tools simplifies formatting text and paragraphs.
  • Easy to add customer and order details, images, links, disclaimer, header, footer & more in the way you want.
Product & Category Based Emails
  • Easy to design appealing custom templates based on your products or product category.
  • Deliver WooCommerce emails with your own powerful and eye-catching subject lines that sounds more personalized to your customers.
Retrieve your unsaved works
  • Never let any of your work fall through cracks.
  • Easy to regain your works in case of accidental system failures.
  • Saves all your works instantly.
  • Retrieve your works where you left behind.
Headers & Social Plugins
  • Make your WooCommerce order emails stand out with your own company logo, and attractive fonts and backgrounds.
  • Tell your ideas that matters to you, and make your email more informative by linking your social profiles.
  • Embed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype and Youtube links in your emails.
Sign Your Email Electronically
  • Leave a personalised impression by embedding your digital signature in all your WooCommerce order emails.
  • Inscribe your signature, then drag & drop it anywhere in your email template.
  • Easy to update your closing salutation with new signature in just a click
Use your choice of template
  • Create any no. of templates for your WooCommerce order emails.
  • Use the one works the best with easy template enable/ disable options.
Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I use this plugin on multiple WooCommerce websites?

Yes, you can. Email customizer Premium Product comes with unlimited domain support, free lifetime plugin support and upgrades.

2. How does the Product and Category based template work?

Email Customizer Premium lets you to design the template in the custom way for the specific product and Category. Preparing a custom template for your single product and category will trigger emails with the designed template to the customer during the order processing and purchasing time.

3.Is it possible to add the signature in the emails?

Email Customizer Premium plugin gives you the option to add the digital signature in the email templates before triggering each email to the customers.

4. Do you offer test email options?

Email customizer plugin lets the email template designer to send test emails to check how the email gets delivered to the customer before placing the order.

5.I have been using the woocommerce email template for now to mail my customers. What will happen if I enable your plugin? Will customers receive two emails?

After enabling Email customizer Premium plugin, templates designed for the specific Woocommerce order status will be triggered from the WordPress to customer mailbox. Disabling our plugin will again start sending the default WooCommerce email templates to customers.


Learn here about the Email Customizer for WooCommerce. Our detailed documentation will help you work with the plugin

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