11 Best WordPress Page Builders to Use in 2024


Coding a website from scratch may be distressing. To build a website, first, it is designed. Then, it is coded. If there are any errors in the website, those are rectified. There may be struggles one might face while building a website like that. 

WordPress Page Builders make it easy to design websites. They include features like a mouse-driven interface, pre-designed templates, and many customization options. There is a wide range of plugins in WordPress. They enable the user to choose their suitable plugin.

In this blog, we will be covering the WordPress plugins in detail. We will also be discussing the features, customer ratings, and pricing. Let’s read on!

Overview of WordPress Page Builders:

WordPress is a web content management tool. It is used for creating blogs, pages, and websites. At first, People used WordPress as a tool for publishing blogs. Now, it has evolved to the extent of creating and publishing sites. 

In WordPress, the Page Builders are plugins that act like a system. Users use these plugins to create, edit, and design websites. There are many Page Builder plugins in WordPress. Each plugin is designed for different purposes. Considering the pricing and customization options while selecting the plugins is important. 

There are many aspects to consider while selecting a suitable plugin. So, choosing the right one will be overwhelming.

WordPress Page Builders has a wide range of templates available. After selecting the plugin, you can design the pages. Or, you can choose any template and edit it according to your wish. This leads you to customize a unique website that reflects your brand. 

The WordPress Page Builders are budget-friendly and have a no-coding system. This makes website design effortless. You can publish your website live and faster than the traditional methods. WordPress enables individuals and small businesses to create their online presence. Additionally, Page Builders make it easy to update or iterate the design. It allows us to be independent from the technical expertise. It lowers the barrier to entry for website creation and maintenance.

Top 11 WordPress Page Builders:

WordPress Page Builder plugins are used to design complex websites without coding. Among them, 11 popular plugins are explained below:



Elementor is one of the free plugins available in WordPress. It has more than five million downloads. There are over 300 pre-made templates and 90 widgets in Elementor. So, users can create their websites without installing any additional WordPress plugins. 

The notable features of this free plugin include maintenance-mode pages and multilingual support. The Elementor supports both left-to-right and right-to-left languages. It also allows you to create maintenance i.e., coming soon pages. These pages help notify your site’s visitors about the maintenance of the website.



Divi is a premium 5/5-rated plugin in WordPress. It is a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) page builder. Divi is intuitive and beginner-friendly and is also suitable for developers. Using Divi, developers can customize the site using CSS control features and a code editor. 

The Divi Build also offers 800 pre-made layout designs and over 100 full website packs. With this setup, people can design a fast and easy website. Additionally, it comes with over 40 modules. Those modules add sections for blogs, forms, galleries, and calls to action.

Divi can also create hover effects and transform modules into interactive elements. This is one of the notable features of Divi. It is also provided with features like editing, color manager, and copy-and-paste styles. These features cut down on editing time.  

As for the pricing, Divi offers a yearly subscription and lifetime access. An annual subscription is offered at $89. And the lifetime access is at $249.

Beaver Builder


With over three lakh downloads, Beaver Builder is one of the notable plugins. It offers both free and paid options to the users. If you are looking for a free drag-and-drop WordPress page builder with a real-time visual editor, Beaver Builder is the best option. It also allows users to save custom templates. These templates can be used on unlimited sites. 

It will maintain your images and text in the WordPress editor. So, let’s say you stopped using page builders. It still allows you to switch to a different theme. Your content won’t be lost while changing the themes. 

The Beaver Builder is compatible with the WPML(WordPress Multilingual) translation plugin. The WPML translation plugin is the WordPress Multilingual translation plugin. This plugin helps to translate the websites into different languages. So that, our website will be readily available for international visitors. 

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

Get Ultimate CSV/XML Importer to import data on WordPress faster, quicker and safer.

The paid package of Beaver Builder is known as the Agency package. This package will get you a multisite network. The pricing of this package ranges from $99/year to $399/year. If you want to develop websites for many clients, it is best to use an agency package. 

WP Bakery Page Builder


WPBakery is one of the paid page builders. It is no less robust than other plugins. The WPBakery page builder uses two editing modes. This makes it different from the rest of the page builders. The two editing modes are front-end and back-end modes.

The front-end mode deals with the page. Whereas, the back-end mode works on the site dashboard. This page builder is compatible with any WordPress theme. Additionally, it has more than 250 add-ons. These add-ons are used to control the site’s layout. The WP Bakery page builder supports third-party add-ons such as WooCommerce, Essential Grid, and various contact forms.

There is a feature called built-in skin builder. With this feature,  you can add custom elements and a matching color scheme to a WordPress theme. The pricing of the WPBakery Page builder starts from $45. It goes up to $245. At $45, it provides single-site usage, premium support, free updates, and access to the template library. If you subscribe to the $245 plan, you have features like a single SaaS application and theme integration.

Oxygen Builder


Some features of Oxygen page builder are a flexible layout, responsive control, and scroll animations. Additionally, this page builder is compatible with WordPress Gutenberg. It has a custom set of icons and fonts that you can create and use on your website.

In Oxygen Builder, there are 25 types of animation. These animations add interactivity to the site. Besides, Google or Adobe fonts can be used. They help in a typography-driven design.

Using Oxygen Global Colors, you can edit colors. You get a consistent look across the entire site by improvising the colors. Additionally, using Oxygen, the Dynamic Data feature can be used. It links design elements to the WordPress database. 

The Oxygen page builder pricing ranges from $99 to $169. It provides us with lifetime access and the most affordable price is $99.

Overall, this plugin is most suitable for designers and developers. It is well used in problems where the solution is highly customizable. The designers and developers feel easy to use this plugin because it is full of flexibility and control.



Brizy is a next-gen website builder with a 4.7 rating. Brizzy can choose between two hosting options. This makes Brizzy stand out from other drag-and-drop builders. The two hosting options are self-hosted and hosted. 

Just like Beaver Builder, you can use the plugin directly from the WordPress website. Including the Brizy for cloud, all three hosting plans have access to the page builder. The Brizy interface has responsive control and real-time editing. This ensures that your website looks great both on mobiles and tablets. 

Brizy offers both light and dark modes. It includes a collection with more than 500 blocks and 25 widgets. Features such as a pricing table or contact form can be added. A visitor can send their email address, by adding this feature on your website. Additionally, it provides both image and video filters. They make the visual content more attractive. 

This page builder plugin has over 4000 vector icons for all types of projects. Moreover, you can add CSS styles like box shadows and animations to different elements.

Brizy offers both yearly plans and one-time payments. The yearly plan is $49/year and it is $299 for a one-time payment. The expensive plan supports an unlimited number of websites, unlike the cheapest plan. Are you on a budget? – Brizy offers a free version with limited features.

Live Composer

live composer page builder

Live Composer is an easy-to-modify visual composer. With its drag-and-drop feature, you can create portfolio projects, landing pages, galleries, and news sites. It won’t interfere with the WordPress block editor, because Live Composer is a Gutenberg-compatible.

To start the page-building process, the editor offers both a blank canvas and pro-made themes. Additionally, it also supports mobile-responsive design. The responsive design makes the content elements look good across different devices. 

Live Composer is a free, open-source plugin. It allows you to customize websites according to your needs. The Live Composer also offers a paid version. In the paid version, you can access a wide range of features. The features include restricted areas, advanced animations, and a Google Maps module. The price of the extension ranges from $49 to $99.

In conclusion, Live Composer is a great tool for creating and modifying websites. Users can customize their websites as per their needs easily. 

Page Builder by SiteOrigin


SiteOrigin Page Builder is a 5/5-rated plugin. It has over 2.5 million downloads and is one of WordPress’s free plugins. Additionally, it is the oldest page builder on this list.

This lightweight, drag-and-drop page builder creates responsive and grid-based content. So, your website adapts to different devices’ pixel accuracy. This plugin is also multilingual. It is compatible with different translation plugins. 

Furthermore, it allows you to test and undo changes. This action can be performed easily because the plugin offers a real-time preview. The real-time preview is included with a history browser.

This plugin also provides both free and paid services. The plugin’s free version can be installed on unlimited sites. It also has access to a lifetime of updates. However, the paid version offers extra add-ons and widgets. This improves the site’s functionality. The paid version costs $29/year.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is the topmost WordPress plugin as it is the most affordable yet expandable tool.

Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is one of the paid plugins with over thirty thousand downloads. It is a visual page builder that focuses primarily on business websites. Thrive Architect consists of pre-built conversion elements. Those elements include testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation forms.

The Thrive Architect helps create a high-converting homepage by adding features. The features list includes horizontal opt-in forms, social share icons, and a gallery of blog posts.

This plugin is a great option for common pages such as Services, About Us, and Pricing. By using block, the landing pages can be designed from scratch. For designing landing pages, the header and footer are the best options.

More than 270 pre-designed landing page templates are available in this plugin. You can quickly modify any one of the templates to fit your business. Furthermore, it offers conversion-focused blocks. These blocks help your business grow.

The price range of the Thrive Architect plugin starts from $19/month. For yearly subscriptions, the plugin charges $228. Thrive’s complete website-builder tools are included in this priced subscription. It includes Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Comments. In addition to this, the plugins can be installed for 25 websites. They also offer unlimited support.

As a conclusion, the Thrive Architect is used for business-related features, elements, and templates.



Breakdance Page Builder is a dynamic plugin used for website creation. This plugin is a premium tool with over thirty thousand downloads. Most of the business solutions use this plugin for visually stunning web solutions.

The Breakdance plugin has its design library, global styles, dynamic data, and conditions. This plugin is updated again and again with new changes and improvements. Its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create pages. It also includes Full Site Editing.

This plugin is feature-rich and offers 120+ elements and 20+ WooCommerce elements. The WooCommerce elements are used to customize every part of your store. Elements like the Product Cart Button, Product Description, Product Images, and Product Price are included in the list of Breakdance WooCommerce elements.

It offers 100+ premium elements that are used to build your site in less time. These premium elements are based on seven categories. They are Basic, Blocks, Site, Advanced, Dynamic, Forms, and WooCommerce.

With Breakdance Page Builder, it is easy to create website features like forms, headers, and menus. This plugin is specialized in creating responsive, simple designs.

In conclusion, many small businesses and individuals with a low budget use this plugin. If you want to create a quick and cost-effective professional website, this plugin is the best choice. Breakdance page builder is also compatible with different tools.



SeedProd is the first landing page builder for WordPress. It has more than one million downloads and a full rating. SeedProd works ideal for small business owners, marketers, and web developers. The creation process in the SeedProd is simpler with a drag-and-drop interface.

This plugin includes pages such as Sales, HTML 404, ComingSoon, and Maintenance Mode. It uses ReCaptcha and protects the website from spam messages and other automated attacks.

In SeedProd, it is easy to access the page’s settings. Even adjusting rows, columns, and blocks is a piece of cake.  After finishing the customization of the theme, the website is on the live preview. Here, we can ensure the site looks good on both desktops and mobile devices.

SeedProd has some notable features. These include subscribe-management and built-in pages. This plugin supports email marketing service providers. Some of those providers are ConvertKit, Zapier, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign. The subscribe-management feature visualizes the counts of subscribers.

The pricing of the SeedProd Page Builder plugin ranges from $39.50/year to $239.60/year. Nevertheless, it is possible to download a limited version for free through the WordPress directory.


This blog covers 11 WordPress Page Builders. It shows their diverse features, user ratings, and prices. They range from free to premium. All the features of the plugins are discussed here. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, these tools aim to streamline website creation processes. It also empowers users to craft unique online experiences without the need for extensive coding knowledge.