Mobile App for VtigerCRM

Mobile CRM to get all your work done on the fly.


Over the last few years, businesses across the world are using one powerful technology in common, the CRM software. It helps to manage all your business process in one place. Despite its values, desktop CRM is no longer a viable option in today’s mobile-first world. As the traditional office work week concept is diminishing and being replaced by a mobile workforce. This is especially true in the case of the sales team, who are frequently away from the office. So having a mobile CRM is no longer an option, but a necessity for a modern workplace.

We at Smackcoders, taken a step to overcome this competitive edge and developed a Mobile App for Open source version of VtigerCRM – To empower salespeople to sell on the go and boost productivity. Having the right information readily made available and accessible can make a big difference in your business.


Our team did a fantastic job and engineered a new enhanced API that can bring all our ideas to live. The unique features of Mobile CRM include:

  • Access to both Core and Custom modules.
  • Spot your clients location on Google Maps.
  • Communicate with your clients via phone or email.
  • Monitor sales performance.
  • A quick search of data.
  • Plan events right from your mobile.

What this Mobile App can do for you?

Your CRM on your mobile

Sales teams are no longer tied to their desks, they have to travel between offices and locations for client meetings, attending events or any other works. Field agents need to access their schedules and client information while they are on the move. To efficiently handle this situation, we equipped the sales agents with mobile CRM.


Access to complete CRM info

Just giving access to basic information in CRM will no longer give a clear picture. So we placed all the necessary information right on your mobile. For eg: If you looked at the particular contact on your Mobile CRM, you can gain access to all the other information related to that particular contact. This removes the clutter and opens the door for closing more deals on the go.

Google Maps support

As a salesperson, we may travel to different places, but all places are not well known. Our team efficiently solved this by adding support for Google maps. Field agents can just click the client location in CRM, they can instantly get directions to the client location on Google Maps.


Search for data

A powerful search system to find the desired data you’re searching for. You can easily discover the data you need with different filters and sorting. It offers sorting based on oldest, latest, ascending and descending of alphabets.

CRM Calendar

With access to the CRM calendar, you can stay on top of all your calendar activities. With a to-do calendar right in your pocket, you can efficiently plan and track all your day-to-day tasks.


Email or Call integration

We designed the app to work in all dimensions. You can instantly get in touch with your customers no matter wherever you are. You can send emails, initiate calls right from the app. Make the right communication at the right time and close more deals.

Performance monitoring

Here you can monitor your team’s performance from a pictorial form. Different charts to know about the lead opportunities based on sales agent and sales stages.



We’re happy to say that this mobile application for Vtiger CRM is loved by many customers all over the world.

Looking for a way to build a mobile application? Schedule your meeting now and discuss with our team.

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