Template Customization

Customize your template designs to render a professional touch for the customers. For example, you can easily add WooCommerce order information like customer name, order number, etc., in simple drag & drop to design a more informative order email template.

Template body

You can drag and drop to bring in the product details. In addition, the template can be completely customizable by adding Images, Titles, Regards, Disclaimer, Header/Footer, Buttons, Social Links, and much more.


Template Designs

Here we have listed the fields available in the draggable elements panel of the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin that helps to design your email template using various elements.

Customer Details 

Provide the details about the customer with Email, Shipping & Billing Address, and Contact details. Click Edit Icon to modify the appearance of the field for the template with Font Style, Font Color, Table Color, and width size.

Order Details

Provide the details about the product order with quantity, price, payment method, and order number. Click Edit Icon to edit the appearance for the templates with Font Style, Font Color, Table Color, and much more.

Divider: Divide the template design based on your usage. Click Edit Icon to adjust the width, height, and size of the divider line and add divider color.

Header: Add a Header with the logo of your company. Click Edit Icon to add the Header Image Position, Logo URL, Background Color with Logo Height, Width, and Width Size.

Text Area: Provide textarea for adding the company details. Click Edit Icon to modify the text, align the text position, Font Color, Font Style, Font Size, Text background, and Width size.

Button: Add button with the URL to redirect to the desired pages. Click Edit Icon to add text for the button, button link, set color for the button with the position, Height, Width, and more.

Disclaimer: Add a disclaimer for your customers. Click Edit to change the disclaimer text, add the position of disclaimer text with the Font Color, Font Style, Background Color, and width size.

Regards: Add professional references for the customers. Click Edit to add the Font Color for the texts.

Main text: Add text inside to be displayed inside your email template. Click edit to add some text. The icons provided in this ckeditor helps format your text, change alignment of the font, adding bulleted & numbered lists and more. This editor also includes merge fields such as {customer_name}, {order_no}, {order_date}, {blog_name}, {user_name}, {user_email}, and more.

Image: Add an image for your emails. Click Edit to add images with Image URL, Image position, Background color, and set Height, Width, and Width size for the image.


Provide the Header text to the emails. Click Edit to add the new text, change text alignment, text color, font size, background color, and width size.

Social Links: Get connected to your customers through sharing social profiles links. Click the Edit to add the social connections of your company with Icons Position, and width size. Give the links of your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Skype, Youtube, and Instagram.

Footer: Add a footer for your emails. Click Edit icon to add Text Link with Text, Text color, Background Color, and Width size.

Signature: The Premium version of Email Customizer for WooCommerce allows you to add digital signatures. You can also add/update the electronic handwritten signature to your email by dragging the Signature template design. Click edit to add your signature. Sign Digitally using the ‘Sign Here’ button. You can adjust the signature field settings like Signature Position, Background color, Width, Height, and size.

Multiple Image: Add multiple images to your emails. Click Edit icon to add new image by providing the image URL or upload new images from desktop and update it with image link and caption. Able to adjust the width size of every image.

Image Text: Add an image with some text which displays in equal ratios. Click Edit to edit the image text settings with adding background color, image url, image width, image height, and choose font style, font size, font color for the text. Adjust width size for overall Image Text box.

Use these elements when designing the email templates. Just drag and drop the fields inside the email template designing area. All the fields include the edit, duplicate, and delete options. You can use them based on your needs.


FAQs for Email Customizer

1. Where to find the plugin menu?

Pro version menu is listed along with the WooCommerce menus and for the Premium version, it is listed in the main menu.

2. Is it possible to customize the layout of the template?

No, You can customize the content of the template, if you need to customize the layout you can do some HTML coding to get it done.

3. Does Email Customizer for WooCommerce supports multisite ?

No, It won’t support multisite.

4. Where I define the Email “From Name and Address”?

To change From Name and Address of the email Click on the WooCommerce → Settings → Email → Email Sender Options and make changes.

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