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Customize Email Templates

Email Customizer provides default theme templates for various order statuses. It offers predefined templates for order statuses like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, New Order, etc., You can redesign the Newsletter email template to send it to your subscribers. The theme templates are provided for specific email events in Order and Category/Product based emails. You can also customize the confirmation mail templates given for the third-party forms plugin like Contact Form7 and WP Form.

  • Order based email templates customization
  • Category/Product based email templates customization
  • Customize form submission email template

Order Based Email Templates Customization #

Here in the Order Based Templates section, you can customize email templates for the listed Order Statuses like Reset Password, New Account, Blog Comment, Note To Customer, New Order, Completed Order, and News Letter. The templates that are active are shown in the Active Templates section. If you deactivate any order templates they will be listed inside In-Active Templates. The active templates are categorized into Base and WooCommerce Templates. If you want to change the position of the events, just move to the email event, drag to the desired position, and drop it.

Order Status #

Here is the list of order statuses and their definition.

  • New Order – a customer places an order.
  • On Hold Order – a customer’s order is on hold.
  • Failed Order – the payment for the order is failed.
  • Canceled Order – The order from the customer has been canceled due to some issues.
  • Processing Order – Details that order has been received and is now under processing.
  • Completed Order – Details that the order has been completed.
  • Refunded Order – The order has been refunded.
  • Customer Invoice – It is the confirmation that the goods have been shipped.
  • Customer Note – Note contains information that helps to keep track of a particular customer.
  • Reset Password – Details for resetting the password.
  • New Account – Details for starting an account.
  • Product Delivered – It informs the customer that the Product has been delivered.
  • Blog Comment – It notifies WordPress users when a new comment is added to the blog post.

How to Customize an Order Template? #

For customizing the order template of any event, click the ‘Pencil’ icon to start editing the template. 

  • It will display ten default theme templates. Choose any one template to customize.
  • Email Customizer for WooCommerce provides default templates to customize emails that are sent to both Users and Admin. But in the Reset password event, you can additionally customize the template for Profile Update.
  • Move to the element you want to edit its design.
  • Click on the pencil icon to change the element properties. Do the same for all elements until you get the desired look of the template.
  • To delete the element in the template, move to the element and click the delete icon.
  • To duplicate the element, hover the element and click the duplicate icon.
  • You can include other elements to the template by dragging it from the draggable elements panel.
  • Enter subject lines at the top of the email design. You can add individual subject lines for the Users and Admin template.
  • Once you complete the template design, click the Save button at the top to save the design. After you save the design of the template, when the email event is happening, this template will be triggered and sent to the customers.

Category/Product based email templates customization #

The email customizer plugin is offers email templates for both Order emails and Product/Category based emails. You can customize templates for email events like New Account, Reset Password, Blog Comment, Product Delivered, and News Letter. The inbuilt templates are provided for Core(Base), and Product(WooCommerce). The templates that are deactivated can be activated later if you need them.

How to Customize the Category/Product based templates? #

Follow the steps here to know how to customize the product/category templates.

  • Click the Pencil(edit) icon of the email event you want to redesign the template.
  • It will show ten theme templates. Choose any one template to proceed further to design.
  • Edit each element in the sample email template.
  • To edit the element, navigate to the email element and click the pencil icon to edit the properties.
  • Change the properties and close the side window once done.
  • Modify the background of the template using the ‘change background’ option given at the top of the draggable elements panel.
  • Click ‘change background’ and choose the color you want to apply to the template. 
  • It also lets you add an image in the background. Enable the ‘Image’ option and paste the image URL inside ‘Template Background Image’. If you want to upload a new image, click ‘upload’ and browse the image. You can upload an image from your media library or from your desktop. Then click the Save button.
  • To delete the element, navigate to the element you want to delete and select the delete icon.
  • Duplicate the element just by clicking the duplicate icon.
  • If you want to add extra elements to your template, you can use the email elements in the draggable elements panel.
  • Hover over the element, drag, and drop it inside the template.
  • Next add an email subject line inside the subject textarea.
  • After you have completed the design, click ‘Save’ at the top.


Follow these same procedures for the Admin template creation. 

For email events like product delivered and newsletter, you can only create a template for the customer/user. For the Reset Password, you can create a template additionally for the profile update.

The saved email templates will be triggered and sent to customers when the particular event occurs.

Customize form submission email template #

Apart from the base and woocommerce templates, the plugin lets you customize or design a new template for form submission emails. The form submission confirmation email will be sent to admin after a user or visitors submit any data through web forms. The form submission confirmation email template is provided for third-party plugins. It supports two third-party form plugins like WP Forms, and Contact Form7. You can view separate sections given for both plugins inside the Email Customizer plugin.

How to customize the form confirmation mail template? #

Follow the below steps to know how to customize the form confirmation mail template.

  • Move to the ContactForm or WPForm section.
  • Select the edit icon in the confirmation email action to redesign the template.
  • There will be three inbuilt templates displayed.
  • Select any one template to design.
  • Change the background color, and edit the email elements’ properties.
  • You can drag and drop the email elements from the draggable elements panel if you need.
  • Next give a subject line for the template.
  • Click Save to save the template design.