Yeti Smart Duplicate Merger

Check and Merge duplicates in YetiForce CRM

Yeti Smart Duplicate Merger helps you keep your CRM data clean without duplication. It helps you check for duplicates and merges the additional details into the primary record. You can define your own set of fields to check for duplicate and merge the informations. The module checks for duplicates at the instant of record creation. You can also check duplicates on bulk record import with the cron that periodically executes. You can track the process with the log module for better audit with the record insertion and deletion.



  • Define your own merge and check fields to detect duplicates.
  • You can skip deleting the duplicate record if they are assigned to different assignees.
  • You can delete the records that conflicts during merging.
  • Log module to monitor the merge, delete and execution of check and merge process.
  • You can uniquely define check and merge for fields for different modules.
  • Enable/Disable duplicate detection on any particular module


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  • Lifetime Support and Lifetime upgrade.
  • Supports YetiForce CRM version 2.3
  • Required ionCube loader version 4.4 or higher.

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