Yeti QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks and YetiForce CRM

Yeti QuickBooks Integration is a tool to integrate your QuickBooks Online with YetiForce CRM. The module bidirectionally connects your CRM with the accounting software QuickBooks. It helps you keep your records updated by syncing periodically on the scheduled time. The sync is performed securely with QuickBooks version 3 API. You can sync Contacts, Products, Vendors, Invoices, Quotes and Sales order of CRM with QuickBooks Customers, Products & Services, Vendors, Invoices Estimate and Sales Receipt.



  • Mapping to define values on appropriate fields of CRM and accounting software QuickBooks
  • Periodical email notification on the status of record sync and updates.
  • Enable to sync at the instant sync of button click and Time based scheduled sync with cron
  • Secured sync with QuickBooks API settings.
  • Log to view and track the details of successful and failure synchronization
  • Duplicate handling with option to skip and create on detecting identical records.


Buy Now

  • Lifetime Support and Lifetime upgrade.
  • Supports YetiForce CRM version 2.3
  • Required ionCube loader version 4.4 or higher.