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WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

Product version 5.5

WP Ultimate CSV Importer is a robust import tool designed to help you make your website development easy.

  • Import or Update your WordPress content from any CSV/XML file.
  • Instant or Schedule import of your CSV/XML data into WordPress website.
  • Upload CSV/XML file from Desktop, FTP, External URL or Server.
  • Import data from Google Sheets & Dropbox into WordPress.
  • Relate your CSV/XML field with WP fields with two different mapping options.
  • Inline & Feature image import from default WordPress media & external URL.
  • Multilingual Import with WPML & qTranslate X.
  • Import Events Manager data in CSV/XML with ease.
  • Push data from anywhere into WordPress with REST Web Service support.

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Use your favorite Custom field add-ons

Customize your website in the want you want with the support for the import of custom fields created with ACF, CMB2, Custom Fields Suite(CFS), Types, Pods, CustomPress and WordPress custom fields.

Toolset Types

WP Ultimate CSV Importer, now fully featured for Toolset Types data import. You can import, update or schedule any Toolset Types Custom Fields, Post Relationship, Intermediate Post, Repeatable Fields, and Repeatable Field Group information into your WordPress in just one go.

Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress Import plugin, allows you to import Advanced Custom Fields to make your WordPress website a breeze. You can easily import almost all the ACF fields like text, textarea field, image gallery fields, the repeater field, the repeater of repeater fields and much more into your WordPress.


Easily import the custom fields of Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. You can import text, radio-inline, multi check, multicheck_inline, hidden fields and much more into your WordPress more faster than ever before.


With the robust WP Ultimate CSV Importer you can create, update and extend your WordPress objects like users, media, posts and more with the support for the all import of custom post types, taxonomies and fields.

Import/Update Google sheet data to WordPress

Add or make changes in Google sheets and automatically get it updated in your WordPress with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

How Ultimate CSV Importer WordPress Works

CSV Import is simple

With a wide range of powerful features, WP Ultimate CSV Importer will change the way you built your website.

Upload CSV from anywhere

You may have your CSV file in different location. So giving a single option to upload your CSV file is not a viable one. WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you to access your CSV files from 4 different locations like

  • External URL
  • FTP
  • Server
  • Local desktop

Relate your fields

WP Ultimate CSV Importer lets you to relate your CSV fields with WP fields in two different fields.

Advanced Mapping
Ultimate CSV Importer automaps the fields if your CSV headers or columns are same as that the WP fields. You can also add custom values to any fields right from the mapping section itself.

Stunning drag ‘n’ drop mapping
It helps you to assign everything beautifully with simple drag & drop of CSV data into WP fields. And quick preview lets you to have a quick sample of web view.

Perfect your media gallery

Create and organize your WordPress media library with advanced SEO friendly features.

  • Import of both inline and featured images.
  • With advanced image handling options like reuse or override of existing images, you can keep your growing media gallery more clean.
  • Flexible to choose your own choice of image sizes.
  • Built-in advanced SEO options lets you to add alt text, caption, description & more to your images. And you can add any featured image to your NextGEN Gallery during your import.
  • More secure import

    Duplicate handling – An advanced feature that lets you to keep your WordPress database optimized without any redundant data. You can have any WP fields as a primary field of duplicate detection.

    Maintenance mode – Notify your WordPress website visitors that the site is under maintenance while running important updates at the backend.

    Rollback – Get a safe backup of your website before running your import and easily roll back to the previous state in case of unexpected problems.

    Simply amazing website

    Import, Update or Schedule your CSV file with WP Ultimate CSV Importer and bring the website you’ve always dreamed of to life.

    WP Ultimate CSV Importer for WordPress Developers


    Web services API

    WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro gives you full control to push your data from anywhere into WordPress through web services. Learn how REST web service provides an interface to accept the data of your choice.

    Know more


    Development API

    Brew up something awesome with an extendable, adaptable, flexible WP Ultimate CSV importer Pro. Learn how to extend the import boundaries with the support for your required WordPress add-on.

    Know more

    WP Ultimate CSV Importer built for speedy CSV import into WordPress


    Bring all your content into your WordPress website in just few clicks.


    Run periodic website updations without any manual interventions.


    Get your complete website backup in minutes with wordpress import export plugin.


    CSV Importer Feature Highlights

    Efficiently build your eCommerce store
    • Makes WooCommerce, MarketPress and WP eCommerce import easier than ever.
    • Easy to create or update your eCommerce online store with WP Ultimate CSV Importer.
    • Most common WooCommerce add-ons Product variations, chained products, Subscriptions and more are supported too.
    Build more professional website
    • Build dazzling website by bringing all your ideas in the limelight with powerful and intuitive WordPress custom fields import.
    • Import any page building layouts, repeater of repeater fields and any field types of your custom fields.
    • Supports the imports of ACF, CMB2, Custom Fields Suite(CFS), Types, Pods and CustomPress.
    Grow your business globally
    • Now your website content can talk in your visitor’s language.
    • WP Ultimate CSV Importer makes file import CSV format of WPML & qTranslate X.
    • Keep your visitors more engaged by speaking their native language.
    • Easily turn passive viewers into active customers.
    Bundled add-ons support
    • Offers maximum control over Import, Update & Schedule process.
    • Most commonly supported WordPress add-ons WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP eCommerce, All in One SEO and more.
    • Work faster with the WP Ultimate CSV Importer and easily build your website.
    Impressive systematic data backup
    • Schedule export elevates the CSV export to a whole new level of performance and reliability.
    • Whenever your website is updated with fresh new content, the auto schedule export takes the back up of the information as CSV file data.
    SEO Friendly Website
    • Easily import the CSV data of common WordPress SEO add-ons Yoast SEO and All in one SEO.
    • Inspiring features of WP Ultimate CSV importer helps you to build website for both customers and Google.
    More features

    An easier way to import WordPress WooCommerce data

    Unlike entering each WooCommerce info manually, use CSV Importer WooCommerce to import all your store data into WordPress in just few clicks. Just upload your CSV file or XML file, relate the fields with the intuitive drag & drop mapping and import all your info in one go.

    WooCommerce Product variations

    Every product in your WooCommerce store can’t only be a specific bundle of single variation. In certain cases a single product may end up with hundreds of thousands of potential combinations, each with it’s own price, product info and much more. WooCommerce CSV Importer makes your WooCommerce product variations import faster and easier than ever before. You can easily create and maintain as many variation as possible for your product. Just simply have all your product variations info in a CSV import file or XML file and import it with our WP Ultimate CSV Importer.

    WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Since customer buying habits are trending to simple and hassle-free, many companies prefers subscriptions. For this a set of chronological info need to be added or updated whenever a new subscriptions is started. With WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can import all your WooCommerce Subscriptions info like multiple billing schedule, address and much more into your WordPress more faster.

    WooCommerce Chained Products

    Unlike relying on manual addition of combo product to your WooCommerce orders, use WP Ultimate CSV Importer and automate the import of WooCommerce Chained Products. Now easily add or update your WooCommerce product bundles by scheduling your import and keep your stocks info up to date.

    WooCommerce Product Retailers

    Your retailers or distributors information may not be same all the time, it may vary accordingly. Collecting and updating the info can be difficult in times. But with WP Ultimate CSV Importer, you can easily automate this process, by simply scheduling your import. Get all your retailer info on a single FTP location and schedule your import, CSV/XML Importer will automatically fetch the CSV and update the info periodically.

    WooCommerce Pre-orders

    Make your WooCommerce pre-orders import a breeze with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Allow your customers to order the products before they are made available in the market by importing all upcoming products as pre-orders and all it’s relevant info like stock available date and much more into your online store in just one go.

    WooCommerce Returns & Warranty Request

    Adding and managing warranty info for all your WooCommerce products is made easy with WP Ultimate CSV Importer. Including warranty information for all your WooCommerce store products can be tedious but with WP Ultimate CSV Importer you can all import the WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Request info into your WordPress.

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