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Seamless Fusion of WordPress and CRM

Convert all your WordPress users into CRM Leads or Contacts with utmost ease. Automatically funnel new Leads to Salespeople in a cascading manner. Employ sophisticated duplicate handling to maintain a pristine lead repository within your CRM.

Streamlined Lead Management

Forge new forms or leverage existing ones like Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, Ninja Form & WordPress Form to generate valuable CRM Leads. Capture spam-resistant potential Leads with Google Captcha support. Elevate your WordPress lead management by amplifying Lead insights from WP-Members, MemberPress, and ACF user fields.

Synchronized Harmony with WooCommerce

Uncover your customers’ complete WooCommerce journey on your WordPress site, empowering you to make informed marketing choices. Delve into the added advantages of WooCommerce integration in bolstering your marketing prowess.

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