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    • Version 3.6 is now available with new features like users much requested auto UTF-8 handling, auto mapping, auto delimiter and more. Version 3.6.0 is released now. So many major improvement changes, more flexible import option and added powerful features.

As named as Ultimate CSV Importer, our Importer turns into a real ultimate plugin with its unique and incomparable features. WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin helps you to import any csv file as post, page, custom post, users/roles, custom post and taxonomies, and custom post type UI by matching its headers to relevant fields or custom fields. Admin can import the data from any csv file.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin helps you to import any csv file as post, page or even as custom post type. Convert your offline database maintained for years into your valuable website content. Also do periodical content changes, maintenance, content update, prices, offers, coupons, inventory etc. 

This simple but ultimate plugin as you can import everything needed to create as any wp post types from admin as simple as csv file. Just in few clicks to to map your csv data set to match the wordpress fields to import. Thats all, now your imports are turned as wordpress site content in matter of seconds. No more pain of creating post content one by one of converting your offline data. You can import all the essential data as wordpress post and skip unwanted things. Or you can import as many as custom fields without missing even a single data. Provided you should have a theme that supports custom fields. So you can now make use of your offline data, inventory, price catalog, information data, database and any other excel data sheet for online content distribution to your valuable visitor or customers.


Like other importer plugins, our plugin is not for one time usage. You can use Ultimate Importer for daily or scheduled usage for following tasks

  1. Manage All Your Content Locally as CSV and upload the changes.
  2. Update and tweak the content even with smaller changes e.g. publish date .
  3. Regular on page SEO works and management.
  4. Add stop words, main keywords, LSI keyword, generic text and link text etc.
  5. Word replacement, alt tags and other content editing for whole site in single csv.
  6. To make your content google friendly with latest SEO formulas.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin is also available. Some additional features of our pro plugin are,

  1. Manage your ecommerce with updated info.
  2. Supports eshop and wp ecommerce imports.
  3. More ecommerce plugin supports are in pipeline.
  4. Change price, special price, discount, periodical offers, festival and weekend sales.
  5. Can update and restore your inventory in one click within minutes.
  6. Upload and maintain categories in bulk nested to unlimited levels with description and slug.
  7. Upload and maintain taxonomies in bulk nested to unlimited levels with description and slug.
  8. Upload and maintain tags in bulk with description and slug.

Minimum Requirements

1. Check your phpinfo.php. Ensure that auto_prepend_file and auto_append_file options are disabled. If not you can disable it in php.ini settings file yourself. You can also do it by a .htaccess file

htaccess file
Create an .htaccess file in root and set the following values.

  • php_value auto_prepend_file none
  • php_value auto_append_file none

2. PDO is essential and should be enabled.

Get support from hosting if you dont have sufficient permission.

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Free

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WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

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